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One must not take too much pride in their skills. I am skilled in both magic and manmade weapons, but this does not make me perfect. No man is perfect.
~ Malthus

Malthus is one of the two deuteragonists of Rethilor: A War of Sins and Virtues. He is an elderly wizard/warrior who has been protecting Rethilor for decades. He serves as Motomo’s mentor, and helped him become a better person.

What Makes Him Pure Good?

  • Decades ago, he led the humans fight against the sins for the first time. During this, he killed the Sin of Envy at the time, which made everyone see him as a hero. He is also a close worker with the virtues, so it’s likely he helps them out a lot.
  • He attempted to reason with Pride, and offered him peace so that the sins would leave the innocent people alone.
  • He mentored Motomo, and taught him several lessons. He helped him get stronger, learn magic, but also taught him to become a better person, and also taught him that nobody is perfect. This lead Motomo to save the world, making him responsible for it.
  • He helped defend Dragon Valley from the sins, and was helping the survivors.
  • He offered shelter to anyone who survived Pride’s latest genocide.
  • He showed disgust at Pride killing his own family for the sake of his ego.
  • With lots of combined magic from others, he blasted Wrath into space, never to be seen again.
  • For decades, he has been defending Rethilor, and continues to do so after the end of the story.
  • While he does have impatience with children, he never acts malicious or harmful towards them, as he just simply chooses to walk away miffed.
  • He always prioritises innocent lives before himself.
  • While he does act harsh sometimes, it isn’t out of ill intent, as he only wants the best for Motomo and Zoeflare.


  • He is one of the two pure goods in Rethilor: A War of Sins and Virtues, the other being Humility.

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