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Justin the Rat is the deuteragonist of Don Bluth's critically acclaimed 1982 animated feature The Secret of NIMH and a supporting character in its unpermitted sequel The Secret of NIMH 2: Timmy to the Rescue.


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What Makes Him Pure Good?

  • He was introduced as one of the rats of NIMH who wanted to avoid stealing from the farmer for food and to instead move to Thorn Valley and live there, where they wouldn't have to steal from anyone to get food.
  • He helped Mrs. Brisby save her children from the plow.
  • He and the rest of the mice tried to save Nicodemus from being killed by Jenner, albeit unsuccessfully.
  • When Jenner tried to steal Mrs. Brisby's amulet, he came to her aid after being alerted of what was happening by Sullivan.
  • He fought Jenner after he mortally wounded Sullivan when the latter tried to stop him.
  • He helped Mrs. Brisby move her blockhouse in order to save her children from the mud puddle that it was sinking into.
  • After Nicodemus' death at the hands of Jenner, he took his place as the new leader of the rats of NIMH.
  • When he became the rats of NIMH's new leader, he led them all into Thorn Valley, a safer place for them all to live.
  • In the sequel, he becomes Timothy Brisby's mentor and guides him into becoming a hero like his late father.
  • He rightfully scolds Timmy for leaving his post and that he needs to listen.
  • He arrives at NIMH and saves Timmy and Jenny and her parents.


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