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Jack Kline, is the tritagonist of the hit CW series, Supernatural. He is the nephilim son of Lucifer and a human woman named Kelly Kline. Despite some ambiguity to who's side he's on at first, Jack eventually proves himself to be the Winchester's most valuable ally.

What Makes Him Pure Good?

  • Even before Jack was born, he saved his mother, Kelly Kline, from killing herself. Though Dagon argued that Jack did this for himself, this is ultimately proven not to be the case.
  • Saved Sam from an evil shifter named Buddy, later taking the time to comfort a good shifter named Mia.
  • Used his powers to help the brothers find their mother who was trapped in an alternate universe.
  • Upon entering Apocalypse World, Jack helps protect the survivors from Apocalypse World Michael, who intended on destroying the multiverse.
  • After winning a battle, Jack does let his success go to his head. He quickly learns his lesson after being led into a trap, proving that he's humble.
  • Upon meeting Lucifer, Jack gave his father the benefit of the doubt. He would eventually come to regret this after finding out what a monster Lucifer was.
  • Though Jack was upset that they didn't kill Michael before leaving Apocalypse World, he was only upset because that means Michael is still out there and still a threat.
  • Even after Lucifer stole Jack's grace, he still sought to help the Winchesters in any way possible.
  • Though Jack did suggest killing Dean after the latter was possessed by Apocalypse World Michael, this was only out of desperation. Jack clearly didn't want it to come to that, and was only acknowledging it as an option.
  • Upon being resurrected by dark magic, Jack uses up the rest of his soul to kill Apocalypse World Michael and save the multiverse.
  • Jack has a clear moral agency which can tell difference between good and evil.
  • Though Jack has a heating up period after losing his soul, he lacked a moral agency at the time and couldn't tell the difference between good and evil. Furthermore, when Jack gets his soul back to regain moral agency; he regrets the things he did.
  • Depowered God, who turned out to be an egotistical psychopath intent on ending all of creation just to spite the Winchesters. In doing so, Jack became a new benevolent God.
  • Revives everyone killed by Chuck, and presumably restores the multiverse.
  • Unlike his predecessor, Jack wouldn't require people to worship him to get into heaven.
  • Revives Castiel offscreen and reforms heaven into a better place.
  • While he did killed some characters, it always had a good reason (For example, he killed alternative Michael because this was the only way to stop him from destruction of many Universes, including Jack's.).


  • Jack is currently the only Pure Good from Supernatural.