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NOTE: This page is for the version of Hilda from the Netflix animated series as the versions of Hilda from the original Hildafolk graphic novels and from the novelizations based on this version were not voted Pure Good, thus, only her Netflix adaption's info and acts must be put here.

Hilda is the main protagonist of the Netflix series Hilda based on the Hildafolk graphic novel series from Luke Pearson.

She is voiced by Bella Ramsey in English. And by Kokoro Kikuchi in Japanese.

What Makes Her Pure Good?

Season 1

  • Before the series, she rescued Twig, who became her pet dog. Twig protected her from an eagle.
  • After meeting Alfur who like all elves are small and invisible, Hilda Sign's a contract that lets her see all elves. After the Elf King evicts her and her mother from their house, The reason the Elf King wanted her to leave was that she and her mother would trample on their invisible houses. Hilda and Alfur manage to make a truce with the Elf King which lets them stay. After all, Hilda didn't know she was stepping on elf houses and apologized for it.
  • After realizing that the elk king's castle is on top of Jorgen's girlfriend who is a giant who was woken up by Hilda,
  • After Hilda goes to the elf king's castle and causes an avalanche which wakens the giant who has the elf king's castle on her. Hilda saves the castle which made the elf king accept her and made Jorgen reunite with his girlfriend. And despite initially thinking that she left him, Hilda apologized for suggesting that she actually abandoned him.
  • After meeting a giant named Jorgen, Hilda befriended him after he woke from his slumber, he asks her “where have my friends gone? And why are there mountains? They weren't there before I slept.” Hilda found out that the mountains are giants who have slept and gained snow on them after a while. Meaning that she found Jorge's friend for him. Though he later trampled on her house, she didn't seem to mind after a while since. While skeptical at first, she moved from the countryside to the city with her mother and her pet, Twig.
  • When the bird parade happened though Hilda was initially reluctant to go and explore the city and meet with other kids, she went anyway and met a group of kids led by Trevor who mischievously threw rocks at birds. When Trevor hit a raven Hilda took him home and helps him fill out The paperwork required to see elves. After her mother Johanna put the raven outside without knowing it was the raven the parade was dedicated to and tells Hilda that the parade is about a great raven (though Johanna didn't know that the raven she put outside was the specific raven), Hilda tells her mom that the raven inside there house was probably the specific raven the parade was referring to. After Trevor captures the great raven and blackmails it into speaking to show his friends that he wasn't crazy about the raven talking (the raven talked earlier) alfur scares Trevor which made him accidentally drop the cage. Hilda dives into the lake to rescue the raven and remind him that he is the great raven. This restores his memory. He transforms into a greater size with Hilda on him and tells her that he comes to the parade every year because they think that he brings good luck due to being on a town statue centuries ago when the harvest was very good. Despite Hilda being reluctant about traveling to the city, I don't think it's corrupting as she was homesick and unfamiliar with a new location.
  • After swearing an oath to become a Sparrow Scout, she made friends with Frieda and David. For their first project as a group, they decided to clean up an area outside the city wall. They believed that they were digging weeds but they were actually digging up Vitra (sentient plant-like beings that go to the surface every year for sunlight). After a very rude Vitra tells them that they weren't weeds, Hilda rescues them.
  • After David accidently picked up a baby troll in the previous episode, Hilda brought it back to it's mother when she busted into the school. Although she kept the whole thing a secret, she only did it to prevent a crisis. As Trolberg does not take kindly to trolls.
  • When David is haunted with bad dreams from a Marra (a mystical girl who gives people bad dreams), Hilda trades places with David and gets a nightmare about not being able to ride a bike. David, instead doesn't want Hilda to just have nightmares while he goes scoot free, offers himself to the marra but she finds that scaring a willing victum is no fun. This leads to the marra ignoring both of them.
  • When a group of outcast elves named the Bragga come into conflict with more peaceful elves, Hilda finds out that in order to break the contract that keeps the outcasts apart from the main elves, she needs to find a dragon to burn the contract and set them free from it, as the saying goes “only by the flame of the dragon may the contract become invalid” she finds the specific dragon and the contract gets burned after Hilda makes a deal with her.
  • She used tide mice to give David luck with auditing for a choir, and Johanna luck for her job at a hardware store. However, after she realized it would take their souls she performed a counter ritual with Alfur.
  • When Frida's room was found messy because the ghost who cleaned it stopped cleaning it and her favorite book was missing, Frida lost confidence. Frida chased the ghost's sister since she believes she took it. Hilda takes the book, but finds out it's not the one they were looking for. Though she failed to recover the book, Hilda tried to uplift Frida only for the latter to lash out at David and Hilda
  • She freed a weather spirit from Victoria the “weather predictor” after she learns that Victoria was using it to manipulate the weather so that her forecasts would always be correct. This led to the weather spirit reuniting with its parent.
  • When stuck in a magical house that gave her anything she wanted, instead of living there in intense luxury; she decided to wish for a doorway to her mother's house.
  • She allowed Tontu the Nisse (they're all called Tontu) to live in her house.
  • She saved Frida from the Marra and the Black Hound stalking Trolberg. This made them reconcile.
  • Eventually, she and her mother worked out their relationship with Tontu despite her mother's uneasy relationship with Tontu.

Season 2

  • In the season premiere's cold opening, Hilda rescues a house with an elf inside from an unknown and weird creature. She brings the elf to a place she thinks is his. Although the elf realizes that it wasn't the location of his house originally, Hilda ran off so fast that she couldn't hear him.
  • In the main portion of the season premiere, Hilda rescues the chief Erik Ahlberg from a troll and gathers more info on trolls that she gives to Ahlberg. She tells Ahlberg that trolls are annoyed by bells and that they don't really help with anything, since they don't immobilize them, just agitates them to the point where they become more aggressive and fast. Despite leaving Deputy Gerda behind in the episode, it was the only option and she told them to leave her. In the end, Deputy Gerda was still alive and Hilda learned a bit more about troll behavior as she realized that trolls were resting closer to the city.
  • Hilda makes a deal with the Rat King (a hive mind of rats) to root for info on Erik Ahlberg due to Ahlberg's dimwittedness (he is a villain due to causing numerous problems with trolls in the series sometimes unintentionally and sometimes intentionally to seek fame). She finds a rotten cod sandwich as her end of the deal. However, when the woodman tells her of pirate ghosts named "Draugen" who are trapped under a curse that makes them sea ghosts, and are in pain and separated from their loved ones. Hilda saves them by bringing them to their deceased relatives in the city graveyard.
    • While she did annoy a whether spirit to make them appear, she only did it as a last resort. Also, she makes up with him later in the episode.
  • When Kaiser the witch is condemned to spend her life in the void of no return due to Matilda Pilqvist the witch not returning her book for many years which leads the librarian who loaned it to her being sent to the void Hilda and Frida join Kaiser in finding the borrower. Hilda, Frida and Kaiser go on a bunch of life threatening trials (including going through a room filled with long spikes) to finally get to the witch. Pilqvist herself attempts to convince the council who want to send Kaiser, Hilda and Frida to the void to stop them from going to the void. When they accidentally get sent to the void Hilda finds a book that helps them survive.
  • When Frida and David find a viking clan stuck in eternal battle with each other. Hilda finds out that Sigurd the dragon has been constantly reviving both sides with a potion to fight over a medallion that makes people unable to feel fear. She ends the conflict by telling one of the clans about the resurrections of both sides. It makes that side end their conflict and with a potion that revives people. And the other side keeps the medallion.
  • Attempts to stop Victoria's machine with Tontu's help who planned to enter the Nowhere space. She rescued Frida from Victoria and attempted to stop Victoria from entering a portal to an unknown location due to the location possibly being dangerous. Even before she realizes that Victoria was up to no good again, Hilda genuinely believed Victoria was reformed.
  • When Erik Ahlberg attempts to station bells all over Trolberg in an attempt to gain fame for “helping” Trolberg, Hilda knew that the bells made Trolls agitated rather than pacified. She also knew that it would disturb other local creatures such as the Woffs, the Nissee, the Elves and the rest of Trolberg. She sabotages the awful plan with the help of the Keeper of the Bell.
  • When the Lindworm that lives on a neighboring island is accused of attacking numerous ships and eating them, Hilda defends the Lindworm, stating she eats plants rather than ships. She finds the woodman’s head out at sea. She finds out that it was really a kraken stealing ships to feed its children. Hilda tells Frida to make a mental connection to the kraken to tell it to instead feed its children ships from a ship graveyard. Due to this Trolberg is freed from its “Lindworm problem” and Woodman gets his body back. However, Johanna finds out that Hilda has frequently lied about her “Scout Activities” and grounds her.
  • After being grounded and told to stay in their home building for the entire day, she finds out her neighbor, Peter Ostenfeld has been visiting the past using magical reprints of a magazine. After getting a magazine herself, she decides to visit the past and learn more about this night with him. After she finds out that Peter has been visiting the night to relive his memories of meeting Matilda Pilqvist, due to regretting that he didn't confess his feelings to Matilda; Hilda decides to make the past versions of Peter and Matilda get in the relationship Peter's past self always wanted. However, upon returning to the present where Peter and Matilda are married, Hilda discovers that everything from the previous timeline is being chased to be eaten up by the timeworm due to elements from the previous timeline not supposed to exist on the new one including the previous versions of: Hilda, Peter and Matilda. The new timeline version of Hilda protects her previous version while the original Matilda uses her magic to immobilize the timeworm. The new timeline versions of Matilda and Peter destroy the first magic magazine, reverting the timeline to its previous state. The timeworm then devours elements of the second timeline and Hilda learns her mistake and finally accepts being grounded by her mother after they reconcile. In the end Hilda understands that she was grounded for lying and her actions her consequences.
  • After Twig feels neglected by Johanna and Hilda he goes to the wilderness. Remembering where she met twig, Hilda goes to the wilderness where she and Johanna get ambushed but a red woff, Twig saves them and they all find a herd of Deer-Fox. Hilda allows Twig to stay with his parents but ultimately Twig chooses to stay with Hilda.
  • In the winter time, Hilda, Frida and David sell broth to Sparrow Scouts, numerous people and Yule Lads to buy her mother a snow globe. After it was revealed that the dwarves feed naughty children to Gryla the Ogre. Hilda convinced the dwarves to give Gryla broth instead. The dwarves are able to release the children as a result. David managed to buy Hilda the snow globe to give to her mother.
  • When Hilda accidentally brings Tide Mice to delivery man Gil Jones they ride with him to Jorts HQ, a company that produces their Jorts snack. Once inside, the Tide Mice feast on the Jorts, forcing Hilda, Frida, David and Kaisa to capture them all. Frida, Kaisa, Tildy and the high witches that wanted to banish Kaisa to the void cast a spell to banish them all.
  • When Gerda Gustav captures 2 races of elves, Hilda works with Alfur and elf accountant Alvin to save them.

The Mountain King

  • When Hilda and Johanna get in an argument over the former wanting to go to back to Frida's house after dinner, Hilda got sent to her room, Hilda tried to get Tontu to transport her to Frida's house in a matter of seconds. Johanna interrupted this process which caused Hilda and Johanna to get stuck in an underground forest. With help from 2 trolls: Trylla and Baba, and the help of Alfur, David and Frida, they were able to escape this mess. Hilda decided that she would not be adventuring for awhile because of this incident and many others.
  • When she finds a giant troll imprisoned inside a cave with numerous bells used as prison bars, she helps the troll in numerous ways like: giving him a refreshing drink, removing the bells that imprison him, and giving him a “precious red object” later revealed to be an eye.
  • She saved Trolberg and the Trolls and avoided and prevented Erik Ahlberg from committing mass murder, using an illegal weapon that shoots lights, being their weakness of them.
  • Due to the mother of all Trolls Amma, sleeping underground and being able to telepathically communicate with them. Hilda makes a Trolberg annual ceremony to allow all trolls to enter Trolberg and speak to Amma.


  • She is the only Hilda hero to be Pure Good.
  • It has yet to be decided whether her graphic novel and novelization counterparts qualify as Pure Good.
  • Though Hilda is currently Pure Good, there's a chance the upcoming third and final season will have an affect on this status.

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