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Maddie is the main protagonist of the 2021 animated film, Back to the Outback. She is a big-hearted, caring and very sensitive Inland Taipan snake who lived in the Sydney zoo where she was always presented as a vile creature to humans until she got tired of being treated like a monster and then ran away with her others friends discriminated against for the Outback in an attempt to reunite with their families.

She is voiced by Isla Fisher who also voiced Beans in Rango and Toothiana in Rise of the Guardians.

What Makes Her Pure Good?

  • Believes that Chaz is good human first.
  • Didn't want anyone's fear and abuse by calling her "monster".
  • Wanted to save Jackie from people.
  • Told everyone escaping from the zoo and ruled the operation.
  • Tolerates Pretty Boy's rude and obnoxious behaviour and doesn't punish him through the entire journey.
  • Saved Pretty Boy and others from people by saying USS password.
  • Freed two cane toads - Doug and his love interest from cages even that would lead to terrible consequences.
  • Thanked an indigenous girl for saving them from Chaz Hunt.
  • Comforted Pretty Boy saying that he has to meet something better than love from people.
  • Didn't attack Chazzie Hunt when he tried to catch her revealing that she is also afraid of him.
  • Tearfully asks all outback inhabitants to save her friends saying that they're family.
  • While saving her friends, forgives them for losing her home and calls them family.
  • Saves Pretty Boy from biker.
  • Helped Chaz Hunt save his son Chazzie showing that she isn't "monster".
  • Although she has serious and comedic moments, she keeps the story or the mood lighthearted.


  • She is second pure good who is snake (after Viper).
  • She is second pure good to be voiced by Isla Fisher (after Toothiana).

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