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Lucy Heartfilia is one of the two main protagonists of the manga/anime series, Fairy Tail. She is a Celestial Wizard who wanted to join Fairy Tail and obtain all 12 Zodiac keys. During her time with Fairy Tail, she matures greatly, coming to greatly appreciate the bonds with her guild and fellow spirits and becomes one of the founding members of Team Natsu.

She is voiced by Aya Hirano in the Japanese version of the anime and Cherami Leigh in the English version of the anime.



Upon first being introduced, Lucy is shown to be a generally upbeat, cheerful, and kind girl. She wanted to join Fairy Tail after having heard of the guild's prestige and was very excited about having been accepted into the guild. Initially, Lucy was slightly vain and more abrasive, caring more about missions that would pay well and getting all of the Zodiac Keys. However, as the series goes on, Lucy greatly matures, losing her vain side, becoming much less abrasive and hostile towards her friends, and gaining a much greater sense of compassion. As a Celestial Wizard, she deeply respects the spirits, refusing to refer to them as spirits and always calling them her friends. This love and devotion she carries for the spirits often leaves a deep mark on the spirits, who often choose to make contracts with her and help her without hesitation. Lucy also loves Fairy Tail very deeply. She is extremely appreciative of her guild members when they protect her from Phantom Lord, and is often driven to tears by their devotion to her.

Power and Abilities

Lucy Heartfilia is a very powerful wizard. As one of the few Celestial Mages in the world, she has the ability to summon spirits to aid her in battle. After training, she can now summon multiple spirits at once, even being able to incorporate the power of her spirits into her body to increase her strength and use their abilities. Lucy also possesses superhuman physique, being able to dodge attacks from several very powerful wizards and remain standing after receiving attacks from wizards such as Hades and Kain. Her physical abilities are significantly enhanced when she combines her power with other spirits. She is also an expert whip user, which she uses to either assist her spirits in-battle or when she's unable to summon any spirits.

What Makes Her Pure Good?

  • When she left her home, she felt incredibly saddened about leaving behind the servants and maids who'd been kind to her growing up.
  • When freed from Bora's control by Natsu and Happy, she thanks them and repays them by buying them lunch.
  • She assists Natsu in rescuing Macao and reuniting him with his son, Romeo.
  • She defeats Everlue, ending his corrupt political career.
  • Though she initially pinches Happy's cheeks in irritation when they're trapped in the train station, she quickly apologizes for her behavior, even getting on the ground and bowing her head in a comedic fashion.
  • She defeats Sherry, preventing her from potentially attacking and destroying the village on Galuna island again.
  • She watches over Shadow Gear when they're beaten and crucified by Gajeel, horrified at what was done to them.
  • She feels incredible guilt for having lied to her guildmates about her true identity as the daughter of the tycoon Jude, blaming herself for Phantom Lord attacking Fairy Tail.
  • She is incredibly grateful to her friends for standing up against Phantom Lord, being driven to tears upon hearing their refusal to hand Lucy over.
  • She helps Natsu defeat Gajeel by using her spirit, Sagittarius, to cause an explosion, creating flames that Natsu consumes to regain his strength.
  • Even after Gajeel brutally beat her, when Gajeel joins Fairy Tail, she doesn't hold a grudge against him like Jet and Droy did.
  • She goes back home to tell her father she refuses to live the life he wanted for her, declaring that she will stay with Fairy Tail and demanding that he not target the guild again. She expresses regret that they couldn't talk things out while also admitting that she was wrong to leave home without having told him.
  • She and the rest of Team Natsu help Rabian by performing for his theater, successfully putting on his show and helping him regain the profits he lost.
  • She thanks Loke for rescuing her from two rogue Mages.
  • Despite him making fun of her the night before, Lucy shows concern for Loke and looks into his past to try and figure out what might be wrong.
  • Upon learning of Loke's impending death over the crime of "killing" his master, Karen, she refuses to accept it, hugging him with tears in her eyes and telling Loke that Karen's death wasn't his fault.
  • When the Celestial Spirit King arrives to destroy Loke for his crime, she refuses to back down, insisting that Loke was only trying to protect Aries and summoning all her spirits to defend Loke. Her devotion to protect Loke inspires the Celestial Spirit King to spare Loke's life, instead allowing Loke to serve as one of Lucy's spirits.
  • She goes on a mission to rescue Erza when she is kidnapped and sent to the Tower of Heaven.
  • During their fight with Vidaldus, Lucy comforts Juvia while she's under Vidaldus' control, and when Juvia cries in pain, Lucy tells her that someone who'd cry for their friends would always be accepted at Fairy Tail. She and Juvia work together to take down Vidaldus, where Lucy and Juvia embrace at the end of the battle and Juvia is driven to tears, since Lucy is the first woman who's ever treated her kindly.
  • She and the rest of the guild destroy Laxus's Thunder Palace spell, saving the town.
  • When overhearing that the guild her father was going to work for was taken hostage by a group of thieves, she goes to try and rescue him in spite of the abuse and mistreatment she endured from him growing up.
  • She singlehandedly saves the merchants guild and everyone held hostage from the dark guild Naked Money.
  • When Aries is summoned by Angel to fight Loke, Lucy is driven to tears over the situation. Not wanting to have them fight since they were friends before, Lucy tries to dismiss Loke back to the Celestial World despite being in the middle of a battle.
  • Lucy is disgusted by the way Angel treats her Celestial Spirits so cruelly.
  • Lucy offers up her life so that Aries can be freed from Angel's control. The devotion towards Celestial Spirits is so strong that Angel's Celestial Spirits, Gemini and Caelum, refuses to kill Lucy when ordered to.
  • She and the rest of her team destroy Nirvana, preventing it from being used to annihilate any cities.
  • She gladly creates contracts with Angel's spirits once their contracts with Angel were broken. What's more, she refers to them as her friends, something none of the Celestial Spirits had ever been called when working with previous Celestial Mages.
  • She and Natsu defeat Byro and Hughes, saving Coco from being punished by Byro.
  • She assists in saving the island of Exceeds from being destroyed by the Lacrima Island and fighting the Royal Army of Edolas.
  • She cries in joy as she watches Lisanna reunite with her two siblings who believed her to be dead.
  • When Cana tells her about her relationship with Gildarts and the reason she wants to pass the S-class Mage Promotion Trial to confess to Gildarts the truth that he is her father, Lucy tearfully agrees to help her for the trial.
  • She assists Cana during the S-class Mage Promotion Trial by fighting against Freed and Bickslow while lifting her spirits whenever she felt as though they'd fail.
  • When Loke insists on fighting Capricorn alone, Lucy vehemently rejects the idea of leaving Loke to fight alone, only reluctantly agreeing to do so after forcing Loke to promise that he returns to her afterward.
  • When Natsu saves Lucy from Kain, she thanks him and works to fight alongside him.
  • During the fight, she apologizes to Natsu while her body is being controlled by Kain and she's being forced to hit him.
  • Even while being tortured by Kain, Lucy refuses to run and leave Natsu behind, preferring to die alongside him.
  • Lucy defeats Kain alongside Natsu and Happy.
  • She holds no resentment towards Cana for having betrayed her and knocked her out in order to go to grave of Mavis Vermillion and become an S-class mage even knowing the island was being attacked by the Seven Kin, assuring Cana that she was just doing what she had to do and even showing delight that Cana had found Mavis Vermillion's grave.
  • She insists that Cana tell Gildarts the truth, shedding some tears as Gildarts and Cana embrace as father and daughter.
  • After being trapped for seven years on Tenrou Island, Lucy wants to reunite with her father, and upon learning of his death, she is saddened by his death.
  • She feels guilty over not being able to cry over her father's death, feeling as though it means she didn't love him.
  • After seeing the gifts her father left her every year and reading his note that says he's always loved her, she breaks down into tears, saying she loves him too and forgiving him for his years of mistreatment.
  • During Lucy's fight with Flare, she allows herself to get brutally tortured by Flare in order to protect Asuka, who was being held hostage by Flare.
  • She feels incredible guilt over her loss to Flare, crying and apologizing to Natsu for having failed to win for their team.
  • When Yukino offers to give Lucy her two Zodiac keys, she refuses, noting that Yukino and her Celestial Spirits hold a strong bond and not wanting to sever that bond. This shows her positive change in character, as Lucy herself noted that before, she wouldn't have hesitated to take them and get all twelve Zodiac keys, now valuing the relationships between Celestial Mages and their spirits.
  • When fighting with Minerva, she refuses to give up, enduring the torture at Minerva's hands in order to gain victory for their team. Then, when she's eliminated, she feels ashamed that she only got second place, even though Natsu assures her that she did more than enough for the team.
  • After waking up in the infirmary, she apologizes to the team for losing and asks for their forgiveness, to which Erza and Gray insist she has nothing to apologize for.
  • Just before Natsu goes to fight Sting and Rogue, Lucy tells him she believes in him and always has since the moment she first joined Fairy Tail. Natsu is touched by her words and tells her that he truly appreciates her support.
  • Lucy assists Future Lucy and the others in trying to stop the dragons from being summoned and destroying the world.
  • When Future Lucy sacrifices herself to protect Lucy from Rogue's attack, Lucy holds her future self in her arms, crying and mourning her death.
  • She summons her spirits, and closes the Eclipse Gate alongside them, preventing any more dragons from exiting through the gate and killing more people.
  • After the dragons are erased, she runs up to Natsu and hugs him, thanking him for fighting against the dragons.
  • When Cana prepares to attack Flare in the hot springs, Lucy stops her, saying that Flare isn't a bad person and even offering her to join Fairy Tail. This shows Lucy completely forgave Flare for her actions against her (Lucy) in the Grand Magic Games.
  • She defeats the Sylph Labyrinth Hunters, preventing them from stealing the Eternal Flame from the giants.
  • After the battle, she sits down and listens to Flare's tragic backstory. Once Flare apologizes for her behavior in the Grand Magic Games, Lucy replies that she doesn't mind.
  • After having freed the Giants from being frozen, she notices Flare hiding behind a tree out of fear of the Giant's wrath for having abandoned the village without saying anything. Lucy then tries to comfort her and convince her to talk to the giants.
  • While Natsu fights Jackal, a member of the guild Tartaros, she protects Wendy from one of his explosions.
  • After Natsu and the others are captured and held at Tartaros's headquarters, Happy is the only one to have escaped. As Happy cries in guilt over having left Natsu, Lucy embraces Happy and reminding him he did his best to try and get Natsu and the others back.
  • She participates in the fight against the Tartaros guild to save her friends.
  • She is deeply saddened by Fairy Tail's disbandment.
  • After reuniting with Natsu and Happy, she goes with them on a quest to find the other members of Fairy Tail to reunite the guild.
  • When she talks with Minerva and she apologizes for having tortured her during the Naval Battle, Lucy instantly accepts her apology and forgives her.
  • When all of the members of Fairy Tail are reunited, she is driven to tears of joy and embraces Mirajane.
  • She plays a large role in defeating both Zeref and Acnologia.
  • After having defeated Acnologia, she's overwhelmed with emotion and embraces Natsu. She bursts into tears and thanks him for supporting her and shaping her into the person she is now.
  • She is never bothered by Juvia's needlessly hostile attitude towards her in regards to viewing Lucy as a love rival, always treating her respectfully and supporting her as a friend.
  • Despite Aquarius' abrasive and violent attitude towards her, such as hitting Lucy whenever she is summoned or intentionally getting Lucy caught up in her attacks, Lucy holds no resentment towards her and treasures her as equally as the rest of her spirits.
  • While there are moments where she may hit her guildmates such as Natsu and Gray, this is done as comic relief. Almost all of those moments are when her guildmates break into her home without permission, when she's barely dressed, or when she's the victim of inappropriate behavior, so her actions are justified as self-defense, not excessively aggravated responses to minor foolish behavior. In addition, a large portion of these moments occur in the beginning of the series, and as she matures, the amount of times she hits her friends diminishes significantly.
  • Though in the beginning Lucy possesses some corrupting qualities, such as vanity, greed, and abrasiveness, she matures and loses all of these corrupting factors throughout the series.


  • Lucy Heartfilia is the only character of Fairy Tail to be Pure Good.

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