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The future remains uncertain, but I believe it'll all work out. Let's bide our time and carry on!
~ Kanan Matsuura

Kanan Matsuura is one of the nine main characters of Love Live! Sunshine!!. She is a third year in Uranohoshi Girls' High School. Her image color is green. She is the center of AZALEA, a sub-unit under Aqours, and while kind and quiet she is a very passionate sports girl. She is talented in diving and ship handling, likely from being brought up in diving-gear shop. She also loves astronomical observation and swimming. She has incredible stamina as she often goes diving and jogs everyday in the morning, which causes the rest of Aqours to find it difficult to keep up with her. During practice, she leads the training of the group.

What Makes Her Pure Good?

  • She is very selfless, mature, kind, helpful and supportive towards her friends and teammates in becoming School Idols as well as looking after everyone's well-being, practically having the role of a team mom.
  • She puts her friends' needs above herself very often, and is going to great lengths to ensure they can get what she thinks is best for them especially when caring about Mari and Chika's safety, and helping and mentoring Yoshiko with her training.  
  • She does care for their friends' safety as well, especially Mari's and Chika's, and worries a lot about their future and that they will do the right thing for themselves; in fact, her aloof attitude towards Mari at the beginning was just an act, and all out of kindness and selflessness. Kanan indeed didn't want Mari to stop from pursuing her future possibilities, and after the incident where Mari was injured, she disbanded the group, also preventing Mari from getting hurt again.
  • When Mari slaps Kanan for what happened to the first formation of Aqours because of her, she instead offers a hug to reconcile and have a good cry together.
  • She's also especially protective of Chika, who she outright considers as a younger sister of hers, also preventing her to perform the special routine the third years originally devised years ago, as not only is it difficult to pull off, it could risk injuring her or worse.
  • She is also kind and sweet towards animals, as seen when she pets a kitten in the temple.
  • Along with the others, but especially with Dia, she suddenly stops Mari's greedy mother from forcing her daughter into an arranged marriage with a rich young man Mari doesn't know at all.
  • Kanan also takes responsibility of working at her family's shop after her father gets injured, not going to school for a long time because of this.