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Launchpad Mcquack is one of the major characters of the 2017 DuckTales and the deuteragonist in the upcoming Disney Plus reboot spin-off series Darkwing Duck.

He is voiced by Beck Bennett.

What Makes Him Pure Good?

  • He frequently helped Scrooge and his family on adventures.
  • He helped inspired Fenton to be a hero.
  • He is the only one who never joined in Scrooge's argument with the triplets, Webby, and Beakley, showing that he is usually more calm and less confrontational than them.
  • He convinced Donald Duck and the Duck triplets to make amends with Scrooge McDuck.
  • Helped defeat Magica De Spell by trying to crash the Sun Chaser into the Money Bin, thereby distracting her from the others.
  • He convinced Drake Mallard to become Darkwing Duck for real and fight actual crime both in Saint Canard and occasionally abroad.
  • Helped save the world from General Lunaris by playing a key part in Glomgold's scheme and dismantling the Planetary Engine Lunaris was using to take the planet out of its orbit.
  • He helped save all of reality from the negative effects of the Taurus Bulba's Ramrod by saving Darkwing Duck, teaming up with him to defeat Bulba's team of supervillain, and encouraging Gosalyn by telling her it's what you do when things get tough that make you a hero, which motivated her to have the courage to help them save Scrooge and the triplets from another dimension and ultimately destroy the Ramrod when she couldn't find her grandfather to close the unstable dimensional rift.
  • After gaining super intelligence, he saved Dewey from Steelbeak and sacrificed his gained intellect to save all of Duckburg from being turned dumb (possibly enough so they would have forgotten how to breath) from a more massive Intelli-Ray Steelbeak was using to make everyone that way after suffering repeated insults about his own lack of intellect.
  • Defeated Steelbeak and the other villains he had brainwashed by temporarily using the Gizmoduck armor, then went on to free all of the characters who were captured by F.O.W.L.


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