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She's my mother now.
~ Mark, as he accepts Henry's challenge.

Mark Evans is the titular main protagonist of the 1993 psychological thriller film The Good Son.

He was portrayed by Elijah Wood, who later portrayed Frodo Baggins in The Lord of the Rings film trilogy and The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, Mumble in Happy Feet, and the title character in 9.


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What Makes Him Pure Good?

  • He is very heroic, friendly, brave, and was shown to be caring and protective of his loved ones.
  • He felt an immense amount of guilt when his mother died, showing that he cared for her deeply.
  • While he did conspire with Henry at first, it was only because he didn't know how much of a psychopath Henry was. When he found out Henry's true nature, he was horrified at the destruction Henry caused.
  • After Henry pushed the dummy, Mr. Highway, off a bridge and onto the road below, Mark tried to reach the dummy so it wouldn't fall and cause a car accident before it was too late.
  • He tried to warn his loved ones about Henry's behavior, even Dr. Davenport, and tells her that she should believe in evil.
  • He loved his aunt Susan and his uncle Wallace dearly, thinking of them as parental figures.
  • He also cares about his cousin Connie. An example of this is that when she went to sleep, Mark read her a bedtime story.
  • Another example is whenever Henry gets close to Connie, Mark pushes him away from her, worrying he might do something bad to his sister.
  • He tried to save his cousin Connie from drowning after Henry threw her into the ice rink.
  • After finding out that Henry poisoned the food, he immediately threw them away to prevent Henry from poisoning his loved ones.
  • Despite in some point he threat Henry to kill him with a weapon, is hard to say it was something bad as he totally deserved, so this is just a Heating-up Period.
  • When he found out that Henry attempts to kill Susan, he rushed to the cliff to try and save her. This shows that Mark was willing to go as far as risking his own life to save his loved ones.
  • During the final scene, he feels pity for Susan for being forced to choose him over Henry and opts not to ask her if she would make the same choice again for her sake.
  • Despite being serious, he doesn't darken the story at all. In fact, is the other way around, he lighten the story due to his goodness with his loved ones.


  • It's ironic that he is a complete foil to his psychopathic and monstrous cousin Henry, who is Pure Evil.

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