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This article pertains to a Pure Good with more than one version who is Pure Good!
This article is for the version of Jasmine from the live-action Aladdin. You may be looking for more info on her original counterpart

Jasmine is the tritagonist of the 2019 adaptation of Disney’s Aladdin. She is the daughter and only child of the Sultan of Agrabah.

She was portrayed by Naomi Scott.

What Makes Her Pure Good?

  • She is very kind, caring and selfless in general.
  • Though she gets in trouble for it by doing it impulsively and not having a proper means to pay for it upfront, she gives bread from a vendor to some poor children purely out of empathy.
  • She's far more active than her original counterpart and has discreetly ventured outside the palace in an attempt to get to know Agrabah and its people better so that she can eventually become the Sultaness and look out for them even more effectively.
  • Reveals to her father that Jafar tried to murder Prince Ali/Aladdin and gets him arrested.
  • Despite being bullied by Jafar into staying silent after he rises to power with the lamp and being taken away by his guards, she speaks up and inspires Hakim, the head of the guards, by appealing to his honor and convincing him that doing what's right sometimes means speaking up against those whose approval we seek the most. By doing so, she convinces him that Jafar is not worthy of his loyalty or his sacrifice and to stand with the people of Agrabah, As the captain of the guard, he then, in turn, orders for/convinces the rest of the guards to defy his order to invade Sherebad and arrest him.
  • She complies with marrying Jafar, even though he's forcing her to specifically to spite her and the Sultan by trapping her in an unhappy marriage, to save her father and Dalia from being tortured and possible killed by him.
  • Even after being cowed into marrying Jafar, she still stands up to/defies him by taking the lamp from him when his guard's down and fleeing with Aladdin on the Magic Carpet.
  • Her strong demonstration of character against Jafar makes her father realize he was being overprotective towards her after losing his wife/her mother and convinces him to break tradition by making her the next Sultan even though a female has never been made Sultan before, giving her much more authority to look after and help her people.
  • She forgives Aladdin for deceiving her about being a prince earlier due to acknowledging that he was both remorseful for it and a good man in general.

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