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Lukas is the tritagonist of Minecraft: Story Mode, serving as the tritagonist of Season One and a major protagonist in Season Two.

He was the former leader of a rival group to Jesse called the Ocelots. Unlike the other Ocelots, he was nice and reasonable towards Jesse and his friends and stopped the other Ocelots from bullying them. He would eventually join up with Jesse and his friends to find the Order of the Stone and save the world, later officially becoming a part of Jesse’s group and helping him stop various threats including his former team, and travel to different worlds.

What Makes Him Pure Good?

  • He was the only member of the Ocelots who never bullied or mistreated Jesse and his or her friends, not laughing like everyone else if Jesse chooses a ridiculous team name for the building competition. In fact, he constantly tried to deescalate tensions by telling the Ocelots to walk away and focus on their work instead of taunting and bullying Jesse and his or her friends. After Lukas discovers Jesse knows Petra, he tells them that anyone who was cool with Petra was cool with them and offered to put aside past differences and just have fun together in the competition. Even if Jesse chooses to reject this and rebukes Lukas, Lukas still treats him or her cordially and wishes him or her good luck in the competition.
  • He thanked Petra for building him a nether star.
  • He agreed to give slime balls to Jesse so Jesse could be able to infiltrate the EndorCon convention to stop Ivor and joined the team to stop Ivor, even if Jesse was a jerk to him from before.
  • He praised Jesse and his or her friends for working so well together as a team even though they treated him with distrust and taunted him.
  • He was the only member of the group that didn't have any interest in stealing Ivor's stuff when they infiltrated his hideout.
  • He figured out that Ivor was planning on making a Wither and alerted the group once Ivor returned home.
  • If Jesse chooses to rescue Lukas himself or herself, Lukas will distract the Iron Golem to save Jesse, leads Jesse out of Ivor's hideout, and thank him or her for coming back to rescue him. If Jesse chooses to warn Gabriel about Ivor first and forgets or abandons Lukas, Lukas will escape himself from Ivor's golem and while he will initially be a little upset that Jesse chose to abandon him, he instantly forgives him and holds no grudges.
  • Although he gets scared and freezes up once the Wither Storm is attacked which indirectly leads to Petra and Gabriel getting captured, it was pretty understandable considering he had no weapons to stop it and the Wither Storm was a gigantic monster that couldn’t be stopped by ordinary means. Regardless, Lukas is consumed with remorse and vows to continue helping the team to get back Petra and Gabriel.
  • He acted as a voice of reason between Axel and Olivia, trying to get them to stop arguing about what shelter to build as they just needed to build one fast.
  • Although Axel constantly acts like a jerk to him, Lukas remains pretty polite with him and when Axel (insincerely) apologizes to Lukas for not having enough cookies for him (even though he gave a cookie to Reuben), Lukas says it is fine and accepts his apology. He then tries to help by advising everyone to get some rest and comes up with a plan tomorrow and while he does get angry when Axel lashes out at him, he offers to just leave instead of fight or lash out since Axel clearly didn't want him around. If Jesse convinces him to stay, Lukas will calm down and feel remorse for what happened last night and if Jesse lets him leave, Lukas will return the next morning, apologizing to everyone including Axel (even though Lukas didn't actually do anything wrong and Axel was the jerk) and offering them apples, vowing to remain with them until the end and officially joining their group.
  • He locates the Order of the Stone temple and tells the group he has to stay back there while Jesse and either Olivia or Axel go out to find Ellegard or Magnus, telling the group that he knows Petra is still out there and looking for this place as even if there was a slight chance she was still alive, he had to be there to secure the temple and comfort and welcome her.
  • He welcomes Jesse and Olivia or Axel when they come back and reveals to them that Gabriel or Petra came to the temple.
  • He helped activate the amulet with Jesse to find Soren's location.
  • He told the group to look down to save them from the herd of Endermen in the portal and if Jesse chooses so, Lukas will lead the group to Soren's fortress.
  • He rescued Gabriel and led the heroes to safety after the Wither Storm turned out to still be alive.
  • Once he finds out that the other Ocelots might still be alive, he wants to go look for them even if Jesse convinces him to stay. If Jesse lets Lukas go look for them, Lukas will return to lead the Ocelots in saving Jesse, Olivia, and Magnus from the Wither Storm or do it by himself if he stayed.
  • Even if Jesse acted like a jerk and left Lukas on bad terms, Lukas still returns following the midseason finale in episode 5 because he wants to patch things up with him or her to apologize to him or her for everything, even though it wasn't his fault but Jesse's.
  • He warns Jesse about how Aiden and the Ocelots betrayed him and Aiden usurped him as leader of the renamed Ocelots now called the Blaze Rods. However, he still feels sympathy for Gill and Maya as he tells Jesse how Aiden is bossing them around and is implied to feel some sympathy for Aiden given how he tells Jesse how Aiden has gotten a lot meaner because of his insecurity and jealousy that the Order of the Stone saved the world and Aiden was no longer popular.
  • He helped save Ivor from falling off the edge and was the only one who comforted Ivor and tried to make sure he was okay even if Ivor treated him poorly.
  • If Jesse chose to escape with Milo, he and Ivor broke themselves out after being imprisoned by the tyrannical Founder.
  • He was the first and only consistent person to say that the group should not steal the Eversource as Sky City needed it to survive and it would lead to genocide if they stole the Eversource. He is the only person who remains this way regardless of the scenario as even Jesse can choose to steal the egg, proving Lukas' unique incorruptibility.
  • He fights off Aiden and tells Jesse to save the Founder from falling off a cliff despite the fact that the Founder locked him up and was a tyrant.
  • He feels the most sympathy for the Founder, asking if she was alright, and if Jesse gets harsh with her, Lukas tells him or her to take it easy and remain calm.
  • In one route end, he captures Aiden in the end and although he initially says Sky City should dig a hole to put them in and surround it with lava, he quickly realizes this was wrong and apologizes and admits it was wrong of him to say that. His initial reaction is pretty understandable considering that Aiden threw him off a cliff to kill him and nearly succeeded in committing genocide against Sky City.
  • He figures out that the White Pumpkin, who is later revealed to be Cassie Rose, has been trapped all throughout the mansion and convinces Jesse to lead an investigation to find out the identity of the White Pumpkin. He helps Jesse investigate and marks the chairs of all the potential suspects who had a button that killed CaptainSparklez. He later stays back to keep an eye on all the fictionalized YouTubers while the rest of the New Order of the Stone look around the mansion.
  • He dueled Cassie and although he was framed by her, he reluctantly agreed to be imprisoned and confined until Jesse could prove his or her innocence.
  • He saved Jesse by using a water bucket to put out Cassie's flames. Cassie had lit a fire on Netherrack which lasts forever as she points out, so Jesse would have been stuck and died if Lukas didn't have that water bucket.
  • He acted as the voice of reason between Jesse and Petra and tried to get them to calm down and stop them from lashing out at each other.
  • If Petra leaves after Jesse doesn't apologize to her, Lukas figures out where she had gone which allowed the rest of the group to reunite with Petra and figured out that the strange zombies had Redstone chips in their heads and were trying to lead the heroes somewhere which convinced everyone else to go follow them.
  • Despite the fact that PAMA kidnapped them when meeting PAMA, Lukas thought that the computer was friendly if a little intimidating and tried to believe the best out of PAMA.
  • If Jesse chooses to save Lukas first instead of Petra from PAMA then Lukas will build a water bucket along with Ivor to help Jesse destroy PAMA once and for all to free Petra and the townspeople from PAMA's brainwashing. If Jesse chooses to save Petra first then the roles are reversed with Lukas still being brainwashed and fighting it off long enough to stop PAMA from killing them both and allow Jesse to get to the Redstone Heart to deactivate PAMA once and for all. However, one key difference between Lukas and Petra, if Jesse saves them first, is that Lukas will feel guilty that Jesse saved him over Petra and will ask Jesse why he did it, telling Jesse that Petra was more useful and a closer friend to him. Even if Jesse responds poorly by saying he wasn't thinking, Lukas holds no grudges and pretty much agrees with Jesse, showing his selfless and non-arrogant nature.
  • He informs the rest of the group about what the game Spleef is when Harper drops them down into a match and saves Jesse from being eliminated. Without his info, Jesse and the group could not have made it out from being eliminated and enslaved since they didn't know the rules and no one was willing to help them.
  • He greets Jesse when he or she frees him and Petra or Ivor from the mines, telling him or her of the horrific conditions of the mines and the suspiciously too-good-to-be-true story of the legendary Tim.
  • He appears with the rest of Jesse's friends to encourage him or her not to lose hope and personally gives Jesse an enchanted diamond ax as one of the tools he or she will need to stop Hadrian and Mevia. He along with the others then appear to encourage Jesse and distract Hadrian during their duel, allowing Jesse to defeat Hadrian and end his tyrannical rule.
  • He was the only friend of Jesse's who actually congratulated Jesse on beating Hadrian and ending his tyranny once and for all, even if Jesse points out that he or she couldn't have done it without Lukas and everyone.
  • He complied with all of the Order of the Stone's adventures, narrating it at the beginning of Season 2 to the group to ask for their advice before planning on sharing it with the town.
  • He was the last person to leave Jesse to work on his or her other duties, thanking Jesse, Olivia, and Axel again for their feedback on his journal and vowing to let them know when he was done with the revisions.
  • He saved Jesse from being killed by the Admin, or Romeo, and rescued Jesse.
  • He helps Jesse defeat Romeo to stop him from destroying the town.
  • He volunteers alongside Radar to protect the rebuilt clock tower of Beacontown. If Jesse chooses Radar, then Lukas will help Jesse explore the town and Lukas will go back to check on Radar once in a while. If Jesse chooses Lukas, Lukas will tell an upset Radar that his or her plan was actually a smart and good one that he will use to cheer Radar up.
  • He reunites with Jesse and Petra once Romeo caused the clock to disappear and embarked on a quest with Jesse and Petra's new allies to get the clock back from Romeo to stop the eternal night.
  • He finds the clock which was located in Romeo's Icy Palace.
  • If Jesse goes with Lukas and Radar instead of Petra's group, Lukas later tells Jesse how Radar reminded him of them when they first started out and praised Radar for being braver than he was when he first started out. He also advises Radar not to let "Vos", who was actually Romeo in disguise, get to him when Vos insulted them, telling him that Vos deserves more credit than Radar was giving him and that sometimes you just had to live with difficult people like "Vos".
  • Despite rightly calling out Stella earlier for betraying the group to get the clock for herself and join Romeo, once Stella ended up ironically being betrayed by Romeo and was trapped in gushing water to go up to the top of his palace, Lukas was the first to argue that the group should help Stella regardless of what she did because no one deserves that.
  • He tried to save Radar from the shulkers and told Jesse and Radar to go for the door to escape from Romeo's "challenge room".
  • He held off Romeo's weird mobs with Jack so Jesse can rescue Radar and (if he or she chooses) Stella.
  • In the epilogue of the penultimate episode, he enthusiastically greets "Jesse" when he seemingly returns back to Beacontown and asks where the others are before "Jesse" turns to him with red and yellow glowing eyes, though it was really Romeo who disguised himself into Jesse.
  • In the finale, it is revealed that after "Jesse" took over Beacontown and turned it into a dictatorship and much of its people, Lukas single-handedly freed all the townspeople he had imprisoned and lead the rebellion against "Jesse", forming the rebel group, The New Ocelots, to inspire the people of Beacontown of old times, give them hope, and join him to defeat Romeo once and for all.
  • Although he initially confronts the real Jesse with the New Ocelots to end his reign of terror, once Jesse explains that Romeo stole his identity and was the one who took over Beacontown, Lukas believes Jesse and pledges his and the New Ocelots' loyalty to support Jesse's plan to strip Romeo of his powers by going into the Terminal Space.
  • He shows Jesse the portal Romeo has to the Terminal Space, allowing Jesse, Petra, and Jack to go into the Terminal Space, making him responsible for Jesse being able to defeat Romeo and strip him of all his powers in the Terminal Space and saving the world.
  • Regardless of if Romeo lives to see out his redemption or if he sacrifices himself to allow Jesse, Jack, Petra, and Radar to escape Terminal Space, once they come back and tell Lukas what happened, Lukas feels sympathy for Romeo and doesn't hold any grudges against him. If Jesse just ends up leaving Romeo trapped in the Terminal Space forever, Lukas is the only one who protests, saying it was too a little too harsh despite everything Romeo did.
  • If Jesse chooses to leave Beacontown with Petra, Lukas is supportive of their choice and urges a saddened Radar to do the same.


  • His name and hair are speculated to be in homage to another Pure Good, with a similar personality type, Lucas.


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