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Kiki is the titular character and protagonist of the 1989 Studio Ghibli feature film, Kiki's Delivery Service based on the 1985 book of the same name written by Eiko Kadono.

She was voiced by Minami Takayama in the original Japanese version, Kirsten Dunst in the Disney dub and Lisa Michelson in the Streamline dub.


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What Makes Her Pure Good?

  • She's very cheerful, kind and supportive towards her friends and family.
  • She helped out Osono, a kind and heavily pregnant owner of a bakery, by delivering a pacifier that a customer forgot in her shop that she needed to keep her baby calm, then agrees to keep helping her out around the bakery in exchange for accommodation.
  • When Maki asked Kiki to deliver a birthday gift for her nephew Ket, she gladly accepted. Then, later on when she lost the gift on the way there, she had Jiji act as a decoy/stand-in while she went back to look for it in the forest, and when she found it in Ursula's cabin, she agreed to help clean her cabin in exchange for it. She then finally delivered the gift and got Jiji back.
  • After the eventual success of her first delivery, she starts up a delivery service not just because she thinks it's something she'd be good at, but out of an earnest desire to help others. Her dedication to this is later seen when she single-handedly delivers a very heavy parcel that's about half her size for someone.
  • When she goes to Madame and Barsa's house to pick up a pumpkin and herring pie that the former wants to give to her granddaughter for her birthday, Madame informs her that she couldn't bake it due to her oven not working, and she offers to pay her the full amount for the delivery since she blames herself for it. However, Kiki feels like she can't just take her money without actually doing anything for her, so she suggests that they try to make it with the older wood-burning oven instead. Madame and Barsa approve of this and using this method, they're able to successfully bake the pie together while Kiki helps them with other chores around the house.
  • Despite risking being late for a party Tombo invited her to, she dedicatedly delivers the finished pie to Madame's granddaughter in the pouring rain so that she can still give it to her while it's fresh and even takes special care to keep it dry at the expense of getting soaked to the bone.
  • In spite of all the times she messed up while attempting to deliver something, she still never gave up on trying to get better and improve her delivery service.
  • Near the end when Tombo is about to fall from a drifting vessel's mooring lines after a place accident, despite having recently lost her ability to fly, Kiki uses a nearby flying broom and manages to fly again due to her strong will to help someone in need becoming her new inspiration. Despite subsequently having trouble controlling the broom due to being rusty, she manages to save Tombo from falling when he loses his grip. As a result, she is hailed as a hero by the townsfolk and regains the confidence she needed in order to resume running her delivery service.
  • Despite initially not being very friendly towards Tombo, this is only because she didn't trust him due to his overly friendly nature, as well as because he first caught her at a very bad moment when she was feeling very ashamed and embarrassed over getting in trouble for losing control of her broom and nearly causing a traffic accident without meaning to, which was further exacerbated by him making some unintentionally insensitive remarks and asking for personal details about herself in spite of only just meeting her. However, once she gets to know him better, she quickly warms up to him and comes to consider him a friend, to the point she overcomes her inability to fly through her aforementioned drive to save him when he was in trouble.

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