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Leni L. Loud is one of the main characters (later deuteragonist) of the Nickelodeon TV series The Loud House. At 17 years old, she is the second oldest sibling in the Loud Family (after Lori Loud). Despite being a dimwit, she has shown herself to be a selfless individual throughout the series.

What makes her Pure Good?

  • She forgave Lori for sabotaging her driving test.
  • Despite supposedly killing Lincoln’s tarantula. She was genuinely scared for her life. So, it was more natural for a surprised reaction. So, her attempted murder makes her in no way lethal. Even then. The spider survived.
  • She saved Lincoln's class pet tarantula from being killed by the Exterminator, despite her arachnophobia.
  • She and her sisters were disgusted by Lincoln's selfishness in "Out in a Limo".
  • She risked her life to care for her family when the entire household became infected with a zombie-like flu, despite protests from Lincoln and Lisa.
  • She was a responsible temporary manager and worked herself till she was so tired and missed out on a lot of fun.
  • After impersonating Lori at a Golfing School and got her scholarship revoked, Leni did everything she could to get it back, and in the end, got it back.
  • She and her sisters convinced Lincoln to be himself when he first met a new girl (later revealed to be Stella Zhu).
  • She and her sisters were concerned when Lincoln lost control over Lela the Dragon and then comforted him when he was humiliated by the Loch Loud citizens.
  • She saved Lola and Lana from drowning in quicksand.
  • She, along with her sisters, assisted Lincoln in saving Loch Loud from Morag's tyranny.
  • She and her sisters told Lincoln how special he is by telling him that he takes care of them everyday. As a result, Leni calls him the most special brother ever.
  • She (along with Lucy, Lana and Lily) didn't participate in being mad at Lincoln with the other family members in being mad at Lincoln in "The Taunting Hour".
  • Overall, she lacks the corrupting qualities that many of the other members of the Loud Family have such as bossiness (Lori), arrogance (Lola), mischief (Luan) or aggression (Lynn).


  • She is the first character in the Loud House series to be Pure Good.

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