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Judeau is a supporting character in the dark fantasy manga/anime series, Berserk. He is one of the original members of the Band of Hawk. He is betrayed by Griffith during the Eclipse, where he sacrifices himself to save Casca from the Apostles.

He is voiced by Akira Ishida in the Japanese version of the 1997 anime, and by Christopher Krommer in the English version of the 1997 anime.



Judeau is a calm, collected and astute individual. He is very perceptive of his surroundings and is capable of reading people very well. Judeau is a very friendly individual, helping Guts to open up to the Band of Hawk upon being inducted and later speaking to him alone after the party. One of Judeau's most notable qualities is his supportive nature. He often talks to Guts and Casca, conversing with them and getting them to open up about themselves. He even helped nurture the budding romance between Guts and Casca in spite of the fact that Judeau was in love with Casca. Judeau is incredibly selfless, as during the Eclipse, he didn't hesitate to sacrifice himself in order to protect Casca.

Power and Abilities

Judeau is a very talented and quick-witted warrior. As a mercenary, Judeau possesses remarkable combat skills and is one of the most skilled mercenaries in the Band of Hawk. According to him, Judeau is a jack of all trades and master of none. Besides swordsmanship, Judeau often used throwing knives, which thanks to his pinpoint throwing precision proved to be very effective against both humans and Apostles. Judeau is also very intelligent, with keen perception, deductive skills, medical knowledge, and world history.

What Makes Him Pure Good?

  • Unlike most of the other members of the Band of Hawk, Judeau doesn't hold a grudge against Guts for having killed one of their soldiers.
  • Along with Rickert and Pippin, Judeau urges Guts to come down with the rest of the Hawks when they are partying.
  • After the party, Judeau goes up to talk with Guts, explaining to Guts what makes Griffith and the Band of Hawk unique, and saying that Guts would eventually find his place in the mercenary group.
  • Once the battle against the Tudor forces ends, Judeau asks Griffith to send a search party to retrieve Guts and Casca, who both fell off a cliff.
  • Judeau saves Casca from Adon's men alongside a large group of band members.
  • After rescuing Guts and Casca, he takes Casca aside and tells her that Griffith sent a search party for both of them despite opposition, who said that Casca and Guts were vital to the Band of Hawk. This was done because Judeau knew how much Griffith meant to Casca and in order to make Casca feel better about herself, succeeding in driving Casca to tears of joy.
  • He gives Casca a bag of elf dust to treat her and Guts' wounds. It is because of Judeau's elf dust that Guts is able to fight in the final battle and help Midland win the war.
  • Judeau talks with Guts after they've won the war and listens to Guts' opinion. While he is surprised and slightly confused by Guts' willingness to leave the Band of Hawk, Judeau still respects his decision and hopes Guts finds what he is looking for.
  • While Guts is leaving, Judeau notes Guts' growing relationship with Casca and urges him to make a move on her so they can start a romance.
  • Judeau tells Rickert to respect Guts' decision to leave the Band of Hawk, saying it is his choice to make.
  • After the Band of Hawk are deemed criminals by Midland, Judeau stays with the Band of Hawk for one year instead of leaving like many others did.
  • While bringing dinner to Casca, Judeau tells her not to burden herself with everything and to rest up in preparation to rescue Griffith. Casca is incredibly grateful for Judeau's words and thanks him before he leaves.
  • When Guts returns to the Band of Hawk, Judeau gives him a thumbs up, happy to have him back.
  • When Rickert explains how saddened Griffith was over Guts' departure, Judeau stops him, not wanting Guts to feel guilty over Griffith's imprisonment or the Band of Hawk's downfall.
  • He acknowledges everything Casca did for the Band of Hawk after Griffith's capture. Judeau even believes it is unfair to place such a large burden on Casca's shoulders, only accepting it because there was no other choice.
  • He is pleased that Guts managed to find his purpose while training alone for a year and commends Guts for finding a goal for himself.
  • Judeau tells Guts that when Casca was put in a coma after being ambushed by Midland forces, Casca called out to both Griffith and Guts. He then asks Guts to talk with Casca, saying he is the only one who could help her.
  • He participates in the operation to rescue Griffith.
  • While Judeau does suggest they take Princess Charlotte hostage in the worst-case scenario, this is done out of pragmatism to ensure the best chance of rescuing Griffith and because Judeau knows that Charlotte only wants to be with Griffith.
  • Judeau saves the group from being killed by the Bakiraka.
  • When the other band members ask Casca what to do after learning of Griffith's permanent injuries, Judeau stops them, reminding them that Casca has given more than anyone else and it would be unfair to ask even more from her.
  • Judeau decides to start a thieves group comprised of members of the band just so they can take care of Griffith.
  • Judeau tells Guts to take Casca with him when he leaves. This is in spite of the fact that Judeau himself is in love with Casca, meaning he put his own feelings aside so Guts and Casca could find happiness, even potentially giving up the chance of ever seeing Casca again.
  • Once the Invocation of Doom is initiated and the Apostles begin devouring the Band of Hawk, Judeau rescues Casca, urging her to live and reminding her that she's their leader now.
  • Judeau kills several Apostles to protect Casca, getting his arm ripped off and even shielding Casca with his own body.
  • Though Judeau was shown killing some soldiers with his throwing knives and presumably killed several soldiers in-battle, it was done under the rules of war and only as a last resort.
  • Judeau lacks the corrupting factors that several other characters have, easily standing out among the low admirable standard of the series and not being corrupted by the high heinous standard, ultimately serving as one of the most supportive and selfless people in the Band of Hawk.


  • Judeau and Rickert are the only two characters of Berserk to be Pure Good.