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Not all ghosts are bad.
~ Judy Warren

Judith "Judy" Warren is one of the main characters in The Conjuring franchise, serving as the minor character of The Conjuring, The Conjuring 2, and The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It, and the main protagonist of the 2019 film Annabelle Comes Home. She is the daughter of Ed and Lorraine Warren, and inherited her mother's psychic abilities.

She was portrayed by Sterling Jerins in The Conjuring, The Conjuring 2, and The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It, and Mckenna Grace in Annabelle Comes Home.


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What makes her Pure Good?

  • She was willing of not going down into the artifacts room at all times where her parents imprisoned supernatural items.
  • When she talked to Daniela about herself at school, Judy only hated Daniela's brother named Anthony who bullied her for the words of her parent' occupation, but an insecurity and provocation were the true cause of her empathic nature for pessimistic reasons.
  • She knew of how to exorcise evil spirits with a crucifix in her defensive poise, and her parents obviously taught her to be like them as a exorcist.
  • She stopped Daniela from answering a cursed phone that's implied to be a death trap because if she wouldn't have stopped her in time, Daniela dies in a gruesome death like in the screen predicting a future.
  • She retrieved the asthma inhaler to save Mary from suffocation.
  • She warned Mary that the voice from upstairs is not Daniela who is possessed by the Bride, using her telepathy.
  • She quickly grabbed the key from the cursed board game, preventing Mary from picking something wrong.
  • She recovered Daniela from being possessed by the Bride by playing a recorded footage of her father performing exorcism.
  • She, along with Mary and Daniela, put the doll back in the case while Judy performs a exorcism against the Annabelle demon and the other monsters closing in, and when the doll is contained, the demon is sealed away, and the power in monsters cut off.
  • She forgave Anthony Rios, Daniela's younger brother, for bullying her earlier at school in the beginning and invited him to her birthday party.
  • She woke her mother up, saving her from the nightmare with Valak.


  • She was originally not Pure Good in The Conjuring, the second sequel, and The Devil Made Me Do It, due to her minor screen time and actions. However, it wasn't until Annabelle Comes Home as a full-on protagonist that it was shown how heroic and selfless she is, allowing her to qualify as Pure Good.
  • Judy is one of the four characters in The Conjuring franchise to be Pure Good alongside her parents and Sister Irene.
    • She is one of the three Warrens altogether in a said family to be Pure Good while Sister Irene doesn't have any family relatives if they could have met all of the criteria, making Irene as a single character to be qualified.

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