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Marta Cabrera is the main protagonist of the 2019 mystery film, Knives Out. She is Harlan Thrombey's personal assistant and closest friend, and because of that, Harlan chose Marta to be the inheritor of his estate and business.

She was portrayed by Ana De Armas.



Marta is an incredibly compassionate and generous woman. Unlike the rest of Harlan's family, Marta was the only one who was genuinely friendly to him and didn't attempt to use him for his money. Marta's most notable feature is her kind and forgiving heart. She held no anger toward Meg even when she betrayed her and revealed to her family that Marta's mother was an illegal immigrant to try and force her to give the inheritance back. When she saw Fran had been overdosed on morphine, despite believing that Fran knew she'd killed Harlan, instead of letting her die to keep her secret, she decided to call the police and get her to the hospital.

What Makes Her Pure Good?

  • She is Harlan's closest friend, spending time talking and playing Go with Harlan, being the only person who valued him as a person instead of for his wealth and status.
  • Remained cordial with the Thrombey family despite them subjecting Marta to verbal abuse, not respecting her Hispanic roots or even knowing her country of origin and blatantly speaking in a politically incorrect manner in front of her often.
  • When she believes she injected Harlan with the incorrect dosage of morphine, she tearfully tries to find the Nalaxone then attempts to call the ambulance when she can't find it. She only reluctantly agrees to go along with Harlan's plan to create a fake alibi for her in order to protect the status of her mother as an illegal immigrant.
  • When it's revealed Harlan left everything to Marta, instead of being happy at the prospect of having gained so much wealth, she is instead shocked and confused at the sudden turn of events.
  • She struggles greatly with the decision of whether or not to return the inheritance to the Thrombeys out of pity, even after how disrespectfully they treated her for several years.
  • The only reason she wants to keep the inheritance is not for the wealth she'd gain, but solely to honor Harlan's wishes, demonstrating the degree of respect she still holds for him.
  • She expresses gratitude towards Ransom for helping her, even though he only does so in exchange for a part of the inheritance.
  • Though she does decide to keep the money and make several attempts to cover up her crime, it is only done through Ransom's manipulations and in order to protect the legal status of her mother.
  • When she finds Fran overdosed with morphine and on the verge of death, Fran reveals that she knows the truth about Marta's role in Harlan's death. In spite of this, Marta calls the ambulance to save her life, knowing that she'd lose the inheritance and get arrested but accepting this regardless.
  • At the hospital, she attempts to confess to Detective Blanc, ready to accept her crime and go to jail.
  • Upon arriving at the Thrombey house, she embraces Meg, forgiving her for betraying Marta by revealing the truth about her mother being an illegal immigrant she'd confided to Meg alone.
  • She was ready to consider giving the inheritance back to the Thrombey family until Detective Blanc stepped in and assured the family Marta earned it.
  • Even after realizing that Ransom was responsible for the events that led to Harlan's death, had betrayed her, and even tried to kill her, she never showed any hatred toward him and only looked somberly as Ransom was taken away by the police.
  • Lacks any of the corrupting qualities the other characters have, only wanting to support her friends and family in whatever way she can.