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Gran Gran, I've been reading all about your old adventures. I've been dying to ask you, what happened to Zuko's mom?
~ Jinora

Jinora is a supporting character in The Legend of Korra.

She is the oldest child of Korra’s teacher and the Airbending master Tenzin and the sister of Tenzin’s other children Ikki, Meelo, and the newborn Rohan. She is a mature, bookish, and talented Airbending prodigy who helps Korra with some of her training and adventures before ultimately becoming the youngest Airbending master in history (even beating out her grandfather Aang) at the age of 11.

She was voiced by Kiernan Shipka.

What Makes Her Pure Good?

  • She was the only one of her siblings to actually treat Katara politely (while Meelo didn’t recognize her and called her a strange woman while Ikki insensitively said that she looked old) and tried to ask her what happened to Zuko’s mom before Ikki interrupted her.
  • She hugged Korra to celebrate the fact that Korra was staying on Air Temple island to train with them.
  • She explained and demonstrated to Korra the first airbending exercise Korra would be doing and gave advice to Korra when she was failing the exercise.
  • She hugged and comforted her father when Korra lashed out at him and called him the worst teacher ever.
  • She asked Korra if she was romantically pursuing Mako and while she gave Korra some.. interesting advice on how to pursue Mako by talking about a heroine riding a dragon from a historical saga she read that didn’t really make sense, she later agreed with her mother Pema that Korra should just tell Mako how she felt like Pema did with Tenzin years ago.
  • She showed Mako and Bolin to their quarters after they relocated to Air Temple island.
  • She saved Lin Beifong from the Equalist Lieutenant.
  • She remorsefully admitted that she and Meelo teased Ikki which unintentionally caused Ikki to run away and apologized to Ikki once she came back and agreed to play airball with Ikki.
  • She was the only one who could see the dragonfly bunny spirits and befriended them.
  • She went with her siblings to greet and hug Korra when she reunited with them at the Eastern Air Temple.
  • She revealed her special connection to spirits and her spirit friends to the rest of the group and led the group on the spirits path to a meditation circle, she also felt remorse that her father might be angry at her for having a strong spiritual connection he lacked even though as Kya points out it is just Tenzin being a little jealous and having his pride bruised.
  • She guided herself and Korra into the Spirit World, so Korra could close the Southern spirit portal to prevent the release of Vaatu after convincing her father that she could it and hugging him after he told her how proud he was of her.
  • She told Korra not to lash out at the prairie spirits and that Korra’s negative energy was upsetting them and making things worse, before going to help Korra and try to get her out of there.
  • She warmly reunited and greeted the spirit Furry-Foot and embarked on him to find Korra and the spirit portals to close them and stop Unalaq once and for all.
  • Despite Wan Shi Tong’s hostility, she treats him politely and convinces him to let her stay in his library by telling him how radios work and informing him of her relationship with the Avatar.
  • She discovered the locations of the spirit portals and Vaatu’s prison in the Tree of Time along with the fact that if the two spirit portals are open during Harmonic Convergence, Vaatu would break free and consume the world in darkness. She tried to go warn Korra, but once betrayed by Wan Shi Tong to Unalaq, she tried to convince Wan Shi Tong of Unalaq’s evil and simply was disappointed yet not angry by his betrayal.
  • Even though Unalaq was going to kill her if Jinora if Korra refused to open the spirit portal, she told Korra not to open the Northern Spirit portal which would leave both portals open and allow Vaatu to escape, being willing to sacrifice herself to protect the world.
  • Once she was freed from the Fog of Lost Souls by Tenzin, she hugged her father affectionately and told him how glad she was to see him and once sensing Raava’s death, she gave him, Kya, and Bumi a butterfly spirit to guide them out of the Spirit World before disappearing to help Korra stop Unalaq/Vaatu.
  • She revived Raava and saved Korra from Unalaq/Vaatu now known as the Dark Avatar, enabling Korra to regain Raava and destroy the Dark Avatar, saving the world from a draconian apocalyptic reign and from any danger yet to come.
  • Once returning to her physical body, she hugged Katara and comforted Asami and Korra’s parents by telling them that Korra had saved the world.
  • In the canonical video game, she made Korra regain her bending after Korra had lost it from being shot by special Equalist darts by telling Korra to complete several different tasks and later saved Korra from the Big Bad Hundun by helping her activate the Avatar State which allowed Korra to defeat Hundun.
  • She was the only person really excited about the connection between humans and spirits again, telling Korra not to destroy the vines in Republic City as it was the spirits home and believing that humans and spirits could coexist together in peace.
  • She expressed no anger or hostility towards new airbender Kai for lying to the group about being a thief and once released into Team Korra’s custody, she offered to teach Kai everything she knew about airbending.
  • She grew worried that Kai had been one of the new airbenders kidnapped by the Earth Queen and searched the old Dai Li base in her spirit form for the new airbenders and later found Kai and the new airbenders in a prison under the Earth Queen’s palace, before informing the rest of the group and allowing for a successful rescue mission for all the new airbenders, personally rescuing Kai and kissing him on the cheek.
  • Although she started laughing at Bumi’s lighthearted jokes about her dad, she stopped once her dad looked at her.
  • She saved Kai from a mother flying bison when they were exploring flying bison herds.
  • She confronted Tenzin saying that he was being too harsh on the new airbenders.
  • When her father appointed her master, she tried to convince him to let her get airbender master tattoos before he snapped at her and she countered by pointing out that she was just as good as her father before storming out.
  • She assured Kai that Tenzin lashing out wasn’t Kai’s fault and was simply sad that her father didn’t accept that she had grown up.
  • Once she and Kai were captured by poachers, she got a small bird spirit to convey their situation to Bumi and the new airbenders.
  • She told Kai once he freed himself to free the captive flying bison before freeing her.
  • She hugged Tenzin and apologized to her father for storming off, and agreed to his deal of letting him think about her getting her tattoos and becoming a master.
  • She led the evacuation of the Northern Air Temple from the Red Lotus, getting the new airbenders out before crying at Kai’s supposed death but unfortunately P’Li scared the bison off and captured them.
  • She used her astral projection to discover where Korra was being held, airbent he guard’s keys to Opal to allow the airbenders to free themselves, and once reuniting with Team Korra, hugging Kai and telling Tonraq, Mako, and Bolin where Korra was being held so they could find her.
  • She hugged her father and was relieved that he was okay following his brutal battle with Zaheer and the Red Lotus.
  • She led the new airbenders to form a giant tornado to suck Zaheer in, saving Korra from him and allowing Korra to slam him on the ground, defeating him once and for all.
  • She told Suyin that Zaheer’s poison was metallic and that Suyin could save Korra and the Avatar Cycle, making her also responsible for that.
  • She became the youngest airbending master in history at the age of 11, receiving her tattoos and shaving her head in a large ceremony before accompanying her father and Team Korra in seeing Korra off when she left to make her recovery, waving to Korra as she left.
  • She led her siblings on a mission to find the missing Korra, but not before hugging her parents goodbye.
  • She acted as the voice of reason between Meelo and Ikki’s antics during their mission, disciplining Meelo and later rescuing Ikki from Earth Empire soldiers with him.
  • She sensed Korra’s spiritual energy from the banyan-grove tree and led her siblings to Korra, all of them enclosing Korra in a hug, and she informed Korra that she had to come back to stop Kuvira and her imperialist ambitions.
  • She reminded Opal that she swore an oath of non-aggression when she became an airbender and that Opal couldn’t just attack Kuvira in revenge for capturing her mom who tried to kill Kuvira and later urged Korra to be careful when Korra decided to duel Kuvira for the fate of Zaofu.
  • Alongside Opal, she saved Korra from being killed by Kuvira, and she told Opal to maintain the air vortex while she contacted her siblings, allowing them all to escape from Kuvira and the Earth Empire on a flying bison
  • She felt a strange surge of energy from the spirit vines and investigated, discovering hostile vines that captured her but not before she was able to send a spiritual alert to Korra, allowing Korra to free all the vine captives and help Ryu guide all the tourists out of the wilds before meeting and hugging her father and telling him how Korra saved them.
  • She went on a mission with Kai, Korra, Tenzin and Bumi to capture Baatar Jr., standing guard with Kai and catching the captive commander when the adults airbent him out of the ship before returning to the Future Industries warehouse.
  • She helped stall Kuvira’s mech and helped support her injured father.
  • She hugged Korra when she emerged from the new Republic City portal unharmed along with the other heroes.
  • In the sequel comic Turf Wars, she led a group of airbenders in a meditation session and confronted Wonyong Kuem for trying to build an amusement park on sacred spirit land and informed Korra and Asami when they came out the portal after their vacation about Kuem’s intentions and vowed to support Korra along with Opal and the other airbenders in protecting the spirit portal.
  • She led some airbenders in fighting off the Triple Thread Triad and alerted Korra for help and once she discovered Asami and Korra’s relationship, she told them how wonderful it was and gave them her full support.
  • She saved Kai from dead plant thorn spirits.
  • She pointed out that the United Republic had no right in occupying spirit territory and enthusiastically agreed to participate in her father’s peace march on the portal and during the protest, she refused to retaliate.
  • She helped evacuate citizens when Tokuga attacked Republic City with poison gas and with other airbenders, she bent the air around the poison gas to save Republic City.


  • Jinora, Tenzin, Asami and Wan are the only four The Legend of Korra heroes to be Pure Good.

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