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Yeah, I'm a Sullivan! I'm the Sullivan who flunked every test! The one who got kicked out of the program! The one who's so afraid to let everyone down, that I cheated! And I lied! Mike, I'll never know how you feel. But you're not the only failure here. I act scary, Mike... but most of the time... I'm terrified.
~ Sulley telling Mike that his family reprimanded him for never being the best scarer as his father, while admitting that he considers himself as a failure.
I never told you about what happened with Boo. The fear in her eyes when she was scared. I... I didn't like what I saw. What I saw in me. Laugh power is the heart of the new Monsters Inc. And it's also the right thing to do.
~ Sulley explains to Tylor why he has turned his back on a Scarer's life.

James P. Sullivan, better known by his nickname Sulley, is one of the two main protagonists (alongside Mike Wazowski) of the Disney/Pixar Monsters Inc. franchise. He is the main protagonist of Monsters Inc., the deuteragonist of its 2013 prequel Monsters University and one of the two overarching protagonists (alongside Mike Wazowski) of the 2021 Disney+ animated series Monsters at Work.

He is the best friend of Mike Wazowski as well as his former arch-rival, the arch-enemy of both Randall Boggs and Henry J. Waternoose III, and the new CEO of Monsters Inc., the titular company.

He is voiced by John Goodman, who also voiced Rex in We're Back! A Dinosaur's Story and Pacha in The Emperor's New Groove.

What Makes Him Pure Good?

Monsters University

  • He feels remorse for having been so arrogant towards his teammates.
  • He gives Mike some advice on how to become a better scarer.
  • When he encounters Roar Omega Roar, who offer him a spot back in their fraternity, Sulley refuses the offer and gives them the trophy since they rightfully won it.
  • He takes responsibility for rigging Mike's scare meter to ensure none of his other teammates get punished.
  • He goes into the human world to try and save Mike in spite of knowing the dangers he'd face.
  • He apologizes to Mike for lying to him and tampering with his scare meter.
  • He admits his fears of being a failure to Mike, saying that he and Mike are friends now.
  • He embraces the members of Oozma Kappa before leaving, happy to know they'll succeed as great scarers.
  • He commends Mike for all of his accomplishments, managing to turn Oozma Kappa into champions and pulling off the greatest scare in history, calling him fearless.
  • He apologizes to Dean Hardscrabble for nearly insulting her.

Monsters Inc.

  • He is friendly to other monsters, including his arch-rival Randall. He even showed good sportsmanship before they started to scare kids.
  • When Mike's body is covered during the Monsters, Inc. commercial, he attempts to comfort Mike for having himself covered in the commercial, only to nod in agreement when Mike only shows excitement over having been in the commercial at all.
  • He gets reservations for Mike and Celia at Harryhausen's.
  • He covers for Mike when he forgets his paperwork so he could go on his date with Celia.
  • Unlike Mike, Sulley refuses to abandon Boo or just get her through another door instead of her original door, and attempts to look for her when she's lost.
  • He signs an autograph for two members of the CDA when they ask him.
  • He is mortified when he believes that Boo had been killed in the garbage disposal, and upon seeing she was safe, he runs up to her and hugs her in relief.
  • When he learns that Randall placed Boo's door on the scare floor as Mike revealed from his deal with Randall, he refuses to put her in there due to being well aware Randall's true nature and plot and tries to persuade Mike to not do so.
  • He saves Mike from the Scream Extractor by unplugging it and getting him out of it while Randall was distracted turning it back on.
  • He feels terrible for accidentally scaring Boo and starts to realize the trauma monsters inflict upon children with scaring.
  • He apologizes to Mike for getting both of them stranded in the human world, and subsequently, when the Adorable Snowman tells them there's a nearby village, he travels through a snowstorm to get there so he can use a door to get back to Monsters, Inc. and save Boo.
  • He protects Boo from Randall and Waternoose and saves her from the Scream Extractor.
  • Sulley thanks Mike for coming back to help save Boo.
  • He attempts to reason with Waternoose and convince him there's a better way to keep Monsters, Inc. operating.
  • He is saddened when Waternoose is arrested and also feels guilt for inadvertently making the energy crisis worse.
  • He gets Boo back home, embracing her and shedding a tear before saying goodbye.
  • He stops Randall and Waternoose from enacting their plan to kidnap children and extract their screams.
  • He changes Monsters, Inc. for the better by extracting laughter from children instead of screams, ending the cycle of terror and trauma inflicted upon human children all around the world.
  • He is protective towards both monster and human children.

Monsters At Work

  • He still remains level-headed after becoming a CEO at Monsters, Inc.
  • When Tylor messed things up, Sulley wasn’t mad and encouraged him that anything is possible.
  • He encourages Mike to start a new class within the Monsters, Inc. facility to teach monsters how to be funny and make children laugh instead of scream.
  • When Mike starts exhausting himself making kids laugh for 18 hours straight due to the company initially being short on other monsters who are talented enough at comedy to work as jokesters, he tries to encourage him to take a break and let the others handle it so he can get some much-needed rest.
  • He and Mike take care of the infant, Snore, while MIFT repairs the damage to the child's room.
  • He tries to stop Mike from using bribes on the inspector after a power-outage.
  • He and Mike forgive the MIFT members for nearly getting Monsters Inc. shut down due to their recklessness and stupidity and don't fire any of them.
  • He is happy to see the Adorable Snowman again and uses his authority as Monsters, Inc's CEO to formally un-banish him and make him the company's official snow cone vendor after learning from Tylor and Val Little that he had been banished for finding out about Waternoose's project with the Scream Extractor.
  • When Tylor asks him why they can’t go back to scream energy since that’s what they’re both good at, he tells Tylor that after he saw how scared Boo was of him when he accidently scared her, he really didn’t like what we saw both in her eyes and in himself. Therefore, even though the transition is challenging, and it means personally stepping down as the top employee since he has no talent for comedy, he’s determined to make sure Monsters, Inc. sticks to laugh power since he’s convinced it’s the right thing to do.


  • Originally Sulley was Near Pure Good due to being an extremely arrogant jerk in Monsters University, as he initially only joined Oozma Kappa to prove himself as superior, and even after bonding with them, he still rigged Mike’s scare meter in the Scare Games because he didn’t believe in him and was afraid of the team losing the games. It was later decided that he qualifies for Pure Good because he got rid of all of his corrupting factors in Monsters, Inc, plus he immediately felt remorse over rigging Mike's scare meter to and took full responsibility for it, even if it meant getting kicked out of MU.

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