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This article pertains to a Pure Good with more than one version who is Pure Good!
This page is only about his video-game incarnation as the anime incarnation of Kirby from the Kirby: Right Back at Ya! series has a separate page.

~ Kirby's greeting the player
~ Kirby's catchprase

Kirby (カービィ, Kābī in Japan) is the titular main protagonist of the video game series Kirby made by HAL Laboratory and Nintendo.

He is the protector of Planet Popstar who has frequently defended his home from numerous galaxy-threatening enemies, occasionally redeeming them and letting them help him on his adventures. He is best friends with Bandana Waddle Dee, and an apprentice of Meta Knight.

He was created by Masahiro Sakurai and is voiced by Makiko Ohmoto.



Kirby is an anthropomorphic puffball who is pink, has arms that look short, thick and also stiff and has red feet. His weight has been stated to be unknown but he has been stated to be eight inches of height.


Kirby's behavior is good because he is ethical, truthful, respectful, guiltless and is someone who is usually in a very good mood. Kirby really enjoys eating and seems to have a big appetite. He doesn't often speak in the game. He cares very much about Dream Land and the other inhabitant's wellbeing as shown by how often he protects and saves it/them from various threats, both big and small.

What Makes Him Pure Good?

  • He helps out people without a second thought.
  • He never holds a grudge against his foes.
  • He treats all creatures with respect.
  • He holds no grudge against Dedede for attacking him.
  • In Kirby Star Allies, he gains the ability to befriend franchise-long enemies with friend hearts. Based on the frequency that he uses this ability, it's especially evident he would rather befriend, rather than fight them, given the option.
  • He protected Dream Land, and by extension, Planet Popstar, many times from both smaller, local threats, and bigger, extraterrestrial ones, without expecting anything in return from his friends and its other citizens.
  • He has saved the entire universe (possibly the multiverse) at least twice. The first time was in Kirby: Planet Robobot by defeating Star Dream, an ancient wish-making machine that became self-aware and sought to eradicate all organic life forms, and the second was in Kirby Star Allies by defeating Void Termina, a god-like entity that was resurrected by Hyness to destroy all worlds.
  • While at first it may seem that he kills his enemies after inhaling them to get a copy ability, due to the fact his stomach is shown to be an endless pocket dimension and that certain characters who have been inhaled reappear later on, it is obvious that his actions aren't lethal.
  • While he does come off as rather rude in Kirby Avalanche, due to the fact that it is a spin-off game and this is the only time when Kirby speaks in full sentences, this is most likely non-canon. In every other game, Kirby is a kind and gentle soul who simply wants to help people in need and stop those who threaten his home.
  • He has been tricked by both Marx and Magolor into helping them out of the goodness of his heart, after which they betrayed him revealing their plans to take over Popstar. He also assumed that King Dedede had stolen his strawberry short cake in Kirby Squeak Squad, when in reality it was Daroach. However, Kirby immediately tries to stop Marx and Magolor after they pose a threat (eventually redeeming both of them and letting them help him in Kirby Star Allies), and it is understandable that Kirby would believe that King Dedede would steal his food due to the fact that King Dedede had once stolen all of Dream Land's food for him and his Waddle Dees and that Kirby is still just a baby, so it is understandable that someone of his age would make an assumption like that.
  • While he has killed two characters with genuinely sympathetic backgrounds, it was for a good cause since they were threatening the safety of Popstar.
  • Due to his young age and possibly being a reincarnation of Void Termina, it may seem he lacks a moral agency. However, it's clear he knows that what he does is for the greater good and even if he was a reincarnation, he shows enough personality and freewill to prove that he has control over his actions.
  • In Kirby and the Forgotten Land, shortly after arriving in the titular Forgotten Land, he rescues Elfin from being captured by the Beast Pack.
  • He is quick to set off and similarly rescue the Waddle Dees from the Beast Pack and ends up saving hundreds of them from being used as slave labor, which in turn, allows them to rebuild Waddle Dee Town.
  • He saves Elfilin after he gets assimilated by his evil half, Fecto Forgo, to become Fecto Elfilis again, and when Fecto subsequently tries to use a portal to crash Planet Popstar and the Forgotten Land into each other, he defeats them by ramming a semi-trailer truck into them, saving the entire population of both worlds.
  • He helps save Leongar from a fate worse than death by travelling to Forgo Dreams, an alternate dimension where Soul Forgo took his body and shattered his soul into hundreds of pieces to use his body as a vessel, by collecting the pieces of his soul, returning them to him and defeating Soul Forgo when they take over his body to fight him.


  • He, Mario, Link, Yoshi, Fox McCloud, Pikachu (Pokepark Only), Luigi and Ness make up the 8 of the 12 fighters from the original Super Smash Bros. who are considered Pure Good.
  • Kirby (including his series counterpart), Tiff and Meta Knight are the only 4 characters of the Kirby franchise to be Pure Good.
    • He is also the only character to be approved as Pure Good in the game series.
  • Coincidentally, Kirby is similar ability-wise to Shang Tsung from the infamous fighting game series Mortal Kombat, who is Pure Evil.

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