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Once someone suffered a lot to save many is a test that some are difficult to do. Forgive the cruelest of your enemies. for some it is a difficult challenge. Give your bread to the one who is hungry the most. Protect people and be alive in this world defeat evil. that's my goal
~ Katrine saying her goal and her ordeal that awaits them

Katrine is one of the main protagonists of the series "Seventh War" (along with Deadskullable). She is an archangel who wants to be a hero, but she has to pass numerous tests to show if she is worthy.


She was born in Anaxas the hometown of the protectors of the earth they were known as archagels beings of benevolence who helped and protected all living things in the world in them they were not always war against evil they were also trying to convince them to have peace between them his parents and grandparents were in charge of it, but one day an evil refused to that and surprisingly destroyed almost everything with a power that had never been seen before leaving death and destruction on his way around the world is for that she was sent with her grandparents to a very distant place but they were interceded by the head of all Zombros Engar who tried to assassinate that family but his grandfather prevented him from costing his life so that his wife and granddaughter could escape but Zombros sent her lackeys after them but she managed to escape but the grandmother was mortally wounded and knowing that she had little time left to live she did not want her granddaughter to be left alone until in Her way found an orphanage where he left her and giving her one last kiss he left and died elsewhere leaving his granddaughter in the care of the nuns where her life will have much more importance in the future.

What makes him Pure Good?

  • She risked her life to save the life of a child caught in the battle against Serpentera.
  • She is very nice with others.
  • Unlike many, she does not kill her enemies (only if the situation requires it or there are no options)
  • She is kind to animals and children
  • She helps with nothing in return to several people demonstrating his heroism to the fullest and what a good person she is.
  • She rescued some children who were about to be killed by the Hellkings.
  • I defeat Anna a serious assassin who tried to destroy a continent with a nuclear weapon.
  • She has no corrupt traits as he does not care about fame as he cares about saving people and bringing the world to peace.
  • She doesn't not judge anyone for their appearance demonstrating it with Cade who lost his humanity because of Satan by transforming him into a demon this by freeing himself from his control was in fear and madness for his crimes until it was Katrine who helped him to get rid of madness and overcome fear by gently showing him that there is humanity within him by making cade a redeemed demon for good
  • Save Jack one of the villains who tried to assassinate her during the exploration.
    • In that act he made Jack seek redemption realizing his mistakes leading him to redemption
  • She cares about the people who were victims of Red Horde and healed their injuries and shared his food to give them hope that Proto would improve.
  • She helped Skullslasher overcome his Hatred of the world by making it redeem itself and not be as brutal as before.
  • She faced the entire army of Zombros to give people time to escape from the concentration camps.
  • Although she decided to destroy (kill) Zombros, it is because he is an inredeemable being and impossible to contain since he is a multiversal threat and that the same god said that there are no chains that contain that evil.
  • In the last Battle she used the Flames of creation to restore all the realities and multiverses that Zombros had destroyed, sacrificing her own life to save everyone dying happy to fulfill her dream of being a great hero
  • She avoided being corrupted by darkness and rejected the dealings of demons avoiding temptations.
  • Even "All" The God of the multiverse admires her since in all the worlds she is one of the few pure beings that the corruption of Azathoth could never touch.

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  • For now she is the only heroine that is Pure Good since the other heroes of Deadskullable are Anti-Heroes or have corrupted sides.