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Lillie is the supporting character in the Pokémon franchise and debuts in Pokémon Sun and Moon. She is the supporting ally to the player as a traveling companion along the way and carries a Cosmog, nicknamed Nebby, around in her bag and protects it. In the anime series, she is one of Ash's classmates at the Pokémon School in Alola.


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What Makes Her Pure Good?

  • One of her major factors involved character development: At first she dislikes Pokémon battles since Pokémon get hurt in them, but after seeing her mother Lusamine use Nebby to open the Ultra Wormhole, that reduced from Pokémon battles to outright cruelty towards Pokémon. She was also started off as withdrawn and a bit cold but after traveling with the player, she eventually warms up to them.
  • She frequently heals the player's Pokémon when needed, which lessens the need for the player to use their own healing items or going to the Pokemon Center.
  • While she stole Nebby from Aether Paradise, she did so to prevent the organization and Lusamine from opening the Ultra Wormholes containing dangerous Ultra Beasts that could put people in serious danger.
  • Even when Lusamine was abusive and neglectful towards her and Gladion, she still acknowledges her as her mother and went as far as to travel to Ultra Deep Sea to bring her home. She even stands up to her when she knew that Lusamine could not be reasoned with. After Lusamine was freed from her fusion with Nihilego, she worries about her condition and brings her to Kanto for further treatment and become a Pokémon Trainer herself.


  • She, May, Dawn and Serena are the only characters throughout the Pokémon anime to be Pure Good. She and Serena are also considered the nicest and least temperamental of the four.

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