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Master Fu is the overarching protagonist of Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir. He is the (former) Guardian of the Miraculous who gifts the ladybug and cat miraculous to the main characters, Marinette and Adrien to become superheroes and protect Paris from the evil Hawk Moth.

What Makes Him Pure Good?

  • Although he was indirectly responsible for the destruction of the Order of the Guardians, it was accidental as the sentimonster he created named Feast to get food turned evil and destroyed the Guardians and the miraculous boxes. Fu was just a kid at the time so he couldn’t fight and instead ran away to save the last miraculous box from being destroyed. Not only did he feel incredible remorse for his accidental mistake, but he later defeats Feast and revives the Guardians with the help of Ladybug and Cat Noir in the present.
  • Protected the last Miraculous box for 172 years from evil-doers like the sentimonster, Nazi's, and Hawk Moth.
  • Escaped from France during the Nazi invasion and occupation to prevent the Nazi's from getting their hands on the Miraculous which would have doomed the world
  • When the butterfly miraculous resurfaces in the form of the mysterious supervillain Hawk Moth, he gives the ladybug miraculous/kwami called Tikki and cat miraculous/kwami called Plagg to Marinette and Adrien after witnessing their acts of kindness when he realizes he was too old to fight.
  • Healed Tikki when she became sick which allowed Marinette to become Ladybug again and defeat the villain of the week
  • Reveals his identity to Marinette as the last Guardian of the Miraculous and the importance of the Miraculous book as a spellbook and guide to Miraculous and their powers.
  • Forgives Marinette for lying to him about seeing Adrien with the book, telling her he understands why she wouldn't want to believe her love interest is Hawk Moth
  • Trusted Marinette with her decision to give back the spellbook to Gabriel Agreste to prevent Adrien from getting in trouble. Fu took pictures of the book with his phone as a reference.
  • He admitted that Hawk Moth may have good intentions with his plan to merge the Ladybug and Cat Noir miraculous to make a wish. However, he warned Marinette that for every wish there was a price to pay to keep balance which is why Hawk Moth is wrong and they must never lose their miraculous.
  • He frequently gives Marinette new miraculous to empower her friends to help her and Cat Noir defeat the villain of the week in numerous episodes in season 2 and 3.
  • Comforts Ladybug about hiding secrets from Cat Noir, telling her there will be a right time when they can reveal their secret identities.
  • Creates a water potion to allow Ladybug and Cat Noir to breathe underwater and defeat the aqua themed villain of the week and stop Paris from flooding.
  • Reveals his identity to Adrien as the last Guardian of the Miraculous and gives him different potions for new powers.
  • Forgave the Kwami's for leaving without his permission to go to a Kwami festival which left the heroes powerless when someone was akumatized. He understood they had good intentions and didn't mean to accidentally cause trouble.
  • Although he was initially skeptical of Marinette choosing the school bully Chloe to become the superhero Queen Bee with the Bee miraculous, he supported her decision when she said the ladybug miraculous made her a better person and perhaps Chloe could too as he thought that was a noble answer. (Master Fu sadly ends up being proven correct though when Chloe betrays the team to Hawk Moth at the end of season 3 which forces Fu to sacrifice himself)
  • Told Marinette that he wanted her to succeed him as the Guardian of the Miraculous when she accepted.
  • Apologized to Marianne for waiting so long to find her even though he only did it to protect her from the danger of being the Guardian.
  • Told an amnesiac Marinette and Adrien about their superhero alter ago's Ladybug and Cat Noir and how to transform into them.
  • After the villain of the week attacked Adrien's party, he gave the snake, horse, and monkey miraculous to Luka, Max, and Kim respectively along with giving Wayzz back to Nino so they could rescue a captured Ladybug and help her defeat the villain
  • He encouraged Marinette not to be consumed by superhero work and to go on her class field trip and have fun. He gave her the Fox miraculous just in case trouble started.
  • When Tikki and Plagg were captured by the villain Kwamibuster, he gave Marinette a new miraculous to protect her identity, rescue the kwami's, and defeat the Kwamibuster.
  • When the sentimonster was revived by Hawk Moth and Mayura, he decided to take back Tikki and Plagg and sacrifice himself to draw away the sentimonster from Paris since he didn't want Ladybug and Cat Noir along with the people of Paris to suffer for his mistake hundreds of years ago.
  • Realized that he shouldn't be consumed by guilt and trust Marinette and Adrien with the help of Wayzz. He gave Tikki and Plagg back to Ladybug and Cat Noir so they could defeat the sentimonster, save Paris, and revive the other Guardians of the Miraculous.
  • Moved and remained in the shadows after Hawk Moth discovered who he was.
  • Transformed into the Jade turtle to duel Hawk Moth and Mayura
  • Encased himself in a shell to prevent Hawk Moth and Mayura from killing him and stealing Wayzz.
  • Told Marinette that she was the best miraculous holder/superhero he ever knew when she suffered a breakdown when Hawk Moth looked like he won.
  • Sacrificed his memories to make Ladybug the new Guardian just as Hawk Moth destroyed his protective shell.
  • Forgave his former mentor Su-Han for stealing his cane and assaulting him.
  • Despite having serious moments, he is taken lightly and does not darken the story or mood.


  • Master Fu is, alongside Ladydragon, one of two Miraculous Ladybug characters to be Pure Good.

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