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Hercules is the titular main protagonist of Disney's 35th full-length animated feature film of the same name. He is the son of Greek gods Zeus and Hera, and the nephew of Poseidon and Hades.

He was voiced by Tate Donovan as an adult and Josh Keaton as a teenager with Roger Bart doing his singing voice.



Hercules is a caring and friendly individual willing to look out for his friends and family. He was shown to be capricious and shown not to put too much thoughts into his actions. Hercules is merciful as he is was able to forgive Megara for her allegiance to Hades and went out his way to save her soul from him. He is shown to be fearless as he was able to face off against powerful creatures like the Cyclops while not at full strength.

Powers and Abilities

As a demigod, Hercules possess superhuman strength and power that far surpasses that of any average person. As a baby, he possessed superhuman strength, but by adulthood, his strength increased to the point where he can fight powerful opponent with ease and power such as the Cyclops.

What Makes Him Pure Good?

  • Hercules is shown to be willing to help others.
  • Defeated a hydra and many other monsters Hades sent after him.
  • He is forgiving of Megara after finding out she was working with Hades. He also went to save her soul from Hades.
  • Despite the fact that Hercules lost his powers at the moment he still risked his life regardless of the circumstance and saved the city from the Cyclops and enemies that Hades summoned to attack the city.
  • He is shown to have an incorruptible will by not being corrupted by Hades River Styx, a place that have despairing spirits of people in it.
  • While he did hit Phil in a fit of rage, he was deeply remorseful about it, and mended the fences as soon as he could.
  • In both the movie and his animated series, he was very loyal to his father even when Zeus made some mistakes that got Hercules in trouble.
  • In his animated series, while he made some mistakes he help fixed it or was the first to realized it was wrong. Some thing he did was:
    • He was also nice to his rival and bully Adonis and helped him lift his curse.
    • Helped his mother and father defeat Ladon, Typhon, and Echidna.
    • Befriend a gorgon named Medusa.
    • Tried to warn his best friend Cassandra that lying would lead to bad things as it lead to Atlantis actually sinking. He also saved people when Atlantis was sinking.
    • Saved his best friend Icarus and his father Daedalus from King Minos.
    • Released Prometheus from his prison despite not knowing at the time his dad imprisoned him there. When he found out he convinced his dad to let Prometheus go.
    • Help Aladdin rescues Abu and defeat Jafar again.
    • Trained Alexander as his protégée to Alexander the Great.
    • Befriend Orion and helped him repair the damaged city-states.
    • He and his teacher Mr. Parentheses defeated the half titan/half giant Antaeus and his P.O.T.L (People's Organization of Titanic Liberators).
    • Helped Morpheus God of Sleep to make peace with his brother Phantasos the God of Dreams.
    • Defended a town that was bullied by centaurs. He also helped the leader of the centaurs get his gang back to defeat his Amazon frenemy Tempest.
    • Even though he has corrupting factors he shreds them when he becomes an adult.

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