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Hi. Fox, I really appreciate what you did for me. I'm just so sorry we didn't get much of a chance to talk. I'm left with just one more thing to do. And that's to say thank you.
~ Krystal
But... So many casualties... Peppy... Wolf's team... So many noble sacrifices.
~ Krystal's noble speech for those who are perceived to have fallen

Krystal is a beautiful blue vixen from the Star Fox franchise who hailed from Planet Cerinia, which she was forced to escape from when it was destroyed and loses her parents. She came to Sauria and resided there for some time and having caught on a telepathic call for help, Krystal decided to investigate. After joining Star Fox (and by far the first and only canon female member), she serves as the team's main telepath and Fox McCloud's love interest.


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What Makes Her Pure Good?

  • Krystal bravely takes on General Scales head on, even though she didn't stand a chance and wanted to save Sauria from destruction, but was unfortunately confined in a crystal, which left Fox to save her and the planet.
  • She refuses to bow to Andross after having been saved.
  • She joins Star Fox to fight and contribute for a good cause. Her telepathic abilities proved valuable during her many battles.
  • Krystal fears for Fox's safety as well as her team's and when Peppy sacrifices himself (though later revealed to be alive) to break the shields that defend the Aparoid Home world and thinking of the others that had fallen victim, she gives an honorable speech at how noble their selfless acts were and hoped that their actions were not in vain.
  • She resisted the Aparoid Queen's imitations of their lost friends (and one enemy) in order to get them to join her, even though she admitted that it was tough.


  • It should be noted that several events (including all endings) of Star Fox Command are non-canon.
  • Krystal was originally going to appear as the main character alongside Sabre in the cancelled game Dinosaur Planet.

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