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I want to join the Terrene Protectorate! I want to bring peace to everyone, and unite races together! It's always been my dream, to see all these fascinating cultures co-exist in harmony!
~ Katsu’s dream.

Katsu Umino is one of the two deuteragonists and central protagonist of Starbound: The Black Nebula, and a major character in Starbound: Rise of the Stargazers. He is an enthusiastic nerd who is fascinated by other cultures. He later became a graduated protector who seeks to unite the races and protect innocent people, but sadly he couldn't receive his Matter Manipulator in time due to the ruin disaster and destruction of earth. He tries to be a good role model and someone to be safe around, although pushed himself too far, to the point of having anxiety and insecurities over what everyone else thinks of him, until Tori taught him not to care about what everyone else thinks.

His Good Ranking

What makes him Pure Good?

  • He is very kindhearted, selfless and heroic. He is always willing to put someone’s life before his own, even complete strangers.
  • He saved Tori from The Ruin, and tried to save other people.
  • After he graduated, he and Tori began to protect and save innocent people, and offering aid whenever needed, even though he didn't get his matter manipulator until a year later.
  • He fights for peace between all the races.
  • While he does value his reputation, it is only because he wants people to feel safe around him, because he cares about the well-being of other people, and wants to be a role model for people.
  • When Mika started making fun of the destruction of earth and the occasus cult, he stood up against her, and while he did get angry and almost hit her, he calmed himself down and didn’t punch her.
  • He helped stop Tatasia from harming an ex-miniknog who felt remorse for his actions, trying to get her to calm down, and even fighting as a last resort.
  • He agreed to track down Desert, acknowledging he was extremely dangerous.
  • When Desert and some of his gangsters attacked a town, he did his best to help citizens seek shelter.
    • He eventually went face to face with a gangster, while in an innocent families house. He did his best to protect the family, even throwing himself in front of bullets to shield them, risking his life to save the family from the gangster, even defeating the gangster.
  • He felt bad for Ethyl not being able to join the protectorate, so he branded him as protectorate so he could fulfill his dreams.
  • He went to Solunar Nexus III to rescue Tori and her village, at first being willing to die so everyone else lived, until Ethyl came up with a plan where everyone survived.
    • He and Tatasia are responsible for saving Tori from burning to her death.
  • He helped fight against the Floran Extermination Order.
  • He and Tori destroyed three of Mika's superweapon fuel stations, saving three planets in the process.
  • Even after EVERYTHING she did to him and everyone else, he still tried his best to reason with Mika, trying to get her to come to her senses and stop her from destroying her star system.
  • He helped defeat Mika Aikawa after she refused to redeem herself.
  • When Ethyl told him to leave without him, he was very reluctant to do so.
  • He stood up to some Occasus Cultists attacking a restaurant.
  • He helped defend an avian village on Solunar Nexus VI from Ezalco, even trying to talk the Stargazers out of it.
  • When he saw a glitch being arrested by Moonquill’s soldiers, he wanted to help her and was saddened at the fact he couldn’t do anything.
  • He helped raid the temple where the Ancient Kluex Staff was.
  • During the Climax, he, Tori and Azima fought against the Stargazer fleets, stopping them from attacking the avians on that planet.
  • He tried to reason with Ezalco multiple times, despite his horrible actions, advising him that Kluex wouldn’t want him to do those things.
  • He saved Azima from falling to her death.
  • He helped fight against Xochtal Reklaw and helped damage the Ancient Kluex Staff.
  • He lacks any corrupting qualities unlike the rest of the Black Nebula.


  • He is the only Starbound: The Black Nebula character to be Pure Good.

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