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Here we go!
~ Mario

Mario is the titular main protagonist of the Super Mario Bros. franchise. He was previously known as Jumpman, known as Dr. Mario in the Dr. Mario series as well as being Nintendo's mascot and the most famous video game hero ever.

He is the twin older brother of Luigi and the main love interest of Princess Peach. In the beginning, he only appeared in platform games, but has been featured in many racing, sporting and fighting games. He is arguably the most famous character in video game history.

In the games, he is voiced by Charles Martinet, in the live-action film, he was played by the late Bob Hoskins and the upcoming animated film, he will be voiced by Chris Pratt, who also voiced Emmet Brickowski.


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What Makes Him Pure Good?

  • He is a fantastic brother, friend, hero, person, etc.
  • He's constantly trying to save Princess Peach.
  • He always trying to help the Mushroom Kingdom.
  • Even when it slows him down in his main quest, he's pretty much always willing to help innocent bystanders with whatever problems they're dealing with due to finding himself unable to ignore those in need.
  • In certain games, like Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario Galaxy 2, he has saved the whole universe from destruction.
  • He rarely, if ever, holds a grudge against his enemies. For example, he never goes out of his way to act hostile towards Bowser despite the number of times he's kidnapped Princess Peach, terrorized the Mushroom Kingdom and tried to kill him, only stopping him every time he comes back to cause more trouble. He also allows Bowser and his gang to help him defeat bigger threats.
  • In Super Mario Sunshine, he cleaned up all the pollution caused by Shadow Mario/Bowser Jr. and returned the Shine Sprites to the shine gate, restoring their island to its former state and saving their way of life from being endangered.
  • At the end of Super Mario Odyssey's main story, he achieves world peace by fixing all the problems Bowser caused in each of the kingdoms he invaded, such as returning the precious objects he stole from each of them for the wedding, and undoing any damage that was done in the process. A couple of examples include restoring the Steam Gardens to their former glory by allowing the Steam Gardeners to grow flowers again in the Wooded Kingdom and restoring power/electricity to New Donk City in the Metro Kingdom, as well as going on to recruit musicians and restore the Underground Power Plant to ensure the success of the city's annual festival.
    • After they are both briefly rejected by Peach, Mario actually shows some sympathy towards Bowser, seemingly recognizing what it feels like to be rejected.
  • When he's not busy doing hero work, he creates kart races, parties, tennis rounds, golf courses, baseball games etc. and has parties with his many good friends. He also even invites his enemies to put aside their differences for peaceful moments.
  • He helped save the Sprixies from Bowser in Super Mario 3D World.
  • Despite normally being enemies, in Bowser's Fury, he was quick to help Bowser Jr. save his father and restore him to normal after he accidently turned him into Fury Bowser by painting his entire body while he was sleeping as a prank. As evidenced by his stern look when he was first listening to Bowser Jr.'s plea, it's evident Mario even suspected he caused the problem himself, but this didn't stop him from cheerfully agreeing to help him resolve it anyway.


  • Mario became Pure Good at the end of Super Mario Sunshine, but in the first eight Mario games, he wasn't that good (especially in Donkey Kong Jr. where he was the main antagonist there, though this case is no longer canon with the main Mario timeline), with his current personality not being completely defined.
  • It's currently unknown whenever or not if his animated movie counterpart will be Pure Good.
  • He, Link, Yoshi, Kirby, Fox McCloud, Pikachu (Pokepark Only), Luigi and Ness make up the 8 of the 12 fighters from the original Super Smash Bros. who are considered Pure Good.

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