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Horton the Elephant is the main protagonist of the children's book and adopted movie, Horton Hears a Who!, as well as the children's book, Horton Hatches the Egg.

In the 2008 animated film based on the second book, he was voiced by Jim Carrey.



Horton is a very kind, compassionate elephant who will go out of his way to help someone who needs it. Upon hearing the sound of a cry coming from a speck, he did not disregard it and immediately attempted to ensure that the voice was real and that someone needed help. Upon learning that there was a city living on the speck, Horton became determined to save the city and its people. Horton also does not like using violence, avoiding conflict with anyone who disagrees with him and attempting to make them understand that the people of Whoville were real.

Powers and Abilities

As an elephant, Horton naturally has enhanced animal strength that is much greater than that of an average person and most of the other animals in the Jungle of Nool. He showed remarkable speed and stamina when chasing Vlad throughout the jungle and mountains, and when being caged by the dozens of monkeys, Horton was strong enough to resist them.

What makes him Pure Good?

  • Horton is a very jolly and compassionate elephant who only wants to help people who need it.
  • Teaches a class of young students, who are all very appreciative of him and who he does his best to teach about the jungle.
  • Upon hearing a small cry from a speck, Horton refuses to ignore a possible cry for help and goes out of his way to find the speck and catch it.
  • When learning of the existence of Whoville on the speck, Horton speaks with the mayor of the city and when the mayor learns of Whoville's imminent destruction if they continue moving, goes on a journey to the top of Mount Nool to save Whoville.
  • Risks his life to cross a very unstable bridge to get to Mount Nool, nearly dying for the sake of Whoville.
  • When learning from Morton that Sour Kangaroo hired Vlad to hunt Horton down and steal the clover, Horton refuses to abandon Whoville and give the clover up to Vlad.
  • When Vlad drops the clover into a field of identical clovers, Horton picks through millions and millions of clovers to search for Whoville until finally finding the clover with the speck.
  • As Horton is surrounded by an angry mob preparing to rope and cage him, Sour Kangaroo gives Horton the chance to surrender and admit that Whoville doesn't exist, but Horton refuses to deny their existence, acknowledging them as people despite how small they are.
  • When being roped and caged, Horton refuses to back down and resists as much as possible to give Whoville enough time to make noise for the other animals to hear them.
  • After the animals hear Whoville and everyone realizes Horton was right, Sour Kangaroo silently mopes in defeat, but then Horton approaches her and comforts her even after what she did to him.
  • Forgives Sour Kangaroo, the Wickersham Brothers, and Vlad for all of the terrible things they did to him.
  • Guards the egg of a selfish mother for an entire winter out of kindness.

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