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I’m not just the leader of my world’s Justice League, I’m it’s only surviving member.
~ Lex Luthor explaining his tragic backstory to the Justice League

Lex Luthor is the deuteragonist of Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths. He is a heroic alternate reality version of Lex Luthor who travels to the main universe to recruit the Justice League to stop their evil counterparts the Crime Syndicate and save the world and multiverse. He is the best friend of the late Jester and the archenemy of Crime Syndicate leader Ultraman.

What Makes Him Pure Good?

  • Formed and led his universe’s Justice League for years, protecting his world from numerous threats.
  • Broke into the Crime Syndicate headquarters and stole the Quantum trigger from them to stop them from using it to detonate the QED to destroy Earth.
  • Tried to convince the Jester not to sacrifice himself as he believed they could both make it.
  • Traveled to the main Earth to convince and recruit the Justice League to help him.
  • Hid the quantum trigger on the Watchtower since it couldn't be destroyed in case to protect it from the Crime Syndicate.
  • Defeated the evil version of Gypsy during the battle between the JL and CS.
  • Saved Superman from Uncle Super with the help of Wonder Woman and formed a plan to rescue the others.
  • Took the Justice League to the Jester and presumably his old JL hideout to regroup and plan their next attack on the Justice League as the last safe place on Earth from the CS.
  • Defeated Ultraman to show his Earth’s people that they can stand up to the Crime Syndicate. He handed Ultraman and Jimmy Olsen to the police.
  • Revealed to the Justice League that he hid the quantum trigger in the Watchtower because it couldn't be destroyed and it was the detonator for the QED that would destroy his world (and even the entire multiverse).
  • Hacked into the QED base on the Moon so he and the Justice League could face the Crime Syndicate for the final time.
  • Came up with a plan to allow either Flash or Johnny Quick (the latter chose to do it) to vibrate fast enough to open a portal to Earth-Prime so Batman could go in and stop Owlman from destroying the multiverse.
  • Stopped Flash from going into the portal as without the portal device Batman had, the portal would tear him apart.
  • Got disgusted by Ultraman’s lack of care for the death of his own comrade Johnny Quick.
  • Came along with the President to thank the Justice League for helping save their world.
  • Although he is very serious, he is taken lightly to never darken the story.


  • Him, alongside the Injustice version of Lex Luthor are the only 2 incarnations of Lex Luthor to be Pure Good.
    • Even more ironic, they are only 2 versions of Lex Luthor to be a hero.

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