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Kami is the overarching protagonist from the Dragon Ball franchise. He was the guardian of the Earth, and together with Mr. Popo lived upon the Lookout. He trained Son Goku as well as his friends later in the series. In the end, he combined with his other half Piccolo, and they were one once again.

He is voiced by the late Takeshi Aono until Dragon Ball Z Kai and Bin Shimada in the Japanese version, and by Christopher Sabat in the English version, specifically the Funimation dub.

What Makes Him Pure Good?

  • Expelled his inner selfish desires in order to become Guardian of Earth. While said desires created his evil counterpart, King Piccolo, he wasn't aware this would happen and grew to hate himself after finding out.
    • Despite having his corrupting factors expelled from his body, Kami is not made of good as it was his choice to expel his selfish desires. Also, given that he shows remorse for his mistakes, he does in fact have a clear moral agency.
  • After King Piccolo's first reign of terror, Kami created the Dragon Balls in order to grant wishes to humanity and give them hope, meaning Kami is responsible for all the innocents revived through Shenron throughout the series, save for the ones revived with the Namekian or Super Dragon Balls.
  • Though he grew apathetic towards mankind after they sought to use the Dragon Balls for their own selfish reasons, he grew out of this after he learned of Goku.
  • Agreed to revive Shenron after King Piccolo killed him, allowing the Z Fighters to revive those killed by King Piccolo (among those killed were Master Roshi, Chiaotzu and Krillin).
  • Trained Goku along with his friend Mr. Popo for 3 years on top the lookout.
  • Offered Goku the position of Guardian of Earth after he defeated Piccolo Jr. at the World Martial Arts Tournament.
  • After Goku was killed by Raditz, he took his soul to meet King Yemma, and convinced the latter to let Goku train with King Kai.
  • Helped assemble the Z Fighters to train on his lookout for the upcoming Saiyan threat.
  • During the anime only Garlic Jr. Saga, Kami dispels the black water mist, saving humanity from being possessed by Garlic Jr. He even stood up to the previous guardians of the Earth and endured torture from them to get the water that he and Mr. Popo needed to do it.
  • Reluctantly agreed to fuse with Piccolo after Cell shows up to threaten Earth. Doing so completed Piccolo's transition from anti-hero to hero. Kami would continue to aid Piccolo through his subconscious for the remainder of the series.
  • Despite Dragon Ball's high admirable standards, Kami stands out due to his fewer resources and low power level.

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