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Mary Schmidt is the main protagonist of The Darkside of Memories, an animated horror film based on Five Nights at Candy's 3. In the film, she appears to be an innocent little girl but was most times scared due to having a bunch of nightmares and needed help from her parents and her doctor.



Mary Schmidt has brown hair and green eyes. In the film, Mary was shown wearing different clothes. However based her original version and when she was going to defeat Vinnie, she wears a green long sleeved shirt a dress that's black and black shoes.


Mary seems to be always kind, however she also seems to be easily scared and worried mainly due to her nightmares. She has also shown to be trusting as she always trust the doctor with helping her issues and is persevering and she kept attempting to defeat Vinnie. She has also shown be trusting by being capable of trusting Vinnie without herself being aware that Vinnie being her sweets was a trap. She is actually more brave than here original counterpart.

What Makes Her Pure Good?

  • In spite of being there at the crime scene, she didn't remember what she saw, however she could remember what she saw, Monster Rat and Monster Cat double-crossed Vinnie when Mary found out that he killed them both.
  • She tried three times to defeat Vinnie and she succeeded the third time due to her finding out the truth and it caused Vinnie to become weak.
  • Mary went to visit her mother's grave in order to thank her, this happened after she overcame her fear.
  • She was still capable of trusting Vinnie for bringing a candy in spite of his monstrous appearance. However she was unaware he just willing to get in and frighten her.
  • Mary had the ability trust Dr. Malcom to help her in her fear, she also told her about her first nightmare.
  • Mary was able to make it up to Lollipop by helping him remember the bracelet they created together and they stayed as best friends. This was when Mary remembered Lollipop and when he was upset about not being remembered.
  • Even though she was scared of death when she remembered the death of mother, she was capable of moving on later and that is one of the things that helped her surpass her fear (her mother's death was what led to Mary to be scared of Vinnie).


  • She, Glamrock Freddy, Chica and Bonnie are the only heroes in Five Nights at Freddy's to be Pure Good of the 3 she is the only one to be a human.


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