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Jiminy Cricket is the deuteragonist of Disney's 2nd full-length animated feature film Pinocchio. He is a cricket who serves as a conscience, as well as a good friend, to the film's titular character. He is wise, selfless, caring and brave. He will do anything for a friend even if it proves to be life-threatening.

He has appeared along with Mickey Mouse and Tinker Bell as a Disney mascot. He also appeared as the main protagonist of Fun and Fancy Free as host of the two story segments, and Mickey's Christmas Carol as the Ghost of Christmas Past.

He has been voiced by the late Cliff Edwards, the late Eddie Carroll, and currently Phil Snyder and Joe Ochman.

What Makes Him Pure Good?

  • He agreed to the Blue Fairy to become Pinocchio's conscience in order for the puppet to learn the difference between right and wrong so that he could become a real boy.
  • He tried to keep Pinocchio from accepting Honest John and Gideon's offer of joining Stromboli show, albeit unsuccessfully.
  • When Pinocchio was captured by Stromboli, he tried to break the lock in the cage in order to free him.
  • After the two had escaped Stromboli, Jiminy once again tried to keep Pinocchio from going o Pleasure Island, albeit failing once again.
  • Upon finding out about the horrible fate that awaited for the boys who were taken to Pleasure Island, he went back to alert Pinocchio about how children who stayed there would turn into donkeys by nightfall and to escort him out of the island before it was too late.
    • He showed sympathy for the boys who were turned into donkeys. This shows that he would have saved them if he had the chance.
  • When he and the others thought that Pinocchio had drowned after escaping Monstro, he and the others were completely devastated and were intensely relieved when he turned out to be alive, and were also overjoyed that he finally became a human boy.
  • While he is slightly perverted, as he touches a female carving's rear end, expresses immense delight at the dancing of one of Stromboli's puppets, and is clearly lustful towards the Blue Fairy, not only is this side of him is always played for laughs, he also never does anything remotely harmful to antagonize women or even defile carvings; hence why this should never count as a prevention.


  • He's the only hero from the Pinocchio movie or of Pinocchio works in general to be Pure Good.
  • Jiminy Cricket is best remembered as the very first Pure Good hero ever featured in a Disney film. He is also the first Pure Good in any animated movie.
  • The Talking Cricket from the original book, "The Adventures of Pinocchio", would not qualify as Pure Good due to failing the admirable standard.

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