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Leorio Paladinight is the tritagonist of the Hunter × Hunter manga and anime series.

In the 1999 anime, He is voiced by Hozumi Goda in the Japanese version, and by Jonathan Love in the English version.

In the 2011 anime he is voiced by Keiji Fujiwara in the Japanese version, and by Matthew Mercer in the English version.



When first introduced, Leorio is presented as a selfish, high-strung and greedy man who only wants to become a Hunter in order to obtain a massive amount of wealth. However, it's soon revealed that he only wants to get rich in order to become a doctor and use the money to treat patients, as his childhood friend died due to a curable disease he didn't have the money to pay for. Leorio displays a great sense of loyalty and compassion toward his friends, going out of his way to help them in whatever way he can. Because of this, Leorio can be quick to anger when his friends are attacked or insulted. Despite his quick trigger, Leorio does not hold an inflated sense of pride and is generally mature enough to keep his anger in-check. The only time when he truly allowed his anger to resort to violence was when Ging refused to see his son in the hospital, and Leorio used his Nen ability to punch him, but this was rightfully justified due to Ging's callous disregard of his son's safety and because Ging had actually planned for it in advance.

Power and Abilities

Though his abilities generally pale in comparison to his friends, Leorio has demonstrated impressive combat capabilities. He was able to make it through the multiple tests of the Hunter Exam, and was deemed worthy enough by Hisoka to remain alive and be given the chance to "mature". After training at Kukaroo Mountain, Leorio was able to push the 8-ton gate, whereas Gon and Kurapika were only able to push the 4-ton gate, showing his superior physical strength. Like other Hunter Exam graduates, Leorio eventually learned Nen and became proficient enough with it to develop his own Nen ability.

What Makes Him Pure Good?

  • In the past, he deeply felt remorse for not saving his friend from an illness that was curable.
  • Unlike everyone who wants to become a hunter, he wants to become a doctor in order to help people afflicted with the same illness and spare them the same pain.
  • Uses his money to not only fund his medical school fees but also to pay for the medicine and other miscellaneous expenditures when treating those who can not afford it.
  • On his way to the hunter exam, he and Kurapika saved Gon from falling off the boat by the storm.
  • He is shown to care for his friends willing to help them at the Hunter exam.
  • While he did nearly attack the old lady in the exam, when Kurapika explained that staying silent was the right answer, he bows his head, apologizing for being rude and trying to attack her.
  • When he's about to collapse from exhaustion during the 80 kilometer run, he refuses to give up on his dream and keeps running.
  • When he, Gon, and Kurapika all split up when they encounter Hisoka, Leorio decides to return and fight despite having seen Hisoka's power, impressing Hisoka enough to spare his life.
  • He attempts to stop Hanzo from continuing his brutal onslaught against Gon.
  • He, alongside Kurapika, Hanzo, and some examiners blocks Illumi when he wants to go murder Gon.
  • After Killua kills Bodoro and is disqualified, he and Kurapika request that the Hunter Association examine the nature of the murder of Bodoro to get Killua's punishment removed.
  • After the Hunter Exam is finished, he decides to go with Gon and Kurapika to Kukuroo Mountain to rescue Killua from the control of his family.
  • Helps his friends open the testing gate from the Zoldycks family by training for three weeks to increase his strength.
  • After telling Leorio everything about the Greed Island game, he helps both Gon and Killua earn money by staging an arm wrestling contest and whoever wins gets a diamond worth 3 million jenny.
  • After finding the targets in a square and paying the informants via telephone, Leorio starts to keep them under surveillance with Gon and Killua.
  • Gon, Killua and Leorio offer Kurapika their assistance to help capture Chrollo, the leader of the Phantom Troupe.
  • He and Melody watch over Kurapika when he lays sick in bed out of concern, then sees both of them off at the airport.
  • In the election, he asks to talk to Ging and angrily questions him on his indifference to Gon's critical condition.
  • When Ging answers that he doesn’t need to worry about or check on Gon because Gon has a number of good friends like Leorio, this infuriates him, causing him to punch Ging for abandoning his son.
  • His reason for becoming Chairman is only to help Gon recover from his injuries and despite feeling powerless, wants to help gon recover no matter what.
  • When seeing Gon recover and in the election, he runs to him crying and hugging him in relief.
  • He apologizes to Gon for not being there to help him when he needed it despite Gon saying he had no reason to apologize.
  • He supports Kurapika and the medical team in the Dark Continent and he is glad he is given the opportunity to join the expedition, stating he will do his best leading him to be assigned to the Science Team.
  • He helps the science team starts by working in a medical care facility alongside Cheadle and Gel.
  • As Melody claims, he considered to have "the nicest heartbeat in the city", stating that "it's warm and gentle" and that he would make for a better doctor than a Hunter.
  • Leorio lacks most of the corrupting qualities that many of the other characters in the series possess, and while he is quick to temper, this is generally only when his friends are injured or insulted, and he manages to keep his temper under control for the most part.


  • He and Komugi are the only Hunter x Hunter characters to be Pure Good.

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