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Dr. Kenzo Tenma is the protagonist of Naoki Urasawa's manga and anime series Monster.

Kenzo Tenma is a physician and former vigilante. Born in Japan, he was a physician like his father; however, due to not wanting to be forced to take his father's hospital instead of his brother, he used one of Udo Heinemann's papers as an opportunity to leave to Germany and distance himself from parental favoritism situations.

What Makes Him Pure Good?

  • As a child, he stood up against a teacher that was threatening to hit a fellow student with a coal heater as a punishment for playing with it.
  • He is always humble in regards to his achievements.
  • He has saved many patients with his vast medical knowledge.
  • After the widow of a Turkish patient rebukes him for not being there to save his now-dead husband and realizing Director Udo Heinemann's deliberate attempt to let patients die according to convenience, he rebelled against his boss and saved Johan Liebert, whom Tenma thought was simply an innocent child.
  • He saved Adolf Junkers' life and nearly succeeded in redeeming him before his untimely death, despite the fact that Junkers participated in the murder of multiple innocent foster parents.
  • When Johan revealed himself to Tenma and coldly executed Junkers (who was working for Johan all along) right in front of him, Tenma went out of his way to stop him, and was not swayed by Johan's attempts at corruption.
    • Despite Tenma's rightful anger towards Director Heinemann, he was horrified by his and two other corrupt doctors' poisonings at the hands of Johan, showing that he would never truly wish malice upon anyone—even those who have wronged him.
  • He saved the life of an old woman named Petra, who in turn prevented her son Heinz from arresting him despite being wrongfully accused as a serial killer.
  • During his marksmanship training, he guided his instructor Hugo's daughter to save a bird, and strengthened the bond between her and her father.
  • He saved Nina Fortner.
  • He saved a Turkish district from neo-Nazis.
  • He rescued Dieter from Hartmann, his abusive father who was attempting to use Kinderheim 511's methods on him to create another Johan.
    • He also indirectly got Hartmann arrested.
  • He saved as many people as he could from the fire that Johan started in the Munich University Library.
    • Although he shot Roberto, Johan's right-hand man, in the shoulder during said fire, he did so purely out of self-defense and was burdened with guilt when he thought he had killed him. Tenma could not muster the will to shoot Johan himself during their encounter in the inferno, even as Johan encouraged him to; even Nina shot first (and missed).
  • He and Grimmer saved Miloš, an orphan boy, from committing suicide subsequent to his torment and trauma inflicted by Johan.
  • Despite no longer wishing to associate with Eva Heinemann given their history, he saved her from Roberto.
  • He saved his former teacher Julius Reichwein from Roberto.
  • He attempted to save Martin Reest's life and was saddened when he failed to.
  • He saved Nina Fortner from a suicide attempt induced by Johan's mind breaking.
  • Despite being framed and psychologically tortured by Johan, the titular monster who ruined countless lives (nearly including that of Tenma and his own sister Nina) and whom he had every reason to kill, Tenma never once attacked Johan and instead ultimately saved his life again, in this case foiling his plans, while indirectly exposing his crimes—an act that cemented Tenma as incorruptible, and his equal value of all life as unshakeable. Furthermore, Tenma symbolically stands as the Messiah to Johan's Antichrist; the pure good against the pure evil that is the latter.

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