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Look, I know it won't be easy, but we have your back. See, together we can use your power for good.
~ Leif's famous quote.
Barrel, please trust me. What I do, I do for all of us.
~ Leif tries to justify her actions to Barrel.
My dearest Andrias, this message may never reach you, but I hope it does. I know you must hate me, but please hear me out. After hiding the music box on Earth, I knew I could never return to the kingdom. Change was scary, and it was hard for me to open my heart to others again. But I'm glad I did. We spend our lives afraid of change, but after many years, I realized that the beauty of life is change. And through it all, I had such wonderful memories of you, for even though you, Barrel and I are no longer together, the two of you never really left my side. In the end, my only remaining wish is that somehow, someday, my love reaches you. So I'm begging you, my dearest friend, don't close yourself off. Open your heart, and follow it. With love always, your Leif.
~ Leif's secret message to Andrias.

Leif, later known as Lily Plantar, is one of two overarching protagonists (alongside the Guardian) of the Disney Channel series Amphibia.

She is the founding member of the Plantar family and the former gardener for Newtopia who used to be best friends with King Andrias 1,000 years ago. After she received a nightmarish vision of Amphibia's destruction, she realized the error of invading other worlds and stole the Calamity Box, in hopes the disaster will not happen. However, she never forgot her best friend and wrote a letter which posthumously reached Andrias and helped him break free from his father's control.

She was voiced by Cassandra Lee Morris.

What Makes Her Pure Good?

  • Despite originally supporting the idea of invading other worlds, Leif still valued all life, as she treated imprisoned Moss Men (other dimensional animals) very fairly, and made a dance they actually liked. This was further proven when Leif told Barrel that stealing the box is better for everyone.
    • The dance she created was later used by her descendants, the Plantar family (Sprig, Hop Pop and Polly) to tame the herons that killed Sprig and Polly's parents and terrorized their home, Wartwood Swamp, for years.
  • Although Leif played with the Calamity Box, it was friendly teasing and later expressed some remorse after seeing visions from the stones, even revealing this to Aldrich (who, although agreeing that the visions were real, refused to stop using the Box, and later used it to manipulate Andrias into believing that she's a traitor).
  • She tried to convince King Aldrich and then Andrias to stop using the Calamity Box to invade other worlds, telling the latter that they can use it for good. Once this failed, Leif stole the Box before hiding it on Earth, preventing multiversal hegemony and any destruction it could cause for 1,000 years.
  • Despite abandoning and "betraying" Andrias and Barrel, in truth, Leif deeply cared about them until her death and stole the Box with a huge amount of remorse, feeling nothing but sadness.
    • While this caused Andrias to believe that he allowed Leif to ruin their way of life and ultimately became vile as a result, it was in truth due to Aldrich's manipulations towards Andrias, as he used his son's insecurities to weaken his trust.
  • During her old days, she wrote an apologizing letter to Andrias, telling him that she never forgot him and that he shouldn't close himself off from others. Once Sprig Plantar, her descendant, delivered it to Andrias, it helped him redeem himself and finally stand up to both his father and The Core.
    • As seen in flashbacks, Leif wanted to return to kingdom to make up with Andrias, and it’s even showed that she didn’t allow sadness to corrupt her, accepting her new life and even becoming a good wife and parent.
  • While she only made two appearances, Leif still stands out because of the huge impact she had on the story and for stopping invasions for 1,000 years with lower resources than Anne Boonchuy and the other characters.


  • She and Anne Boonchuy are the only characters from Amphibia to be Pure Good.
    • She is also the only Amphibian and member of Plantar family to count as Pure Good.

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