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I used to be nothing but trouble but then I met you guys. You took me in, you showed me the importance of being brave, the importance of being strong, and most importantly, being good.
~ Lloyd's speech to the ninja in the Season 2 finale.
Ninja never quit.
~ Lloyd's most famous quote.

Lloyd Garmadon, also known as the Green Ninja, is the main protagonist of the Ninjago franchise. He is the young son of Misako and the evil Lord Garmadon along with the nephew of Master Wu. Originally introduced as the opening villain of the first season, he would quickly redeem himself and be revealed to be the chosen Green Ninja destined to defeat the embodiment of evil called the Overlord to save Ninjago, maturing into the wisest ninja and leader of the team despite being the youngest. He is the archenemy of the Overlord.

What Makes Him Pure Good?

Season 1

  • He redeemed himself after realizing the consequences of his actions, apologizing to Sensei Wu for releasing the Serpentine and still feeling immense remorse for it long after.
  • He washed Zane’s suit 20 times to get it back to white as an apology for turning it pink even though he only did that under Wu’s orders to teach the ninja a lesson about rumors and accusing others without evidence.
  • He offered to go with the ninja to help them stop the Serpentine that were terrorizing an amusement park and continue to make up for his past before reluctantly agreeing to stay when Wu told him it was too dangerous.
  • He offered to help Kai track down the mysterious Samurai X, but once Kai refused, he infiltrated a Serpentine convoy to find the Lost City Pythor discovered and the Serpentine were gathering at, witnessing that Pythorv was able to unite the Serpentine tribes.
  • He was disgusted that Pythor used the sacred flute against the other tribe leaders to essentially cheat and win the duel to get their and the whole Serpentine’s allegiance to start their quest to get the four fang blades to awaken the Great Devourer.
  • After being rescued from the Fire Temple by the ninja, he was the only one who tried to go back for Kai which made him fall and even after Kai rescued him over getting the fang blade that sinking into the lava, he felt remorse and tried to get Kai to go back for the fang blade before realizing it was too late.
  • He reunited with his father who had come back to rescue him and after learning he was the legendary Green ninja destined to defeat the Dark Lord (presumably) Garmadon, he looked at his father with remorse and hugged him as he didn’t want to fight his father.
  • He came up with the plan to take back the three other Fang Blades from the Serpentine base instead of looking for the last one where the Serpentine were headed too as well.
  • He called out his father for trying to steal the ninja files while they were out risking their lives to save him and all Ninjago.
  • Although he was angry at Garmadon for betraying the ninja and abandoning him to grow up all alone along with telling him to leave, he felt remorse and he tried convince Garmadon to stay when he was actually going to leave after helping him rescue the ninja, reluctantly promising his dad that he would defeat him when the time came and trying to get a glider for his dad’s journey before sorrowfully bidding him farewell after Garmadon already left. He then raised a glass in his dad’s honor during the heroes celebration
  • He saved the ninja, Wu, and Nya’s lives from Pythor.
  • He set up his own training course to train to become the Green ninja and freed himself when Pythor tied him up and warned everyone that Pythor stowed away on the ship.
  • He confronted Pythor with Nya and offered to come with ninja to stop Pythor when he escaped with the fang blades before agreeing to stay behind and pilot the Bounty since he was too important to risk in battle.
  • He picked up the ninja and Nya after they got separated from Wu and Pythor and took them to the Lost City of Ouroboros to stop Pythor from reawakening the Great Devourer once and for all.
  • He cheered on his dad when Garmadon came back and used the golden weapons the ninja (temporarily) gave him to kill the Great Devourer and save Ninjago. However, once Garmadon left with the golden weapons, he remorsefully acknowledged that he would have to fight his father one day for the ultimate battle between good and evil.

Season 2

  • He began his training with the other heroes in order to become not just any ninja, but the legendary Green ninja he was destined to be.
  • He unlocked the power of the scythe of Quakes to crack not just the board, but the table and the room thanks to his training by the ninja, discovering that he was the most powerful ninja because he could harness all the elemental powers even without the golden weapons.
  • He saved Darreth from falling to his death, helped the ninja against Captain Soto and his pirates, and refused to give up when Garmadon told him to, resolving to keep training with the ninja to control his power and defeat his father in the destined battle between light and dark.
  • His redemption inspired his old school, the Darkley School of Bad Boys to turn good and rebrand into the Darkley School of Great Children.
  • He redeemed all his former classmates by showing that they all had a good side and convinced them to release him and help him save the ninja from Garmadon’s evil clones.
  • He saved the ninja from their evil clones by making ninja costumes for all his friends so they could all distract the evil clones from the real ninja and allow them to be defeated.
  • He saved the ninja from Garmadon and the Serpentine during the Ninjaball Run race and convinced them that they should work together to get the grand prize and save Darreth’s dojo, getting the ninja back on time before getting knocked out of the race himself by the skeletons.
  • He took back the Bounty from Garmadon and forced Garmadon to retreat.
  • He eventually trained to the point of being able to take out the other ninja and pointed out that it wasn’t fair that he couldn’t be a normal child and play because he spent all his time training with the ninja while the ninja also denied him the chance to help them take down villains.
  • He got info about the Grundal to help the ninja after the ninja got accidentally turned into little kids by Garmadon when Garmadon revived the Grundal by turning back the hands of time with the golden staff.
  • He sacrificed his childhood to defeat the Grundal and save the ninja, using tomorrow’s tea which aged the ninja back into teenagers and kill the Grundal which aged himself into a teenager/young adult in the process and assured Master Wu and the ninja that he is ready for his destiny which now grew ever near.
  • He confronted his father with the other ninja and Wu when he was gathering the Serpentine for a final battle.
  • He helped protect the museum when serpentine venom caused the merchandise to become alive and turn evil and defeated the nuisance, notably being the only ninja who didn’t use Spinjitzu as it ended up destroying museum property as collateral when the others used it.
  • Although he was briefly and understandably angry at his mom Misako for abandoning him when he was born, he quickly forgave her once she explained she only did to find a way to save him and Garmadon by trying to prevent their destined battle and the existence of the ancient evil called the Overlord (which was the actual dark lord the prophecy said Lloyd would face not Garmadon) that existed since the creation of Ninjago and was reemerging after being exiled long ago.
  • He defeated the revived Stone Warrior to save the museum and the other heroes. He then hugged his mom and convinced her to come with them to help stop Garmadon and save Ninjago.
  • He helped evacuate Ninjago City and save people from the Stone Army.
  • He left behind the Ultra Dragon to protect the people of Ninjago City while he and the other heroes set sail on the Bounty for the Dark Island to find a way to defeat the Stone Army.
  • He saved Sensei Wu and Misako from Stone Army forces after they arrived on the Dark Island.
  • He found the Temple of Light and activated the process to restore the ninja’s elemental powers and give himself the power of the Golden Dragon to go face Garmadon.
  • He defeated General Kozu and the Stone Army, forcing them to retreat.
  • He saved the ninja, Wu, and Misako from Garmadon but even when the others urged him to finish off Garmadon to prevent the final battle, he couldn’t do it and spared Garmadon’s life.
  • He tried to reason with Garmadon, pleading with him to do what is right and not fire his weapon to corrupt Ninjago, telling Garmadon he didn’t want to fight him but he would if he had to.
  • He tried to save Garmadon when the Overlord betrayed and possessed him after tricking Garmadon into freeing him.
  • He inspired all the heroes not to give up when it looked like Overlord won as they were stranded on the Dark Island while the Overlord was attacking Ninjago, telling everyone not to give up and think that Overlord won and providing the lesson when Sensei Wu didn’t have one, that he used to be nothing but trouble until the ninja took him in and redeemed him, helping mature into the person he is now by showing him the importance of heroism and telling everyone they can't quit.
  • He activated the mech of the First Spinjitzu Master and along with the others who were in the ultra dragon, left the Dark Island and arrived in Ninjago to face the Overlord once and for all.
  • He tried to convince the ninja that they could make it together but reluctantly accepted when they stayed behind to buy him time to get to the Overlord and face him.
  • He defeated the Overlord and saved Ninjago, fulfilling the Green Ninja prophecy and redeeming his father who had been purged of the Great Devourer venom and became good once again.

Season 3

  • He came back to save the ninja and Wu from the Overlord’s (who survived) robot forces and wanted to go back for Wu when he stay behind to buy time for the ninja to escape New Ninjago City but reluctantly agreed with Kai that they would eventually go back for Wu but they had to get him out of the city as the Overlord wanted his powers which only strengthened his robot army.
  • He led the ninja to his father’s academy so they could hide from the Overlord and took them to meet Sensei Garmadon.
  • He volunteered to be part of his father’s lesson and while he briefly got angry and nearly lost his cool when Garmadon humiliated him by exploiting his imbalance, he calmed down and apologized to his father for getting angry.
  • He saved Zane from the Nindroids and carried him to safety.
  • He came with the plan to split up with the ninja taking the Techno blades and him and his dad going as far away from the Overlord as possible to make it as difficult as possible for the Overlord to find and defeat them.
  • He complimented Nya for her secret Samurai X cave and got the car she wanted them to find so he and his dad could go as far away as possible from the Overlord.
  • Although he got a little arrogant about being the Golden Ninja, he realized with the help of his father that he had to stop solely relying on his golden powers and instead find balance, obeying his father to not use his golden powers while they were climbing up the mountain even though he could have to get on top easily.
  • He saved a baby Raventure from falling to his death and escaped from the Raventure’s mother when she attacked him.
  • He saved his father from falling to his death by finding balance instead of using his golden power and using it to literally move a mountain to support his dad.
  • He used his newfound inner balance to create a staircase so he and his dad could go down the other side of the mountain and enter Hiroshi’s Labyrinth so the Overlord couldn’t find them.
  • He reluctantly acknowledged to his father that he would have to prepare to handle being a hero alone, but he went back to save his father from the Overlord when the Overlord found them, remorsefully saying that he couldn’t do this alone and apologizing to his dad when he was captured and thought he failed them even though his father said it wasn’t his fault and pleaded with the Overlord not to throw his father overboard.
  • He realized he wasn’t alone as he would always have the support of his friends and escaped the Overlord’s collapsing ship after the Overlord was seemingly destroyed/rebooted by Zane, heading to a remote village so the other heroes could pick him up.
  • He sacrificed all his golden power to restore the elemental powers of the other ninja as he realized he couldn’t do this alone as he had his friends to support him and share the responsibility with.
  • He helped search for Pythor and the Nindroid forces by using his bike to check the Toxic Bogs and Glacier Barrens unfortunately to no avail.
  • He infiltrated Pythor/Overlord’s base for Project Arcturus and tried to shut the rocket down but once Project Arcturus was going to launch, he convinced the ninja to come with him aboard the rocket so they could prevent the Overlord from getting the golden weapons and becoming the infamous and powerful Golden Master.
  • He told the ninja that they had to take control of the ship and led the ninja back to the rocket once General Cryptor and the Nindroids crashed and abandoned it.
  • He led the ninja in tracking down the Nindroids footprints on a land rover he found.
  • He figured out Wu’s cryptic words of advice meant for the ninja to stay positive and use their surroundings to their advantage, using the parasitic extraterrestrial beetles to sabotage the Nindroids and led the ninja in following and defeating them.
  • He refused to give up hope when the ninja were seemingly stranded in space by building a DIY rocket and convincing the ninja to help him make it so they could successfully get home
  • He led the heroes into New Ninjago City to get to the Temple of Fortitude to get Cyrus Borg’s pill to defeat the Overlord/Golden Master. Once Nya got knocked out, he sent himself and the ninja to pick up Nya while everyone else went to the temple.
  • He confronted the Golden Master with the other ninja and honored Zane at his memorial after he sacrificed himself to kill the Overlord once and for all and save Ninjago.

Season 4

  • He was the only one of the ninja to still remain a hero and not quit after Zane’s death and participated in Sensei Wu’s training even though Wu called for all the ninja to attend.
  • He went to convince the ninja to come back and not let Zane’s loss tear them apart.
  • He told Kai that it was dishonorable to fight in underground fight clubs for entertainment and sport, showing how he views fighting as a last resort and not something to be enjoyed.
  • He reunited the ninja team back together and discovered the message from Chen that Zane was still alive and that they had to compete in Chen’s Tournament of Elements to get him back, going with the other ninja and Garmadon on Chen’s ferry to his island and meeting the other Elemental Masters.
  • He tried to stop Kai and the Elemental Master of Metal Karloff from getting into a fight, trying to stop Kai from mocking Karloff’s intelligence and telling Karloff that he would be wise not to start a fight he can’t finish.
  • He called out the other ninja for spying on Skyler in her room as it was an invasion of her privacy even if she was competition.
  • He infiltrated Chen’s secret underground base with the other ninja and discovered the Tournament of Elements was a fraud Chen was using to steal the powers of the Elemental Masters.
  • He agreed with his father and told Jay and Cole to reconcile as they shouldn’t be fighting each other.
  • He was the only one to encourage Kai that he could get the Jade blade during his fight with the Master of Smoke, Ash.
  • He convinced the Master of Mind Neuro to help them and use his power to look into Chen’s mind to find where Zane was imprisoned, revealing to Neuro the true purpose of the Tournament of Elements and how it was in his and all the Elemental Masters best interests to find Zane and stop Chen.
  • He encouraged Cole to reconcile with Jay before their fight in the Tournament of Elements, telling him that while we don’t have control of when we fight, we do have control of how we fight.
  • He told Kai and Jay they had to stick together regardless of how it affected the other contestants' view of them in the Tournament of Elements.
  • He apologized to his opponents for Jay pushing them away to make room for him even though it was necessary to win the Thunderblade round (where only two people compete but the rest have a chance to help/hurt one of them).
  • He helped convince all the Elemental Masters to unite against Chen, telling them it is never too late to do the right thing.
  • He tried to reason with his opponent Camille, telling her they didn’t have to fight and they could all win united, offering her his hand so they could win together (unfortunately she didn’t return the favor).
  • He ordered the rest of the ninja that they had to find Nya before the other Elemental Masters did when the semi-final round was hunting her down.
  • He gave up the last parachute to his father to save him while he was able to control his fear and create his energy dragon to stop him from falling to his death.
  • He had his father tell him about his past with Chen and didn’t get angry when his father revealed he stole Wu’s love letter to Misako to pass it off as his own and win her love, convincing Garmadon to tell the truth to Wu and Misako once they got back to Ninjago and not let fear control him.
  • He learned from Nya that he was the last Elemental Master left after Chen stole everyone’s powers and they were imprisoned. He also learned with the help of his father that Clouse’s spell was a transformation spell revealing that Chen planned to turn him and his followers into Anacondrai and restart the Serpentine War.
  • He confronted Master Chen and told him how real power isn’t about stealing for yourself but empowering those around you.
  • He stopped Kai from being corrupted by Chen’s staff to allow him to destroy it, defeating Chen and rounding up most of his followers.
  • He happily reunited with Zane.
  • Once the heroes learned Chen planned on using his redeemed daughter (who had the power to absorb and use all the elements) to complete the spell, he went out looking for Skylor with the rest of the ninja.
  • He fought off Chen’s forces with the other Elemental Masters once Chen successfully completed the spell to turn him and his forces into Anacondrai.
  • He led a retreat back into the palace but led all the Elemental Masters back to Ninjago once they unlocked their own power dragons to stop Chen once and for all.
  • He helped enlist the aid of Pythor and rescued him from prison when Chen’s forces attacked to get him as he was the only thing that could make the Transformation spell permanent as the last true Anacondrai.
  • He made Wu, Garmadon, and Pythor realize that Chen was the one who had played both humanity and the Serpentine to start the First Serpentine War and was the true villain of that conflict all along.
  • He ordered all the Elemental Masters to split up to stop each of Chen’s transports when they went in different directions to attack the 12 villages close to Ninjago City.
  • He saved a kid from one of Chen’s trucks and apologized to the kid when his soccer ball got deflated in the process.
  • He met up with Neuro once it was revealed Chen’s trucks were a trap to lure the ninja away from the cities and had him send a psychic message to all the Elemental Masters to meet up back at the base.
  • He comforted his father when he learned that Wu found out about the love letter and was angry.
  • He gave a speech inspiring the Elemental Masters not to lose hope when it looked like Chen was willing, telling them when he and the other ninja lost Zane, they nearly let it tear them up but instead used it to fuel them to keep fighting.
  • He rallied humanity and the Serpentine together with the other ninja to make a final stand against Chen’s forces at the Corridor of Elders.
  • He led all the heroes, humans, and Serpentine in the final battle against Chen, reminding them to fight as one and marking a line to not let Chen’s forces through before telling them to fight once Chen’s forces attacked.
  • He got Pythor to safety aboard the Bounty when Pythor found a way to save Ninjago.
  • Although he briefly got angry when his father planned on sacrificing himself in order to bring back the spirits of the Anacondrai generals and left to battle the Anacondrai, it was very understandable as he didn’t want to lose his father again for good this time and he tried to defeat the Anacondrai so his father wouldn’t have to sacrifice himself. However, he quickly let go of his anger and realized his father sacrificing himself was the only way to stop Chen and save Ninjago, going back and reconciling with his father and helping him complete his sacrifice by reluctantly reading the rest of the spell, mourning his father right after his sacrifice.
  • He bowed in respect to the spirits of the Anacondrai generals when they thanked him and his father for defeating Chen and freeing their spirits along with finally uniting humanity and the Serpentine as one.
  • He gave the eulogy at Garmadon’s memorial, honoring his father and saying how Garmadon made him the person he is today and saying goodbye to the legendary man.

Season 5

  • He caught the mutant fangfish to stop it from terrorizing villages.
  • He told Kai that it wasn’t that he was a great leader but the ninja were a great team.
  • He happily agreed to help Sensei Wu pass out flyers to his tea shop without using elemental powers, stating it would be their (the ninja’s) honor to do it.
  • He went to the museum when they asked for him and thanked Cole for taking his workload of flyers so he could go, saying he owed Cole one.
  • He tried to reason with Morro, who possessed a night watchman, offering to discuss Morro’s jealousy of him without violence.
  • He temporarily broke free of Morro’s possession to indicate to Kai he was still in there.
  • He was able to learn Airjitzu subconsciously despite being possessed by Morro.
  • He temporarily broke free of Morro’s possession again to give Kai the Sword of Sanctuary to prevent Morro from locating the Tomb of the First Spinjitzu Master and getting the Realm Crystal to free the Preeminent.
  • He was disgusted that Morro possessed Ronin even though Ronin betrayed the ninja to lead the ninja to a trap, telling Morro that he couldn’t be the Green Ninja because the Green Ninja wouldn’t need to lie.
  • He repeatedly apologized to the ninja for not being able to stop Morro even though it wasn’t his fault and thanked the ninja for sacrificing so much to save him.
  • He reminded the ninja, especially Nya, who had unlocked her power to become the Water ninja, that their greatest power against Morro wasn’t their weapons but the united team they had.
  • He saved Nya from ghosts and confronted Morro.
  • He told Morro when Morro had (faked) remorse  that he had to destroy the Realm Crystal to save Ninjago and all the realms especially since the First Spinjitzu Master never wanted them to have it.
  • He reunited with his father after he had been sucked into the Cursed Realm and tried to break Garmadon out of his chains before reluctantly accepting on Garmadon’s insistence that he couldn’t and he had to go back to Ninjago and destroy the Preeminent to save all the realms even if Garmadon would die in the process.
  • He got the Sword of Sanctuary from Morro and confronted him, telling Ronin to protect the ship and the people and ordering the ninja to take out the stilts to drop the Preeminent into the sea to kill her while he handled Morro.
  • He battled Morro for the Realm Crystal across different realms before realizing through the Sword of Sanctuary that it was Nya’s destiny to defeat Morro and the Preeminent and not his and that Morro had to return to Ninjago alone.
  • He hugged his mom after Wu brought him back with the Realm Crystal as well as congratulated everyone following the defeat of Morro and the Preeminent, revealing to them how he saw through the Sword of Sanctuary Nya’s destiny and accepted it, telling them just because he was the Green ninja doesn’t mean he had to save the day when he has friends to rely on as well. He told them that while the Cursed Realm and his father were gone, knowing they were all in a better place and that the future was bright for all of them and Ninjago.

Season 6 and Day of the Departed

  • He defended Nya to Darreth, telling Darreth not to leave Nya out of his movies with the ninja just because she was a girl as she was one of them and an equal, pointing out every single ninja was no more important than the other.
  • He reminded the ninja that they take orders from Sensei Wu not Darreth and that heroism takes priority over publicity and attention before leading them to track down Clouse at Stiix,
  • He made a stop with the rest of the ninja at Ninjago City to sign the casts of a kid named Grant Nelson who broke both his legs and he dubbed Grant Nelson honorary ninja for the day and thanked him when Nelson helped the ninja escape from crazy fans.
  • He formed a successful plan to escape Stiix when the ninja were framed as criminals, convincing everyone to split up and meet back at the old monastery.
  • He ordered the ninja to go in pairs to help find out info about this mysterious djinn who framed them and kidnapped Sensei Wu at the library, going with Zane to the library to see what else they could find.
  • He tried to reason with Ronin when he shut down Zane and attacked him to capture them for the bounty the City placed on the ninja.
  • He was the only ninja polite to the Warden even though the Warden was a jerk and they were framed.
  • He confronted the Mechanic and protected Zane from him.
  • He was polite and tried to strike up a conversation with some prisoners when he sat at their table (although they just left and hated him).
  • He freed the ninja and Captain Soto (who was the only one who knew how to defeat Nadakhan, who he revealed to be the djinn that kidnapped Wu and Misako) from prison and learned how to defeat Nadakhan from Soto.
  • He reminded the ninja that they protected the innocent even if they were currently fugitives when Nadakhan attacked Ninjago City and led the ninja in getting the lantern containing the map to the poisonous spider that was key to defeating him.
  • He convinced the Police Commissioner once confronted by him that they were innocent and told him to pull the trigger of his taser if he thought otherwise.
  • He took the boat of Jay’s late father to lead the ninja to the island containing the Tiger Widow so they could get its venom to defeat Nadakhan.
  • He was the only one who wasn’t a jerk to Jay after Cole revealed Jay had already seen Nadakhan and made two wishes from and was lying to the group the whole time.
  • He assured Jay and Nya that they would rescue a captive Jay and infiltrated Nadakhan’s man-made floating island of Djinjago with them.
  • He freed Nya, Jay, and Cole from their bonds and recognizing that Jay and Nya were the key to Nadakhan’s defeat, saved them and bought enough time for them to escape from Nadakhan.
  • Once Jay freed them all, he pointed out to the other heroes that if they defeat Nadakhan, his power will diminish and Djinjago will fall onto Ninjago, motivating Wu and the others to go back to Ninjago while the ninja go stop Nadakhan and save Nya.
  • On the Day of the Departed, he honored his father with his mother and fought a once again evil Pythor when he attacked them and gave Pythor a chance to surrender when Pythor was cornered and was horrified when Pythor (seemingly) committed suicide.
  • He prepared to fight Morro with the rest of the ninja when Morro seemingly appeared to attack them only to stand down when he realized from Wu that Morro was here to help.
  • He went with the rest of the ninja to help Cole and hugged Cole when he redeemed Yang and closed the rift, pointing out how Cole wasn’t a ghost anymore.

Season 7

  • He reminded Jay when Jay complained about them cleaning the museum that they all were kind of responsible for the damage due to the battle they had on the Day of the Departed so they should help clean it up.
  • He led the ninja to the old monastery where the massive temporal energy wave occurred, realizing Wu had a fight there and told Jay not to rush in to confront Acronix before going in with the rest of the ninja to save him.
  • He ordered the ninja to spread out to find Wu and disturbed when it seemed Acronix was killed.
  • He led the ninja to stop the Vermillion Warriors when they attacked Cyrus Borg’s ceremony and had Zane get Borg out.
  • He stayed back to watch over a sick Master Wu while the rest of the team either worked to repair Zane or find out info about Acronix and Krux.
  • He informed the ninja of Wu’s condition and (correctly) suspected Wu was more hurt than he let on, becoming leader until Wu recovered and ordering the ninja to come up with a real plan and not just “go kick some butt”.
  • He blamed himself for when the ninja didn’t take him seriously before realizing with the help of his mom not be afraid of making mistakes as everyone does but instead learn from them, going to apologize to the ninja with them apologizing to him as well and defeating the Vermillion warriors by using a magnet to strip them of their metal armor.
  • He had Zane and Cole save a roller coaster of people and led the ninja in fighting the Vermillion Warriors at the amusement before ordering them to head out to track down the next Time Blade before the Vermillion Warriors got it first.
  • He got the Time Blade to stop the ninja from goofing around and taunting the Vermillion Warriors before having them escape.
  • He led the defense of the monastery and took out Acronix and Krux catapults of Vermillion Warriors and was the only person to thank the mysterious Samurai X for saving his life even if they stole Nya’s suit.
  • He came up with the plan to locate Acronix and Krux’s base while going to the museum and infiltrating Acronix and Krux’s secret base with Jay and Cole.
  • He thanked and hugged his mom for creating the Destiny’s Shadow ship as a birthday present for him and piloted it throughout Acronix and Krux’s secret base to find them and rescue Master Wu.
  • He stopped Cole and Jay from beating up Scales and his son.
  • He convinced Scales to give them the map to find where Acronix and Krux were growing an army of Vermillion Warriors and thanked Scales for his help.
  • He formed the plan to have Nya and Kai find Acronix and Krux, him and Zane rescue Wu and Borg, and Jay and Cole rescue the workers Acronix and Krux kidnapped.
  • He saved an unconscious Wu from falling to his death but returned to help Jay and Cole fight off Vermillion Warriors after Acronix and Krux recaptured Wu and left with a hostage Kai, Nya, and their parents.
  • He ordered the rest of the ninja to regroup at the temple but agreed with Zane that they should rescue Cyrus Borg instead and infiltrated the Dome to rescue Borg and shut down the Iron Doom time travel machine Acronix and Krux forced him to create, fighting the Vermillion warriors to buy Borg and Zane enough time to enter the code but rescuing them when they failed.
  • He accepted the ninja’s request to become master/leader after Wu was lost in time, ordering the Reversal blade to be destroyed and for everyone to not rest until they find Wu.

Season 8

  • He single handedly defeated a group of Son of Garmadon raiders, saving one from falling to his death, and tried to stop the last one from getting away with one of the Masks of Oni to no avail.
  • He reunited the team at Borg Tower, informing them about the Sons of Garmadon with the aid of Mr. Hutchins, the adviser to the royal family he enlisted.
  • He agreed to have him and the other ninja serve as security during the Emperor of Ninjago’s speech, thanking the royal family for inviting them in, and agreeing to stay with them as long as the threat of the Sons of Garmadon was present.
  • He went to rescue Princess Harumi when he thought she was kidnapped, but once he learned she was just going out to give food to the poor, he joined her and sympathized with her feeling confined to the palace.
  • Although he became briefly distrustful of Mr. Hutchins when Cole saw him being suspicious and the Sons of Garmadon attacked the Royal palace right after, he realized he was wrong when Hutchins saved him and took the real Mask of Deception when Hutchins gave it to him to escape the palace with Harumi, admitting he was wrong about him.
  • He activated the Destiny’s Bounty to escape from Ultra Violet and the Sons of Garmadon with Harumi to reunite with the other ninja and assured Harumi she wasn’t alone after they learned the Emperor, Empress, and Hutchins were killed, promising to bring the people responsible to justice (boy little did Lloyd know).
  • He got the Tea of truth from Mystake and gave to Cole and Zane to use it to get the truth from one of the Sons of Garmadon about their hideout while staying to learn the story of the Oni and Dragon, discovering that the Sons of Garmadon wanted to resurrect his father as pure evil.
  • He told the ninja to have faith in Zane’s plan to infiltrate the Sons of Garmadon but went looking for Zane when they lost his signal.
  • He located an severely injured Zane and brought him to safety aboard the Bounty.
  • He saved Harumi from a hijacked P.I.X.A.L/Samurai X, giving Harumi the Samurai X suit to break her fall while he unfortunately broke his arm landing on the island of the third Oni mask.
  • He went to find the Oni Temple holding the third Oni mask with Harumi, saving her from falling to her death and exploring the temple to locate the Mask of Hatred.
  • He got the Mask of Hatred and confronted Harumi, realizing she was the leader of the Sons of Garmadon and was using him all along, trying to reason with her and even offering to help her up when she was hanging on to the edge of a cliff before escaping her trap and going on the captured Bounty to confront her only to unfortunately get captured by the Sons of Garmadon.
  • He tried repeatedly to reason with Harumi, asking her to let his mom go as this was just between them and trying to convince her not to resurrect Garmadon.
  • He thanked Cole for freeing him and (seemingly) stopped the resurrection ceremony of Lord Barmadon, defeating Harumi and the Sons of Garmadon.
  • He realized that Harumi was successful in reviving Lord Garmadon and went to try and redeem him again, apologizing to Nya and the others for locking them when they didn’t want him to confront Garmadon as he had to do this and no one else had any plan.
  • He confronted his father, repeatedly trying to reason with him, before reluctantly fighting him.
  • After being healed of his severe injuries but losing his elemental powers, he protected baby Master Wu from Harumi and Garmadon, giving him to the Kai, Cole, Zane and Jay and crying out in grief when Garmadon seemingly killed them.
  • Despite seemingly losing everything, he refused to give up, promising Harumi he would stop her and Garmadon before escaping to fight on with Nya, P.I.X.A.L, and Misako.

Season 9

  • He trained with Nya and P.I.X.A.L after losing his elemental power.
  • He realized the other ninja weren’t dead and were still alive in the First Realm.
  • He thanked Skylor and the other Elemental Masters for saving him and the others, leading the resistance including all the Elemental Masters, Misako, Darreth, and Mystake.
  • Although he was initially depressed since he lost his elemental power and the other ninja (except Nya) were stranded in the First Realm, he realized with the help of Mystake that true power comes from within and that he couldn’t give up, infiltrating the news station with the Elemental masters to broadcast an inspiring speech to the people of Ninjago, revealing he was still alive and telling them how they never give up no matter how much they get knocked down but instead fight on, informing them of the resistance’s efforts and that real power isn’t his elemental power but the power of he people, promising Harumi and his father that the resistance never quits.
  • He brainstormed ideas for allies to call on to help the resistance and evacuated with Nya when the Sons of Garmadon discovered and attacked the resistance’s secret base, saving Skylor and Darreth and actually psychically reasoning with his father not to crush them in their escape vehicle.
  • He briefly hid his identity with the remainder of the resistance to lay low since the Sons of Garmadon were hunting him and discovered/revealed to the others that Mystake was an (good) Oni which is how she could shapeshift.
  • He captured Harumi and formulated a successful plan to have Mystake disguise herself as Harumi to take Skylor to absorb Garmadon’s ability to control the Colossus (although sadly Mystake ended up sacrificing herself to save Skylor and buy time for her to escape).
  • He encouraged Skylor that she could do it and control Garmadon’s Colossus, giving her the confidence to do it and wipe the floor with the Sons of Garmadon.
  • He tried to get Skylor to stop when Garmadon’s Colossus power was killing her and save Skylor when she fell unconscious.
  • Despite the fact that Harumi literally ruined his life and family, taking his friends, family, and powers away from him, he looked helplessly on in remorse when Harumi was trapped in a collapsing building after saving a family from suffering the same fate as her, calling her by her affectionate nickname Rumi before the building collapsed and she died.
  • He carried Skylor to safety and agreed to get the battle wagon, not to leave the city as Nya and Darreth suggested but to keep fighting on.
  • He saved Nya from Ultra Violet using the battle wagon and fought off the Sons of Garmadon with her and Darreth until the other ninja and Wu came back with the Firstbourne and her dragonspawn to save them.
  • He happily reunited with the other ninja and Wu, informing them that while his elemental power hasn’t returned, he realized/was reminded that true power comes from within with the help of Mystake and confirmed her tragic fate to them, telling the ninja that they had to stop Garmadon and his Colossus once and for all for Mystake and everyone else Garmadon killed/hurt.
  • He confronted Garmadon with Wu, enduring on even after Wu was knocked out of the battle and his father. Even after everything Garmadon did, Lloyd still tried to reason with him and stated that no matter what Garmadon had become, he had to believe this wasn’t really him and that Garmadon could still redeem himself.
  • He defeated Garmadon and his Colossus to save Ninjago once again, realizing that the fight is what fueled Garmadon and refusing to fight him but still resist his attacks, causing Garmadon to lose his power and regaining his own as well as depowering/destroying Garmadon’s Colossus once and for all. He refused to kill a powerless Garmadon when Garmadon insisted, instead handing him over to the police and happily hugging/reuniting with the other ninja.
  • He helped clean up the city and reminded the other ninja it was their responsibility to do so, before going out for the celebrations the people of Ninjago had for them and revealing to Master Wu that he believed his father might be right that the Oni were coming to this realm as his father suggested.

Season 10

  • He went to Garmadon to ask what he meant when something was coming to destroy everything.
  • He rescued the Police Commissioner and the rest of the Ninjago police from the Oni darkness and came up with a plan to have all the ninja use their power against the darkness to no avail before ordering a retreat.
  • He saved Cole from being consumed by the darkness and got him to safety before rescuing more people before the darkness consumed all of Ninjago.
  • Although initially and understandably very reluctant to release Garmadon due to his past atrocities, he decided to let him out to get his help to save all the realms from the Oni as he was their only option.
  • He watched over Garmadon after Garmadon “accidentally” turned off the Bounty’s engines and nearly killed them all in order to prevent further mishaps and politely showed Garmadon around the ship and his pictures with his friends along with a picture of him and a past redeemed Garmadon purged from the evil corruption he was now full off.
  • He went with his father to destroy the realm crystal in Ninjago City to stop the Oni darkness from coming and trusted his father with a weapon despite everyone else’s and his own initial skepticism.
  • He tried to save Cyrus Borg from his petrified state and promised him that he would save him and Ninjago by destroying the realm crystal.
  • He agreed to Garmadon’s plan to trick the Oni to battle them and infiltrate Borg Tower to find the realm crystal and destroy it once and for all.
  • He faced the leader of the Oni called the Omega with his father and battled him before destroying the realm crystal (although it turned out Garmadon was wrong and the realm crystal was merely the key the Oni used to open the gateway so destroying it wouldn’t stop them).
  • He figured out the golden armor of the First Spinjitzu Master repelled the Oni and used it to protect himself and his father so they could escape from Borg Tower and Ninjago City.
  • He tried to warn P.I.X.A.L not to enter the darkness to rescue him and his father as she might not survive but once she did rescue them, he complimented her for the nice rescue.
  • He led the survivors of the Oni onslaught to the Monastery and together with the other ninja prepared for their last stand against the Oni.
  • He saved Nya from the Oni.
  • He saved his father from the Omega, ordering everyone to retreat back into the Monastery and dragging his injured father back there.
  • He saved all 16 realms and defeated the Omega and the Oni once and for all by figuring out that the Tornado of Creation was the only thing that could counter their destruction and convinced everyone including Garmadon to join him to create it.
  • He greeted the First Spinjitzu Master and kneeled before him even though the First Spinjitzu Master pointed out that Lloyd had done so much for Ninjago that he should be the one to kneel before Lloyd. Despite being given the chance to come with the First Spinjitzu Master to a secret place where he would be happy (heavily implied to be heaven), he chose to go back to be with his friends and remain the Green Ninja to protect Ninjago.

Season 11

  • Although he had become out of shape and complacent like the other ninja as Wu pointed out, he quickly realized that Wu was right (and was definitely the most remorseful/adamant about that of all the ninja) and came up with the idea for a questo to explore a pyramid with the famed explorer Clutch Powers.
  • He had Zane reeled in and helped save him from the desert beetle so he could use the retrieved inverter to fix the Land Bounty so they could get to the pyramid.
  • He tried to convince Clutch Powers to help them explore the pyramid and was happy when he did (albeit just because Powers didn’t want to lose his explorer’s club membership).
  • He tried to reason with Aspheera after Jay and Nya accidentally freed her and saved Powers by taking a shot from Aspheera meant for him.
  • He freed himself and the ninja from their bonds and led them out the pyramid as it was flooding with lava from Aspheera.
  • He stopped Cole and Jay from fighting and gave a speech to the other ninja, telling them that Master Wu was right and they all had gone soft not just as individuals but as a team and they needed to work together and stop fighting.
  • He thanked P.I.X.A.L for rescuing them from the pyramid.
  • He led the ninja to save Ninjago City from Aspheera’s fire serpents, telling the commissioner that it was good to be back and having him evacuate as many people from the city ad possible and set up a perimeter while he and the ninja go to stop Aspheera from stealing from the museum.
  • He tried to convince Kai not to stay behind since he lost his powers to Aspheera, reminding him powers don’t make a hero and told him that they would be at the museum if he changed his mind.
  • He led the ninja in fighting Aspheera and her forces to stop them from getting the Forbidden Scroll of Spinjitzu but after she was able to retrieve it and escape, he had Jay, Cole, and Kai go to Scales and the Serpentine to ask for Aspheera’s backstory while he and the rest of the team try to get the scroll back from Aspheera.
  • He went with Nya and Zane to get the Second Scroll of Forbidden Spinjitzu where they lost Aspheera, pleading with the Explorer’s Club to give it to them and even offering to join before being forced to steal it as it was necessary to save Ninjago from Aspheera.
  • He saved the others from Aspheera with Zane and Nya, dueling Aspheera using the Scroll of Forbidden Spinjitzu which would allow her to be defeated when he lost it but Zane got the scroll to defeat Aspheera and all her forces. He would then mourn Zane’s (seeming) death by Aspheera.
  • Once learning from Wu that Zane was alive but in the Never-Realm, he told Wu how the whole team not just Wu needed to go to rescue Zane, stealing the Traveler’s Tea, and reluctantly tying up a scroll possessed Wu when he attacked them to get the tea back, repeatedly apologizing to Wu for this but pointing out that he wasn’t thinking rationally and that more of them stood a better chance of finding Zane (unfortunately he and the ninja didn’t realize Wu was trying to warn them that Traveler’s tea wouldn’t work in the Never-Realm)
  • He led the ninja to safety away from the cold and after being saved from villagers, learned Zane was held in the Ice Emperor’s castle from the elder.
  • He helped the village defend itself when the Ice Emperor’s forces attacked, saving Kai from them and realizing that the ice was somehow possessing the soldiers.
  • He went alone to track down Zane with consent from the rest of the team, pointing out how stealth was key and if they all went the Ice Emperor would find them, leaving the team to protect the village while he journeyed there.
  • He befriended a white wolf with red markings after she saved him from evil ice wolves, giving her his only food and relaying his backstory to him and later saving him from an evil ice bird.
  • He found the mech that was teleporting with Zane to the Never-Realm, bringing back online and scaring the evil ice bird away, assuring the wolf, who he nicknamed Red, that he could come out and convinced him to come onto the mech with him.
  • He defeated the ice golem by sinking it and bandaged Red up when he was hurt.
  • Although he was initially angry when he discovered that “Red” was actually a human Formling girl named Akita who could shapeshift as she was technically tricking, he apologized for getting angry and fixed her bandage while she apologized for tricking him and told him her backstory.
  • He realized the Ice Emperor was Zane and tried to get him to break free of his brainwashing by Vex and the Forbidden scroll, before befriending Akita’s long lost brother Kataru in the dungeons and escaping with the help of a defected ice soldier and the former king of the Never-Realm named Grimfax who Lloyd convinced to join and held no animosity towards Grimfax despite his past crimes like destroying the hearth fire.
  • He confronted Zane/Ice Emperor and stopped him from killing Akita but prevented Akita from assassinating the Ice Emperor in cold-blood, telling her that she was letting anger take over and this wasn’t the right answer. He repeatedly tried to reason with the Ice Emperor and helped make Zane regain his memory and redeem himself, stopping General Vex once and for all.
  • He bid Akita farewell before being the last ninja to return from the Never-Realm and reunite with Master Wu.

Season 12

  • He told the ninja not to use their weapons as the Mechanic’s crew was just common level thugs and defeated all the Mechanic’s forces as well as getting the Mechanic himself to surrender.
  • He went to the Mechanic’s abandoned arcade base with the rest of the ninja to figure out why the Mechanic was stealing a motherboard, discovering it was the motherboard to the Prime Empire video game from Jay with the Mechanic working for the mysterious villain Unagami and going with the rest of the team to the video game’s creator Milton Dyer’s island to ask him about the game when it started taking people like Jay and hundreds of others into the game
  • He figured out a way to disable the robot dogs of Dyer’s security system and upon suspecting that Dyer was Unagami, formed a plan at Borg Tower to have himself and most of the ninja go into the game to stop Unagami and rescue Jay and all those kidnapped by the game while Zane and P.I.X.A.L go to confront Milton Dyer in real life, saving Cyrus Borg and P.I.X.A.L from the escaped Mechanic and mutually wishing Zane good luck on their respective missions.
  • He had the ninja follow the League of Jay and Scott to locate the real Jay, learning that three keys called Keytanas were needed to unlock the final arcade cabinet and get into Unagami’s temple to stop him.
  • He introduced himself and the team to Okino, the samurai NPC that would help them get the first Keytana and told Okino that regardless of how many masters he had failed in the past, this time would be different, inspiring Okino to not fall into despair and help them.
  • He agreed to go into the next potential trap as the only one with all his lives left and interrogated the Brotherhood of Rats, tricking them into revealing they were sent by Unagami to ambush them and revealing that Unagami was cheating in his own game.
  • He reluctantly revealed the truth to Okino that this was all just a video game and not real and refused to leave Okino behind when the Brotherhood of Rats led them into a glitch trap and got him out of the glitch, having everyone try to cheer Okino out of his depression by staying positive.
  • He refused to have the ninja steal the rope of supreme durability from the shady yet still legal dealer Shifty and instead bought the rope of questionable durability which they could afford.
  • He inspired Okino to make his own decisions and not feel like Unagami controlled him even if Unagami made him.
  • He fought off the Unagami’s forces with Cole and Kai to buy enough time for Jay and Nya to win the dance off to get them money for the Speedway five-billion race for the second Keytana.
  • He went to the Speedway five-billion race track and inspired Racer 7, an NPC programmed by Unagami to lose, that she could win if she believed in herself and convinced her to join the ninja to help stop Unagami, introducing to the others and getting her to race as their fifth car to compete in the game.
  • He thanked Racer 7 for helping them win the race.
  • He encouraged Nya and Jay to keep going after Kai and Cole got cubed during the race, telling them that the two would want them to keep fighting.
  • He decided to volunteer himself to be the one to fight the final boss to get the final Keytana and when he saw it was Harumi, he tried to reason with her and was still implied to have some feelings for her as he realized the simulation wasn’t really Harumi when he asked her about their first date and told the simulation the real Harumi would have remembered the location. He defeated fake Harumi to get the last Keytana but sadly lost his last life and got cubed in the process.
  • He reunited with the ninja, Master Wu, and P.I.X.AL in Ninjago City after Jay redeemed Unagami (who was actually the game and not Milton Dyer who also redeemed Unagami) and freed everyone that was cubed and allowed video game characters to go into the real world if they choose, smiling towards Racer 7.

Season 13

  • He tried to cheer Master Wu up when Wu was felt that the ninja no longer needed him and he was “feeling his age” as he put it, pointing out how they would have never been able save Ninjago countless times without him and how he was able to take them all on at once, being delighted once Misako convinced Wu to come with them to the Kingdom of Shintaro when they were invited as it was just what Wu needed.
  • He saved Nya from dire bats and thanked the right-hand of King Vangelis, Halimar for saving them all.
  • Unlike the other ninja, Lloyd was diplomatic with Cole after Cole woke them all up and claimed he saw a little purple creature with his mother’s necklace and told him that while he may believe him, they can’t wake up the king in the middle of the night as they were guests.
  • He led the ninja to go rescue Cole when Vania revealed Cole was trapped in the dungeons beneath the kingdom run by the evil Skull Sorcerer and together they were able to free Cole and the two captive races, the Geckle and Munce before they got captured due to the Geckle and Munce’s fighting.
  • He asked the Geckle and Munce why they hated each other so much and upon learning their origins and that the Skull Sorcerer was the one who stole the Geckle and Munce’s blades and framed each of them to the other to divide and conquer them, he had Cole work to broke a truce between the two races while he formulated a plan to free everyone from the Skull Sorcerer.
  • He formed a successful plan to have the other ninja free the Geckle and Munce while he and Cole tried to find the blades but escaped once they realized the blades weren’t there and the Skull Sorcerer attacked. He would escape with Nya, Jay, and the Munce to the Munce kingdom and worried about the others although Jay assured them they were fine.
  • He stopped Jay and Nya from fighting and tried to diffuse the tension between the Munce queen and Nya as the former was interested in Jay, trying to stop Nya from accepting a challenge by the queen to fight over Jay.
  • Once Nya became Munce queen after defeating the previous one, he tried to convince the Munce to attend the truce meeting with the Geckles to unite to stop the Skull Sorcerer, going with them after Nya convinced them using a show of strength.
  • He reunited with Kai and Zane who were with the Geckles during the truce meeting and told Nya to get both races to safety while he and Zane hold off the undead Grief-bringer dragon, escaping with the others after temporarily defeating the dragon to the Strong Cave.
  • He saved Jay from falling and went with him, Kai, and Zane to buy enough time for Nya, the Geckle, and Munce to seal the Strong Cave, getting in just in time with the others.
  • He realized that the Skull Sorcerer would kill everyone and they were outnumbered, deciding to take his deal of surrendering himself and the ninja, convincing the ninja to go along with it if the Skull Sorcerer gave his word to free the Geckle and Munce, pointing out even after the Skull Sorcerer betrayed the deal and enslaved the Geckle and Munce that it was their only choice as the Skull Sorcerer would have killed them all otherwise and that at least they were all still alive.
  • He told the Skull Sorcerer once he revealed himself to be King Vangelis all along that Cole would rescue them and refused to give up hope.
  • He and the rest of the ninja joined the battle with the Geckle, Munce, and Cole’s crew against the Skull Sorcerer’s forces after being freed by Plundar who was a group of adventurers Cole met while under the mountain.
  • He repeatedly apologized to Princess Vania for previously distrusting her, admitting he was really wrong about her and thanking her for saving all their lives.

The Island

  • He led the ninja and P.I.X.A.L on a mission to rescue his mom and her expedition after they were lost in the storm belt by first convincing the only person who ever emerged from the belt, Timothy Batterson, to help by going with them on their mission.
  • He had boats deployed from the Bounty to navigate the storm belt as it was too dangerous to traverse in the air with the Bounty and once arriving on the uncharted island, he had P.I.X.A.L deploy the jungle choppers for the group to travel with on the island.
  • He convinced the other ninja not to get distracted by playing with the friendly dragon Zippy because they needed to focus on finding Misako, Master Wu, and the rest of the expedition.
  • He battled the alive totem poles of the island when they attacked the group and after being separated from the other ninja, he successfully escaped from the poles and hid in a cave with Timothy.
  • He inspired Timothy to be brave and not lose hope even though he had been knocked down several times before and went out to rescue the ninja and the expedition.
  • He infiltrated the Keepers prison and freed the ninja, his mom, Master Wu, Clutch and Clutch’s interns.
  • He went out with the others to look for Jay and told Clutch’s interns to head back to camp to get the catamarans ready.
  • He warned Clutch not to steal the Keepers amulet.
  • He told Zane to make an ice bridge so they could reach Jay in the sea and he tried to untie Jay to stop him from being eaten by “Wojira”.
  • He figured out that this supposed monster wasn’t really Wojira but a con-man using a ship disguised as Wojira to trick the Keepers into sending him their riches as sacrifices after getting the Keepers to reveal how this fake Wojira emerged, he got them to draw a map of the coastline and show him anywhere where someone could hide a ship that big.
  • He led a rescue of Jay after finding out the location of the criminal base in a cave where the fake Wojira was and discovered that Ronin was the mastermind behind the crime ring and the fake Wojira.
  • His inspirational words inspired Timothy to save the day by stopping Ronin from escaping via crashing his ship into Ronin’s which led to the other criminal’s surrender.

Season 14

  • He busted a criminal meet up with the other ninja and ordered the evacuation of a nearby village after Nya lost control of her powers and accidentally created a giant water tornado.
  • He complimented P.I.X.A.L on the amazing Hydro-Bounty ship she created and silently told Cole not to ruin the moment by supposedly revealing what happens when you call a ship unsinkable.
  • He went with Zane, Jay, Nya, and P.I.X.A.L to find the source of the mysterious electrical signal in the underwater trench.
  • He helped convince Nya that her mother should take the other water mech to go find the source of the pulse with her after the ship crashed as they were both Elemental masters of water.
  • He tried to stop Jay from using his electrical powers to recharge the battery when the ship was flooding as it could kill him but congratulated Jay when he was successful.
  • He saved Nya and her mom from the ripper sharks with Jay.
  • He reasoned with King Trimaar, telling him the group didn’t know they were trespassing because they didn’t know there was an undersea kingdom and was horrified when his son Kalmaar killed him.
  • He got into the water mech to battle Kalmaar’s forces and buy enough time for the rest of the group to escape on the Bounty.
  • He comforted Benthomaar after the death of his father by Kalmaar made him think he was all alone, telling Benthomaar that while we don’t choose our family (referring to the evil Kalmaar), we do choose our friends and he was proud to call Benthomaar his friend.
  • He saved a group of children from drowning when Kalmaar invaded Ninjago with Wojira and started flooding it.
  • He fought off Kalmaar’s forces with the others.

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