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Promote peace. And be happy, my son.
~ M'yrnn's last words to J'onn before sacrificing his life to save Earth.

M’yrnn J’onzz is a minor character in the Arrowverse, serving as a supporting character in Season 3 of Supergirl and a posthumous character for the rest of the series. He was the pacifistic High Religious Leader of Mars and the father of J’onn J’onzz who was captured by the White Martians during the war and held captive for centuries before eventually being rescued by his son and Supergirl in the present. Tragically, he would later sacrifice himself to save the world from Reign.

What Makes Him Pure Good?

  • While he initially had his son Malefic isolated away from the other Martians, he only did so out of good intentions because Malefic had an inherently dangerous ability to project pain onto others and enforce his will onto them, causing immense suffering even as just a child and he ensured Malefic that he loved him and prayed for Malefic every day to be free of the curse and be reunited with his family. However, once Malefic sided with the White Martians out of resentment, he felt unbearable pain and remorse for isolating Malefic and believed he had failed him.
  • Unlike other Martian leaders, he attempted to reason with the White Martians to stop all-out war.
  • He resisted torture from the White Martians for 200 years, refusing to tell them the location of the Staff of H’ronmeer to prevent the species from wiping each other out, protecting his own captors for centuries.
  • Although he was initially hostile towards his son, believing he wasn’t real and a White Martian trick, it is understandable considering he had been held captive and had tried to be deceived countless times by the White Martians, he realizes it was really his son and profusely apologizes before telling him and the White Martian resistance the location of the Staff of H’ronmeer, allowing them to obtain it from the White Martians and give it to Supergirl for safekeeping since it was a weapon too dangerous to be held by either side. He is also seen pleasantly conversing with the White Martian resistance, showing he isn’t a xenophobe despite everything the dominant White Martian faction did to him.
  • After realizing how his psychic practice to move his memories from the decaying parts of his mind to the healthy parts was causing psychic bleeds that were hurting others, he sacrificed his chance to do the practice and preserve his mind longer and told J'onn to place the power dampened on him. Afterwards, he called forth the entire DEO and apologized for what happened, feeling immense remorse over it.
  • He gave Supergirl and J'onn advice on how to stop Reign by appealing to her code and beliefs like he did so with the White Martians.
  • He initiated the process of transferring his memories to J'onn, even though it would mean losing himself forever when it was completed, putting all of Martian history and culture above his own life.
  • He sensed Earth was about to be destroyed by J'onn and put off the ceremony as the issue was too important. He then decided to sacrifice himself to save Earth by shapeshifting into the ground and bonding with it, apologizing to J'onn one final time for not being able to complete the ceremony even though J'onn told him not to apologize and advising J'onn to promote peace and live amongst the people.
  • His advice would inspire J'onn to adopt a pacifistic oath and retire from the DEO to become a private investigator to get more in touch with the community.
  • His spirit tricked J’onn into releasing his long buried anger to realize his identity as the Martian Manhunter, apologizing to J’onn since he felt he wasn’t clear that when he wanted J’onn to promote peace, he meant that he wanted J’onn to help the world in a way that is true to him, not that he wanted him to be like him and when J’onn felt remorse sinc he could no longer hold the sacred symbols, he comforted J’onn and told him that what was important was that he knew who he was. He later congratulated J’onn after he returned the sacred symbols to the Desert of T’ozz on Mars.
  • His spirit told J’onn not to blame himself for erasing Malefic from their memories and took full responsibility for what happened with Malefic, blaming himself and advised J’onn not to make the same mistake by informing him that Malefic needed his help as he was being held prisoner in National City and that in order to reach Malefic, he would need to fully open his mind to him and let down his psychic shield, allowing J’onn to redeem Malefic.



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