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James Gordon is one of the main protagonists in the Dark Knight trilogy. He is an officer within the Gotham City Police Department, renowned for being one of the few who were not corrupt early on, to later becoming the Commissioner. He works with Batman to eradicate crime from Gotham City.

He is portrayed by Gary Oldman.

What Makes Him Pure Good?

  • When a child Bruce Wayne is in police custody after his parents were murdered, he provides Bruce comfort by putting his coat on his shoulders and assuring him he will be okay.
    • As revealed in The Dark Knight Rises, the impact this had on young Bruce Wayne turned out to be significant too, as he grew to idolize Gordon for doing this. Indicating that this helped shape Bruce Wayne into the hero he became.
  • He continues to serve in the GCPD for years while many of the cops were corrupt, refusing to let himself be corrupt as well, and berating Flass for doing so.
  • He defends Batman's actions for incapacitating Falcone for the police to arrest him, against Loeb, who insists that no vigilante should take the law into their own hands.
  • He assists Batman in rescuing Rachel Dawes from Scarecrow, who had just poisoned her with fear toxin, allowing him to inoculate her with antidote before it was too late.
  • He saves two teenagers from getting shot by Arnold Flass, while all three were under the influence of fear toxin.
  • He helps Batman stop Ra's al Ghul by blowing up the train route towards Wayne Tower, blocking the microwave emitter from evaporating Gotham's water supply and spreading the fear toxin on a massive scale.
  • During Commissioner Loeb's memorial, he saves Mayor Garcia from getting assassinated by taking the bullet whilst wearing a bulletproof vest.
  • After saving Garcia, he fakes his death to save Batman and Harvey Dent from the Joker during a chase sequence.
  • He protects Coleman Reese, who the Joker placed a bounty on by threatening the lives of hospital inhabitants.
  • He (and Batman) tried to convince Harvey that he was sorry for not getting Rachel to safety and begs him not to punish his son.
  • When Batman saves his son, Gordon thanks him, and when Batman insists that Gordon doesn't need to thank him, he reiterates that he does.
  • He reluctantly agrees to pin Two-Face's crimes on Batman to maintain hope in Gotham and to keep the prosecuted mob in prison, at the cost of his marriage.
  • He feels incredible guilt over forcing Batman to bear the weight of Harvey Dent's crimes. This guilt eventually drives him to attempt to reveal the truth about Batman, but he reluctantly decides against it in order to preserve the eight years of hard-earned peace in Gotham.
  • He works as the Police Commissioner for eight years, keeping Gotham free of crime.
  • He rewards John Blake for his initiative by promoting him to detective.
  • After Bane takes over Gotham, he leads the resistance group formed to retake Gotham for several months. His words also have an effect on Peter Foley, who while earlier not willing to save Gotham, took part in the effort for liberation of Gotham.
  • After Batman returns to Gotham, he assists in blocking the detonator signal to the nuclear bomb.
  • Doesn't reveal Batman's true identity even after he was deceased (supposedly), to honor Bruce Wayne and his sacrifice for the city.


  • James Gordon from the Dark Knight Trilogy is the only version of him to be Pure Good.
  • Him and Alfred are the only Pure Goods from the Dark Knight movies.

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