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I was born with magic that steals the future, but as Wizard King, what I aim to do is create a future where there is no discrimination.
~ Julius discussing his life goals to his subjects

Julius Novachrono is a major supporting protagonist in the Shonen Jump manga Black Clover and its anime adaptation. He is the current Wizard King of the Clover Kingdom and the Magic Knights, as well as the former Captain of the Grey Deer (before renamed as Azure Deer when Rill took over).

He is voiced by Toshiyuki Morikawa in the Japanese dub who also voiced Minato Namikaze and Robert McCollum in the English dub.

What Makes Him Pure Good?

  • Unlike most royals and Magic Knights who are arrogant and antagonistic about status and power. Julius was the only one and the most notable who never had such corrupting factors.
  • Because of his experiences between royals and commoners, he wishes to become the Wizard King in order to rid away the discrimination. Despite some Magic Knights do not follow his way of circumstances, he would create an order that controls and keeps their behavior at bay, reasons for this motivation was because he was inspired by Zara Ideale, Zora's father and the first commoner to be a Magic Knight.
  • Acknowledges Yami Sukehiro and William Vangeance, thus started their careers as Magic Knights when he invited them to join. Even promoting them into becoming the Captains of the newly made Black Bulls and Golden Dawn.
  • He secretly helped Yami and William into capturing the same bandits during their last mission.
  • Gave Asta and Yuno guidable advice on how they'll be worthy to become the next Wizard King via Achievements.
  • Fought off some Mages from the Eye of the Midnight Sun, but killed two under the process, only under circumstances regarding self-defense and the safety for his people. He has no lethal intentions.
  • Rescues Asta and takes one of the Mages for information.
  • Had Gueldre Poizot arrested for traitorous acts and accepting bribes illegally. Later on questioned for immediate interrogation.
  • Once Asta and Yuno showed examples of their incredible powers on stage during the Star Awards Festival, it was his chance to have his people acknowledge the commoners to ensure all of discrimination shall end.
  • He stopped the match between Finral and Langris once the latter tried to kill his brother, only to be stopped by the Black Bulls in time. He also called him out for his behavior.
  • He allowed Zora to participate in the Royal Knights Exam, knowing he is Zara's son but also allowed him to criticize the participants despite Zora's harsh attitude, it was necessary.
  • He tries to reconcile with Zora after explaining to him everything about his father.
  • Protected and save everyone, both the kingdom and outside, from Patolli's attack using his strongest spell attack from his Time Magic. But it resulted into him killed by Patolli as a sacrifice.
  • He tells Yami to continue protecting the kingdom alongside the other captains after his death. But luckily he was revived thanks to the tattoo he had.
  • He saves Asta and Secre from Damnatio Kira's trial against them, ensuring a deal that Asta would prove his innocence.
  • Was horrified when he learned of Lucius Zogratis's plans for Clover Kingdom and tried to stop him.
  • Despite his childish behavior regarding his optimistic admiration for new magic or spells and would often leave his job and duties. There are times he still takes them seriously, also his behavior was played for comic relief.


  • He, alongside Mimosa Vermillion, are the only two Black Clover heroes to be Pure Good.