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Ichiro Inuyashiki (犬屋敷 壱郎, Inuyashiki Ichiro) is the main protagonist of the series Inuyashiki. He is a middle-aged salaryman whose body was rebuilt as an android after he was killed by the UFO, along with Hiro Shishigami. Ichiro lives with his family.

He was voiced by Fumiyo Kohinata in the anime TV series and portrayed by Noritake Kinashi in the live-action movie.

What Makes Him Pure Good?

  • He was once a salaryman providing for his family, whom seem to ignore him at times (but not truly), and adopted a dog he names Hanako. But by the time he had cancer, he was seen in a park crying while hugging his dog, that was when his fate as a cyborg began.
    • Despite his family ignored nor gave any notice to him, he still doesn't let it handle him down. But he only gave in only because he had cancer and was doubtful if they'll miss him at first only because he was paranoid, but he still cared for them regardless if they'll never miss him once he finally got his answer when he reconciled with them, this ensures his family does care for him.
  • He was confused and reluctant of his newly gifted powers at first, but under curiosity and using it to save lives, he made it his purpose to help others.
  • While testing out his abilities, he saves a man who gotten back with his former love when he was attacked and nearly killed by delinquents that used fireworks at him. Once he scared away the teens under his auto-pilot mode using his lasers, he gains their identities and expose them live in public by posting a video of them doing the horrible deeds to the man they attacked, thus was under punishment and hopes they repent on what they did.
  • After hearing a girl's cry for help, he tries to save her when she was tormented and about to be killed by Hiro. However, it was too late as he mourned for the family Hiro has murdered. But even when he was carrying that guilt, he still tries to move forward to save other lives and ensure their safety.
  • He saved an innocent office worker when he was about to be assaulted by a group of gangsters.
  • He saved a children's father and grandmother from a housefire, tells them in request to never speak of him in front of the police to keep his secret.
  • He revives a mother cat when it was hit by a car.
  • He then heads to a hospital to cure or heal diseases, cancers, and those who are paralyzed or injured.
  • He tries to protect Fumino and Satoru, an innocent couple, who are targets by an evil yakuza boss and rapist named Samejima. During his fight with him, he shut down before regaining his energy and reviving Satoru after he was choked to death and heads out to save Fumino from the Yakuza.
  • During his second fight with Samejima, he calls him out for being one of the people he hated because their evil acts and says people like him don't exist, therefore knowing he and possibly everyone in his group were beyond redemption. After the fight, as he was assaulted by their gunshots, he went into auto-pilot mode, and crippled and blinded everyone in the building as punishment for their actions towards others. Though it may seem lethal, it was not by his intentions but as a divine punishment to ensure they learn from their actions and hopes they show remorse for what they did.
    • However, an argument implied that Inuyashiki, still in auto-pilot, crippled and blinded some of the Yakuza members even alongside Samejima using his lasers. There was an implied action that he not only shot Samejima in both areas of his eyes but also his private area. While it does seem unfitting of Inuyashiki, despite doing this unintentional but acted as punishing divinely, it was debatable since it's not ensured he was shot there or not given only his eyes were blinded on screen and nothing else (also possibly crippled). Nevertheless, it was under last resort to do so and it was a way to give Samejima his deserved comeuppance for all the women he harmed and violated, given what he had done, he brought this upon himself.
  • He calms down the (implied) violated Fumino that Satoru was still alive and returns her to him, finally happy together once more.
  • He gets assistance from Ando to train his new abilities and become a hero as he said. Just like with his powers the first time, he was reluctant, but chose to do this in order to save more lives and defeat Hiro.
  • He and Ando would later accompany one another into curing more patients in some hospitals. Such as seen with a little boy who had brain tumor.
  • With Hiro on the loose on killing hundreds across Shinjuku, Inuyashiki and Ando worked together to warn the people about the smartphones that resulted into the killings. But backfired when Hiro kills them onscreen using the TVs and Buildings' monitors.
  • When Hiro succeeded in crashing the first wave of airplanes to increase his killings, Inuyashiki finally manages to control the second wave of airplanes and saves more passengers on board.
  • He finally meets up with Hiro after getting a call form his daughter to save her, but even though he hated him for murdering innocents, he still wants Hiro to change his ways and only acted wise and calmly to him, wishing he would stop what he was doing and to go to save his daughter Mari. But in result, Hiro calls him out that they are "the same" and why there in role as "hero" and "villain". Though Inuyashiki isn't like Hiro since he used his abilities to do good while Hiro did the opposite to taking lives away.
  • He then defeats Hiro by removing whatever was lethal in his systems, including his arms, to ensure his murderous intents doesn't continue.
  • He saves his daughter Mari and her friend from a burning building, thus reconciling with her.
  • He then heads forward to save more lives by reviving or healing them during the crashes or building fires.
  • He then reconciles with his wife and son, along with Mari, to show them at last his secret of becoming a cyborg. During after that, they went out into family outings and taught his son the differences of how he used his powers to save lives while Hiro just took them away.
  • He made a big sacrifice into stopping a meteorite that was about to hit earth alongside an unreformed Hiro. He then self-detonated himself to save billions of lives on earth, knowing the consequences he'll regret doing, but in the end in his final moments, he remembers his family and he knows he'll always be with them as he watches.
  • Even though it can be argued that he killed Shishigami, it was ultimately consensual and his death both prevented him from harming more people as well as stopping the meteorite; saving billions of lives from the process.
  • Even after becoming a cyborg, he still holds memories of who he was and can still feel his feeling when saving lives, showing his Moral Agency is still on the clear given his conscience was transferred in the process.

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