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Never put off until tomorrow what can be done today.
~ Master Wu's most famous quote and motto.
The best way to defeat your enemy is to make them your friend.
~ Another famous quote by Master Wu.

Master Wu, formerly known as Sensei Wu, is the chief protagonist of the Ninjago franchise. He is the son of the late and legendary First Spinjitzu Master who created Spinjitzu and the land of Ninjago and the younger brother of Garmadon. Following his father's death, he became the protector of the legendary golden weapons his father used to create Ninjago, hiding them away after defeating a corrupted Garmadon who sought the weapons to obtain ultimate power, recruiting the main characters to train as ninja decades later in order to find the Golden weapons to stop the reemerged Garmadon once and for all. He is the leader and mentor of the ninja and the former archenemy of Garmadon.

What Makes Him Pure Good?


  • He wanted to explore the Serpentine Valley and was fascinated by the Serpentine way of life, showing no prejudice towards them although he felt immense remorse for going into the Valley and technically violating the treaty between humans and Serpentine since no member of each side was allowed to go on the land of the other.
  • He befriended the Serpentine Aspheera and along with Garmadon promised to teach her Spinjitzu and unlike Garmadon who lied just so Aspheera could free them, Wu honored his promise and taught her Spinjitzu. He helped her up when she was having trouble learning Spinjitzu and made her promise to never use Spinjitzu for evil.
  • Once Aspheera revealed herself to be evil all along and overthrew King Mambo to take control of the Serpentine to declare war on humanity, Wu went back and defeated Aspheera using the Forbidden Scroll of Spinjitzu, saving all of Ninjago from war and restoring King Mambo to the throne even though King Mambo had previously imprisoned him. He was incredibly apologetic and remorseful.
  • Following his father's death and becoming a Spinjitzu master, he would protect the golden weapons for centuries in the monastery to prevent anyone from stealing them to gain ultimate power.
  • He defeated Samukai with Garmadon.
  • He adopted the young orphan Morro and trained him in the ways of Spinjitzu as his first student, eventually believing he could be the Green Ninja. However, once he saw the thought of being the legendary Green Ninja turned Morro arrogant and rageful and the Golden Weapons didn't respond to him, Wu felt sympathy for Morro but refused to give him the Green Gi as he wasn't the chosen Green Ninja. He then tried to convince Morro not to go on a suicide mission to find the tomb of his father to prove him wrong and kept the doors on the monastery open in hopes Morro would return.
  • He taught Misako Spinjitzu and sent her a love letter to confess his feelings for her. However, once his brother won Misako over (unbeknownst to Misako or Wu, Garmadon stole Wu's love letter and passed it off as his own to win Misako's affection at Chen Master Chen's suggestion), he felt happy for his brother and Misako, wishing them the best and showing no jealousy towards them.
  • He united the Elemental Masters to form the Elemental Alliance with Garmadon to defeat the Serpentine and end the Serpentine War to save Ninjago. He along with Garmadon and Mistake banished the Anacondrai generals who led the Serpentine to the Cursed Realm as punishment as they were too powerful to stay in Ninjago.
  • He had Kai and Nya's parents build the Hands of Time and used them to defeat the Time Twins Acronix and Krux when they betrayed the Elemental Alliance to try and conquer Ninjago following the war and depowered them with the help of Garmadon before sending three of the Time Blades away in a time vortex as they were too powerful for anyone to keep. He then gave the final time blade, the reversal blade, to Kai and Nya's parents to lock away in the Boiling Sea.
  • He defeated Garmadon and restored peace to Ninjago after Garmadon succumbed to the corruption from the Great Devourer bite he sustained long ago to prevent Garmadon from stealing the Golden weapons to gain ultimate power and attack Ninjago. However, he also tried to reason with Garmadon and stop him from falling into the Underworld.
  • He sealed the golden weapons away in different locations and placed guardians to protect them, knowing one day Garmadon would return to try and steal them again, and gave the map to the weapon's location to Kai's father for safekeeping.
  • He recruited Cole as the first of four chosen ninja to use the Golden weapons and stop Garmadon, comforting Cole over his mother's death and defending his father and convincing Cole to come train as a ninja with him.
  • He recruited Jay, inspiring him to never give up hope when his glider invention failed and convinced Jay to come train as a ninja with him.
  • He recruited Zane after waiting for him when Zane was testing his underwater breathing and convincing Zane to come train as a ninja with him.

Pilot Episodes

  • He saved Kai from Samukai and introduced himself and the legend of the four Golden weapons to him, convincing Kai to train with him to become a Fire Spinjitzu master so that they can go save Nya from Garmadon and Samukai.
  • He introduced Kai to the three other ninja/main characters Jay, master of lightning, Cole, master of earth, and Zane, master of ice, before giving them their famous color coded suits representing their elements and giving them their mission of finding the Golden Weapons, saving Nya, and stopping Garmadon.
  • He led the ninja to the Caves of Despair to find the Scythe of Quakes where they performed Spinjitzu for the first time using the lessons he taught them.
  • He saved Kai and Nya from Garmadon's shadows and recovered the Sword of Fire from him in the Fire Temple.
  • He sacrificed himself by sending himself to the Underworld with the Sword of Fire to keep the sword away from the other golden weapons which Garmadon stole and was bringing to the Fire Temple.
  • He defeated the skeletons and dueled Samukai for the golden weapons, warning Samukai once Samukai got all the weapons that he could not handle their power although sadly it was too late and Samukai died.
  • He pleaded with Garmadon not to go through the portal to escape the Underworld to conquer Ninjago and remake it into his own image, reminding him that their father wouldn't want Garmadon to do this to no avail.

Season 1

  • He warned the ninja not to become complacent just because Garmadon hadn't been seen yet and Ninjago was temporarily at peace, advising them to train as they still had yet to scratch the surface of their true potential. However, he still defended the ninja from Nya, telling her that he did believe they would reach their potential in time.
  • He saved Kai and stopped the fire Kai accidentally created by using the ice shurikens to put out the blaze and called out the ninja for stealing his scroll and learning about the Green ninja prophecy when they weren't ready but said it was fine if that is what it took for them to train.
  • He used the spirit smoke to learn that Lloyd had released the Serpentine and warned the ninja that Jamankai village was in danger.
  • He accepted the ninja's apologies for getting obsessed with becoming the Green Ninja and agreed to teach them the secrets of the golden weapons.
  • He defended Zane from the other ninja, telling them Zane was their brother and differences do not make someone weird, comforting Zane by telling his monastery was his home now.
  • He freed Cole from Serpentine brainwashing.
  • He stopped the other ninja from lashing out at Zane and told them to immediately apologize before realizing Zane left and hugged Zane when he came back, telling Zane they would all love for him to make dinner when he offered to.
  • He told Zane how proud he was of him when he found an old ship called the Destiny's Bounty as a replacement base for the destroyed monastery and promised to help Zane find his family.
  • He woke the ninja up to clean the Bounty, telling them they had to respect their home in order to respect themselves and praised the ninja for exceeding his expectations when the Bounty was spotless when he came back.
  • He released the ninja's dragons so they could head east to complete their metamorphosis into adults, informing the ninja about it so they could say goodbye.
  • He accompanied Jay with the others to meet Jay's parents and reminded Jay to respect his elders when Jay acted rude towards them and rushed them out.
  • He used his flute to defeat Fangpyre Serpentine with the help of Nya and reminded his nephew Lloyd of which side he should be on.
  • He revealed to the ninja that their weapons weren't working because they were an extension of their mind and if their minds weren't focused, neither would their weapons.
  • He smiled when Jay reconciled with his parents.
  • He taught the ninja exercises and gave them a riddle to solve being what is the best way to defeat an enemy and gave them the answer when they couldn't figure it out, telling them the best way to defeat your enemy was to make them your friend.
  • He redeemed Lloyd and decided to take care of him and let him stay on the bounty despite the ninja's protests, comforting Lloyd when he felt this Serpentine situation was all his fault since he released them, telling Lloyd it wasn't his fault and while they can't change the past, they can affect the present.
  • He enlisted Lloyd to help him teach the ninja a lesson about spreading rumors and accusing people without evidence.
  • He dispatched the ninja to Ninjago City to stop Pythor from uniting the five Serpentine tribes to awaken the Great Devourer.
  • He warned the ninja that Pythor would try to unite the Serpentine again and they needed to find a way to defeat him while also creating and giving the ninjas new uniforms to them.
  • He told the ninja not to be jealous over the mysterious new hero Samurai X who was stopping villains before them, pointing out to them that healthy competition could help them reach their true potential faster.
  • He dispatched everyone to go look for Lloyd when Lloyd went missing.
  • He revealed to Nya that he already knew she was Samurai X, giving her one of her weapons she lost and protecting her secret out of respect for her and because like he said iron sharpens iron/healthy competition is good.  
  • He taught the ninja that while they may have reached peak physical condition, they had also had to unlock their inner true potential ny conquering their fears in order to be able to stop the Serpentine from releasing the Great Devourer and told them about the origins of the Great Devourer and Garmadon's fall into evil from it.
  • He recruited Garmadon to help him rescue Lloyd from the Serpentine.
  • He stopped Kai from attacking Garmadon and informed the ninja that as long as Lloyd was being held captive, Garmadon would be their guest to help them rescue Lloyd and ordered the ninja to respect his brother.
  • He praised Nya for her skills as a Samurai and asked her to go up to the golden weapons to see if they would react which would confirm she is the Green ninja but respected her decision to not want to know.
  • He chastised Kai for attacking Garmadon for supposedly stealing the golden weapons when he actually asked Garmadon to fetch them.
  • He led the ninja and Garmadon to attack the Serpentine to rescue Lloyd.
  • He felt remorse that Lloyd being the Green ninja meant that Lloyd was destined to battle Garmadon and apologized to Garmadon over it.
  • He taught the ninja to turn the Serpentine's greatest strengths into their weaknesses by rendering their abilities useless, all to prepare for the mission to take back the three fang blades from the Serpentine.
  • He honored Garmadon by raising a glass in his honor and told everyone how they couldn't have gotten the gang blades without Garmadon's help and how he would miss Garmadon now that Garmadon left.
  • He set a course for Torchfire Mountain to destroy the fang blades to prevent the Great Devourer from ever being awoken.
  • He told the ninja that they would eventually have to go on without him after believing he was soon going to die since he could no longer use his far seeing spirit smoke and thanked Cole for saving his life.
  • He went to confront Pythor alone and fulfill his destiny, warning and trying to reason with Pythor that the Great Devourer would consume everything including the Serpentine. Once the beast was released, he told the ninja to do everything they could to stop it before seemingly being killed with Pythor by the Great Devourer.
  • He exclaimed how good it was to see the ninja after he was revealed to have survived after the Great Devourer was destroyed and reluctantly confirmed to Lloyd that while he would have to fight his father (who betrayed the heroes and stole the golden weapons for himself), that was yet to come and the ninja would train him to prepare as they were now the masters.

Season 2

  • He went with Nya to find parts to fix the ninja tank and get the dragon ointment he ordered which arrived.
  • He saved Lloyd from Scales with the help of Nya and sent Scales to prison while telling the remorseful ninja that their distractions of getting a fancy new home was a lesson on focusing on what is most important, training Lloyd.
  • He sensed Garmadon's victory of turning the golden weapons into singular powerful staff and realized Garmadon had disrupted the balance.
  • He sent the ninja and himself throughout the city to find a more suitable place to train Lloyd.
  • He warned Lloyd after he unlocked the power of the scythe of quakes that he needed to learn to control the power before the power controlled him.
  • He taught Lloyd a trust exercise to literally carry the ninja and him if he hoped to carry the weight of Ninjago City metaphorically and assured Darreth that they would save his dojo from being bought out.
  • He went with Nya to look for the missing ninja and once he learned from Lloyd that the other ninja got turned into kids by Garmadon and a ninja-hunting dinosaur called the Grundal, he got tomorrow's tea and gave it to the ninja to turn them back into young adults including Lloyd who sacrificed his childhood to use the potion to save the ninja and destroy the Grundal.
  • He led the ninja in confronting Garmadon when Garmadon gathered the Serpentine in Ouroboros for a final battle and encouraged the ninja to go stop Garmadon when Garmadon went back in time to erase the ninja from existence so Lloys never becomes the Green ninja. His past self helped the ninja stop Garmadon by getting Garmadon's golden staff so the ninja could destroy it and reset everything back to normal.
  • He led the ninja to the museum to clear out the merchandise nuisance when Serpentine venom gave them life and turned them evil.
  • He reunited with Lloyd's long-lost mom Misako and introduced the ninja and Lloyd to her. He also revealed he knew of the ancient evil Overlord (which was the actual dark lord the prophecy said Lloyd would face not Garmadon that Misako discovered that was related to the Green ninja prophecy as it was the embodiment of evil that existed since the creation of Ninjago with a stone warrior army that the First Spinjitzu Master exiled long ago only for traces to recently emerge, signaling the prophecy was near of the final battle between good and evil.
  • He helped distract the revived Stone Warrior so Lloyd could defeat it and save the museum and offered Misako the chance to stay with the heroes, which she accepted.
  • He looked at a past picture of him, Misako, and Garmadon in sadness at what Garmadon had become but he still didn't want to engage in a relationship with Misako out of respect for his brother when she said she should have chosen him and wanted to start one now.
  • He went over Misako's research about the Overlord and Green ninja prophecy with her.
  • He evacuated Ninjago City when the Stone army attacked and saved Misako from them.
  • He dispatched himself and the other heroes to the Dark Island on the Bounty to find a way to defeat the Stone Army but before leaving, he comforted Zane by showing him that while his father/creator may not be here like the others were to bid him farewell but there were some people (Zane's fans) who wished him good luck and said goodbye.
  • He warned the ninja to be quiet and not let the Stone Army find them once they got on the Dark Island and headed out to find the Temple of Light, telling Lloyd to stay back so he wouldn't prematurely start the final battle with Garmadon and helping Zane's father (who they previously met and got him to join their mission) build the vehicles for the ninja, bidding them farewell once they came back with the location and all went out to get to the Temple of Light with the vehicle.
  • He saved Misako from General Kozu, allowing her to place the Stone helmet back in its place on the Celestial Clock in hopes of stopping the final battle (although sadly it did not work).
  • He encouraged Lloyd not to give up and that he would be able to face his father for the final battle as
  • He went with Lloyd and Misako to face Garmadon while the ninja held off Nya who was corrupted by the Overlord's dark matter into an evil image.
  • He tried to reason with Garmadon one last time, warning him that if Garmadon used his ultimate weapon to corrupt Ninjago, the balance would be destroyed and everyone would pay dearly.
  • He led the ninja and Misako in holding off the Stone Army while Lloyd confronted the Overlord.
  • He reunited with and hugged Garmadon after the Overlord was defeated and Garmadon was purged of the Great Devourer venom and Overlord's possession to become good once again.

Season 3

  • He took over the Darkley Boarding School and turned it into his academy where he taught with the ninja and Nya following the defeat of the Overlord.
  • He evacuated the students from Borg Tower and saved Nya from the robots after the Overlord (who survived as a computer virus) took over Borg Tower and by extension all of New Ninjago City's technology.
  • He stayed behind to allow the ninja to escape from the city with the techno blades by tricking the Overlord into thinking he still had them.
  • He refused to give the Overlord any info after being captured.
  • He saved Garmadon after being freed from the Overlord's brainwashing.
  • He told Garmadon to have faith in Lloyd after Lloyd decided to come back and give away his golden power to restore the elemental powers to the ninja.
  • He assured the Post Man to keep looking for anagrams for the mysterious Project Arcturus Pythor and the Overlord were working on.
  • He sent Kai (who was the closest ninja) to intercept Pythor's convoy and once he got captured, he sent all the ninja to the Overlord and Pythor's base in Ouroboros to stop Project Arcturus and prevent the Overlord from getting the golden weapons.
  • He encouraged the ninja when they infiltrated the Project Arcturus rocket to change themselves if their conditions were unchangeable, allowing the ninja to figure out a way to get the spacesuits and get onto the rocket to infiltrate other rooms.
  • He launched the nanopill to shrink the Overlord  to defeat him, although it ended up hitting Pythor when he jumped in the way, shrinking and defeating Pythor instead.
  • He honored Zane with the rest of the ninja after Zane sacrificed himself to kill the Overlord once and for all.

Season 4

  • He ordered training for all the ninja and when only Lloyd showed up to do his training, he had Lloyd go look for the other ninja, acknowledging that while Zane's loss affected them all, they could let it tear them apart or bring them together.
  • He helped Nya fix the Bounty.
  • He comforted Misako when she lashed out at him as they didn't know where Garmadon and the ninja were, telling her that while he was worried too, he had faith they were okay with Garmadon to guide them.
  • He compliments Zane on his new titanium form and tells Garmadon that he did what any good brother would do when Garmadon thanked him for looking after Misako.
  • He came with the idea of going to Pythor and enlisting his help to fight Chen and his imposter Anacondrai as Pythor was the last real Anacondrai.
  • Although he initially distrusted the Serpentine for previously starting the Serpentine War, he realized he was wrong and that Chen actually tricked them into starting the war and was the true villain in that conflict, manipulating humanity and Serpentine against each other all along for his benefit.
  • He was willing to consider to Chen's truce offer of leaving Ninjago alone if he and the heroes left, pointing out to Garmadon that the ninja were scattered and stranded, and it might be the only way to save Ninjago on the chance Chen was genuine, but abandoned it once it was clear Chen was not.
  • Although he briefly (and very understandably) got angry at Garmadon when Chen revealed that Garmadon stole Wu's love letter to Misako and passed it off as his own to win over her love in the past and marry her, he forgave him and honored him at his memorial after he sacrificed himself to defeat Chen and his army, telling Lloyd when Lloyd said he was the son of Lord Garmadon that he was also the student of Sensei Garmadon.
  • He formed a plan to have the Elemental Masters make a final stand at the Corridor of Elders in Echo Canyons against Chen's army and notifying all their allies, human and Serpentine alike to fight against Chen's army.
  • He defeated several of Chen's forces and saved the Serpentine's leader Scales from them.
  • He with the ninja and Misako honored their and the Serpentine's ancestors who defeated Chen along with Garmadon's sacrifice at Garmadon's memorial.

Season 5

  • He retired to pursue his dream of starting a tea shop, convincing the ninja to help him get customers as they all depended on the success of the tea shop to pay for their uniforms and told them it would be a valuable lesson of not relying on their elemental powers as true power comes from within.
  • He evacuated the customers from the tea shop when Morro (who was possessing Lloyd attacked).
  • He stopped Morro from getting his staff and ordered everyone to evacuate on the Bounty.
  • He figured out the message in his staff that Morro sought was the clues to the location of the tomb of the First Spinjitzu Master and gave Morro his staff to save the ninja.
  • He told the ninja and Nya the origin of Morro and how he was his first student but also his greatest regret, blaming himself for Morro's fall even though it was destiny that Morro's own arrogance that destined he wouldn't be the Green Ninja and turned him evil and Wu did everything in his power to nurture and care for him.
  • He revealed to Nya that her/Kai's mother was the elemental master of water and she inherited her abilities before beginning training her to unlock her power.
  • He figured out Nya's weakness was her arrogance and temper that caused her to give up and lash out when faced with a difficult task and stick to the many things she was good at in order to help her overcome it and become the Water Ninja.
  • He treated Ronin politely upon meeting him even though Ronin was a selfish jerk to him.
  • He gave the ninja new uniforms embedded in Deepstone to make them immune from ghost possession from Morro and his allies.
  • He sent the ninja to the Wailing Aisles and the Cloud Kingdom to find the Sword of Sanctuary which was one of the clues to the tomb and allowed the holder to foresee the future which would be vital in defeating Morro.
  • He brought a captured Ghoultar aboard the Bounty for interrogation but stopped Ronin from torturing him, saying they needed to find other ways to get him to talk.
  • He rescued Cole, Jay, and Zane by bringing them back on the Bounty and kept it following Morro and Kai's fight, setting course for the tomb of the First Spinjitzu  master after Kai defeated Morro and came back with the Sword of Sanctuary.
  • He deciphered how to get the location of the tomb of the First Spinjitzu Master with Misako by bringing the Sword of Sanctuary and Scroll of Airjitzu together to reveal a map so they could get the Realm Crystal in the tomb to prevent Morro from using it to cross between realms and bring his master and her ghost army to Ninjago.
  • He dueled Ronin when he stole the Sword and betrayed the group in order to pay off his own debts and followed him onboard his dragon, realizing he wasn't on the helicopter and that he tricked them. He stopped the ninja from arguing and turning against each other after Ronin got away, stating that while they were all fooled by Ronin, it doesn't make them fools and they needed to put their heads together to figure out what to do next instead of fighting.
  • He stopped Nya from getting into an unnecessary battle with Morro's allies as it would only distract them and they needed to focus on the necessary battles ahead.
  • He sold his tea shop even though it was his retirement to Cyrus Borg so Borg could use the money from the tea shop to build new weapons and inventions for the ninja to balance the scales for the final battle against Morro and his master the Preeminent.
  • He tried to reason with Morro one last time to prevent a battle, warning him that the ninja would defeat him and that they could still end things peacefully (which Morro sadly rejected).
  • He used his elemental dragon to free himself, Misako, and all the people Morro had imprisoned at Stiix as the ninja began their attack.
  • He helped evacuate the people of Stiix once the Preeminent arrived and began her attack.
  • He saved Misako from falling to her death.
  • He told the heroes they had to fall back and protect the people as that was their priority and what Lloyd would have wanted, leading everyone to the ship to leave.
  • He had everyone dump all the things they didn't need to make the ship go faster so they could get away from the Preeminent.
  • He tried to save Morro after Nya defeated the Preeminent and the Preeminent was grabbing onto her allies to drown them with her, telling Morro that all of his students were his prized pupils and that it took others to make everyone including himself stronger. He begged Morro to take his hand and cried out in grief when Morro redeemed and sacrificed himself to give him the Realm Crystal so he could save Lloyd.
  • He saved Lloyd using the Realm Crystal to bring him back to the Ninjago realm.

Season 6, Dark Island, and Day of the Departed

  • He meditated with Cole and inspired him to unlock new powers as a ghost like invisibility and praised him when he did.
  • He dispatched the ninja to Stiix to stop Clouse who had escaped the Departed Realm while he went to the Domu library to discover that Clouse was after the Teapot of Tyrahn containing the evil djinn Nadakhan before being ambushed and imprisoned in the teapot by Nadakhan (who betrayed Clouse and tricked him into freeing him).
  • He refused to give up the location of the Realm Crystal to Nadakhan.
  • He saved Jay from falling asleep and getting trapped in the teapot after Jay came to rescue him, Misako, and the ninja, allowing them all to escape the teapot and come back to the world.
  • He realized that if the ninja defeated Nadakhan, his island Djinjago would fall and crush Ninjago and formed a successful plan to have him and the others protect the people while the ninja faced off against Nadakhan.
  • He offered Clouse a chance of redemption which Clouse rejected.
  • He gathered the ninja to celebrate the Day of the Departed and get Day of the Departed lanterns to honor those who have died before.
  • He went to honor his father during the Day of the Departed and when confronted by Morro (who got temporarily revived during the Yin-Yang eclipse with 6 other deceased villains), he prepared to reluctantly face him before realizing Morro was here to help and traveled with him to go warn the ninja.
  • He explained Yang's plan to resurrect himself by opening a rift between dimensions with reviving previous villains to distract the ninja.
  • He stopped the ninja from attacking Morro, explaining he was there to help.
  • He thanked Morro for his help when Morro returned to the Departed Realm once and for all.
  • He and the ninja arrived to help Cole which inspired him to redeem Yang and stop his plan and he agreed with the others to  use the Temple of Airjitzu as their new base.

Season 7

  • He confronted and battled Acronix at the old monastery when he returned to finish the fight they started decades ago.
  • He saved Acronix from falling to his death during their duel (which Acronix did not return the favor at all).
  • He explained to the ninja the origins of the Time Twins, Acronix and Krux, and how he defeated him with the help of Garmadon by using the Time Blades which the twins now sought.
  • He tells Misako about how he was hit with the Time Punch by Acronix which was rapidly aging him to death but told her not to tell the ninja as it would distract them from the far more important mission of stopping Arconix and Krux.
  • He told Lloyd not to blame himself for not being there to help him against his fight with Acronix, telling him he wanted all the ninja together and blamed himself for fighting Acronix alone, warning the ninja to stick together and always be vigilant as he made previously that mistake with Acronix.
  • He gave genuine advice/tried to reason with Acronix and Krux after they captured him that their celebrations were premature as his ninja were still out there to stop them and they were getting cocky, not that they listened to him though.
  • After following Acronix and Krux into the past where their previous battle took place and being cured of the Time Punch with the Reversal Blade with the help of Nya, he used the blade to reverse the Time Twins escape so he, Kai, and Nya could infiltrate their time machine the Iron Doom and face them.
  • He sacrificed himself by removing the Reversal Blade that steered the Iron Doom and stranding himself in time with Acronix and Krux to save Kai, Nya, and Kai's father and defeat Acronix and Krux once and for all and save the timeline, reversing back into a baby and due to being hit with the Time blade and eventually being discovered by the Sons of Garmadon prior to season 8

Season 8

  • He freed the ninja from their captivity by the Sons of Garmadon as a toddler, getting the keys to unlock their chains.
  • He saved a severely wounded Lloyd by telling the ninja to go to Mystake's tea shop so she could save him with healing tea.
  • He saved Kai, Cole, Jay, and Zane along with himself by telling them to use the bag Mystake gave them, which was really traveler's tea, to transport them to another dimension to save them from being crushed by a revived and evil Garmadon.

Season 9

  • After aging into a young child again but losing his memory, he went out with Cole to find food in the realm of Oni and Dragons where they were stranded in.
  • He figures out that there were tracks leading to where Kai, Zane, and Jay might be after they disappeared and led Cole to find them.
  • He tracked down Kai, Zane, and Jay to the Dragon Hunter's camp where they were imprisoned and convinced Cole to infiltrate the camp with him to rescue their friends, throwing a piece of vengestone to them so they could restrain Slab before leaving since he realized his presence as part Oni was irritating the dragons and making it worse, leaving to help them another way.
  • He tries to rescue the other ninja with Cole by using the Dragon Hunter's chain to "accidentally" free the ninja instead of shooting the dragon.
  • He helped construct a fake Firstbourne mech (Firstbourne being the mother of all dragons and dragon of the First Spinjitzu Master) with the ninja by secretly getting parts from the Dragon Hunters to build it.
  • He piloted the fake Firstbourne mech to distract the Iron Baron and the Dragon Hunters to allow Cole to free the other ninja but once the real Firstbourne attacked the camp, he convinced the ninja to free all the enslaved dragons in the camp as the Firstbourne was only attacking because of that and they had a responsibility to do what is right which stopped the Firstbourne attack and made the dragons depart peacefully.
  • After now becoming a teenager due to his rapid growth cycle and regaining a memory of his father teaching him and Garmadon a lesson as kids, he tells the ninja about this dream and revealed his heritage to the Dragon Hunter Heavy Metal to save the ninja, convincing Heavy Metal, who revealed her identity as a woman named Faith, to redeem herself and join them to find the Dragon Armor to stop Iron Baron from getting it and using it to control Firstbourne to be unstoppable.
  • Although he technically lied to Faith about knowing where the Dragon Armor was, it wasn't really a lie as he realized from his previous vision of his father that all he needed was Faith to find the armor and this was necessary to prevent the group from losing hope and turning back where they would face death as Zane pointed out.
  • He struck a conversation with Faith and sympathized with her over how Iron Barom forced her to wear a mask so no one knew she was a woman and told Faith of how beautiful Ninjago was and got her to reveal the origin story of the First Spinjitzu Master.
  • He alerts the group that the Hunters were following them so they can escape.
  • He saved Cole from Jet Jack.
  • He remorsefully admitted the truth to Faith at the Oni fortress that he wasn't sure where the Dragon Armor was as he just knew he needed was her which is why he lied and he ended up being proven right as he then discovered the map to the Dragon Armor by getting Faith to move the fortress door just like he knew all along he needed Faith.
  • He learned how to use a chain blaster and ride a dragon in order to survive the Realm of Oni and Dragons.
  • He went back to save Faith after she was let herself get captured to save him even if it was probably a trap and apologizes to Faith for not heeding her advice to leave after they all got captured even though Faith herself points out it wasn't really his fault.
  • He regained all of his memory and became Master Wu once again, breaking free of his bonds and battling the Dragon Hunters before surrendering and agreeing to lead the Iron Baron to the Dragon Armor once he realized he was outnumbered in exchange for the Iron Baron agreeing to release them all back to Ninjago once he got the Dragon Armor.
  • He tried to reason with the Iron Baron, asking him why he lied to his followers and pointing out he already controlled this realm so why did he need the Dragon Armor, and was disgusted by Iron Baron's answer of desiring limitless power and realms to rule while Baron himself admitting that it would never be enough.
  • He saved Iron Baron from falling to his death even though Iron Baron was ungrateful and pointed out himself that that was the perfect chance to get rid of him.
  • He enters the nest of the Firstbourne with the Iron Baron and prevents a dragon from waking up to attack them.
  • He defeats Iron Baron and liberated the realm of the Dragons and Oni from him after Baron betrayed the deal and put on the armor to order Firstbourne to kill Wu, revealing to Iron Baron that he expected his treachery all along and tricked him as the Dragon Armor of the First Spinjitzu Master didn't have the power to control the Firstbourne. The Firstbourne followed his father because of his father's heart and compassion, warning the Iron Baron about what she sensed in him, but the Iron Baron didn't listen and got defeated once and for all.
  • He befriends and rides the Firstbourne back to the ninja, Faith, and the redeemed Dragon Hunters, thanking/bowing to the ninja for guiding him while they were in this realm, successfully asking permission from the Firstbourne to take them home and offering to Faith to come with them to Ninjago and happily bid her farewell when she decided to stay in the First Realm to lead her people.
  • He rode Firstbourne back to Ninjago with the ninja on her dragonspawn and reunited with Lloyd and Nya along with the rest of the Ninjago resistance to Garmadon's rule.
  • He ordered the ninja to stop Garmadon's colossus while he and Lloyd went to confront Garmadon.
  • He battled Garmadon with Lloyd but after getting knocked away, he leads the allies of the ninja in helping them chain up and destroy the colossus once and for all.
  • Following the defeat of Garmadon and aging back to his elderly self once again, he tricked the ninja into coming outside quick as there was supposedly "trouble" but in reality it was just to get them to the large celebration the people of Ninjago had for saving them once again.
  • He comforted Lloyd when Lloyd was feeling down and believing that because of Garmadon there may never be lasting peace, telling Lloyd that just because the world isn't perfect doesn't mean they should give up on it and learning from him that the Oni were coming.

Season 10

  • He had the history of Ninjago painted along the walls of the monastery and showed it to the ninja, reminding them of all their adventures and praising them for their heroism.
  • He went to Faith and the Firstbourne's aid when they crashed near the Monastery and learned from Faith that a darkness was coming and alerted the others, healing Faith and Firstbourne and discovering that the darkness was the Oni, ordering the Ninja to warn Ninjago City.
  • He told Faith not to blame herself for the Oni darkness taking over her realm and petrifying her people, reminding her that only the evil was to blame.
  • He went to the ninja to join them in their last stand against the Oni.
  • He saved Nya and Lloyd from the Oni.
  • He along with Garmadon and the other ninja joined with Lloyd to create the Tornado of Creation to defeat the Oni and save all the realms as Lloyd predicted the tornado would.
  • He was the only one to bid Garmadon farewell, smiling to Garmadon as Garmadon left the Monastery in what is so far his final scene, and he had the ninja paint this adventure on the Monastery wall to celebrate.

Season 11

  • He called out the ninja for becoming lazy and literally doing nothing but relaxing for over 6 months after the Oni's defeat, testing them all, and making them realize he was right which inspired them to go on a quest.
  • He told Lloyd that he wasn't going to give them a quest tip as the ninja had to figure it out on their own as adventure doesn't come to those who are idle but those who actively seek it.
  • He thanked paperboy/girl Nelson and Antonia for telling him the ninja were in trouble and told Nelson that his courage and selflessness in coming all this way to the monastery reminded him of Lloyd before bidding them farewell and informing P.I.X.A.L of the ninja's situation.
  • He informed Kai, Cole, and Jay that Aspheera wasn't looking for Garmadon but for him and revealed to the ninja the origin story of Aspheera and how he stopped her from starting a war between human and Serpentine after she betrayed him which is why she wants revenge after being freed from her imprisonment.
  • He had P.I.X.A.L activate the monastery's new defenses to hold off Aspheera's forces.
  • He was consumed with remorse as he felt responsible for the ninja's quest leading to Aspheera's return and Kai losing his powers even though it wasn't his fault but the ninja's for opening a tomb without leading the engravement first and he was willing to sacrifice himself to save P.I.X.A.L, Jay, Cole, and Kai when they were trapped in the monastery by Aspheera's forces, repeatedly apologizing and telling them that he couldn't be their master and teach them responsibility if he ran away from his own before Kai apologized for being a jerk and convinced him they still needed him and they had to stick together.
  • He told the ninja they needed the second Scroll of Forbidden Spinjitzu to defeat Aspheera but warned them to be careful with it.
  • He battled Aspheera's forces once they came in and mourned Zane's seeming death by Aspheera.
  • He figured out from Aspheera when visiting her in prison that she didn't kill Zane but banished him to the Never-realm and raced out to rescue Zane.
  • He informed the ninja about Zane still being alive but trapped in the Never-Realm and told them he had to go alone with the traveler's tea to bring him back as it was his responsibility and he couldn't risk any more lives.
  • Although he fought the ninja to get the traveler's tea they took from him, he only did as a last resort and to actually protect the ninja, pleading with them after they tied him and gagged him not to go and remorsefully revealing to P.I.X.A.L after the ninja left that he was trying to warn them all along that traveler's tea won't work in the Never-Realm and he had lied so he could go alone and dedicating himself to trying to get them back for the rest of the season.
  • He repeatedly used traveler's tea to keep opening dimensions until he and P.I.X.A.L found the Never-Realm and congratulated P.I.X.A.L for defeating the Preeminent and returning her back to the Departed Realm when it temporarily broke through.
  • He remorsefully looked at a picture of the ninja when he thought they weren't coming back but came outside once P.I.X.A.L informed him of the portal and realized it was them, happily hugging and welcoming the ninja home and tearfully reuniting with Zane.

Season 12

  • He went with Zane and P.I.X.A.L to question Colton Dyer's parents and find out his whereabouts as Dyer was the suspected villain Unagami, promising Dyer's mom that he would tell Dyer to come home.
  • He searched for a kidnapped Zane using security cameras and after getting kidnapped by the Mechanic's forces, he tried to tell Zane not to give up the Motherboard to him so he could finish the gate to allow Unagami to enter the real world even though the Mechanic threatened to hurt him to get Zane to hand it over. After Zane did, Wu sent a distress call to P.I.X.A.L to rescue them.
  • He helped escort Milton Dyer to Borg Tower so Dyer could reason with and redeem Unagami.

Season 13

  • He greeted King Vangelis on behalf of the ninja, complimenting the kingdom of Shintaro for its beauty and stating how it was their honor to be invited by King Vangelis.
  • He stopped Kai from lashing out at King Vangelis and instead sought out Princess Vania to show them where the underground dungeons were so they could rescue Cole.
  • He stayed behind with Princess Vania to cover for the ninja while they were gone to rescue Cole.
  • He went to Princess Vania and Cole to convince King Vangelis to send his guards to defeat the evil Skull Sorcerer and rescue the other ninja who were lost in the caves before confronting Vangelis when he revealed himself to be the Skull Sorcerer.
  • He told Cole to grab his arm while they were falling into Vangelis' pit so Princess Vania could rescue them but when her wingsuit couldn't hold all of them and they all fell, he complimented Princess Vania for handling the situation well since he and Cole didn't have a plan.
  • He freed Cole from a spider's web cocoon.
  • He comforted Cole and inspired him to unlock his true elemental potential by telling him to stop worrying about escaping from Vangelis' pit and let the earth connect with him, allowing them and their new friends, the party adventurers Korgan, Plundar, and Fungus  to escape.
  • He deflected lava balls from the lava monster back at him to save the group.
  • He revealed to the rest of the group that the Heart of the Mountain they discovered was the temple of the Masters of Earth and encouraged Cole to open it as only an Earth Elemental Master could.
  • Although he was depressed at the beginning of the season as he believed the ninja no longer needed him, he realized with the help of Vania that they still did, inspiring Cole to not give up in trying to do the Spinjitzu burst, reminding both of them that ninja never quit and from now on neither do masters.
  • He gave a speech to the rest of the group, inspiring them not to lose hope despite their dire situation and was the first to support Cole's plan to escape back to the surface.
  • He stayed behind with Princess Vania to hold off Halimar and the Royal Guard to allow Cole and the others to escape.
  • He saved the ninja from the Grief Bringer dragon and led Princess Vania and the Shintaro Royal Guard as reinforcements to aid the ninja, Geckle, and Munce.
  • He destroys the Grief Bringer once and for all.

The Island

  • He went on an expedition with Misako, Clutch Powers, and Power's interns to confirm Misako's theory on an uncharted island near a storm belt and explored the jungle once they got shipwrecked on the island from the storm.
  • He greeted the ninja and assured them he and the rest of the expedition were fine after being imprisoned by the Keepers.
  • After being freed by Lloyd, he went out to look for Jay with the others.
  • He saved Misako from one of the Keepers.

Season 14

  • He revealed to the ninja the reason Nya's powers were not working was because wind and water weren't elements under the control of the First Spinjitzu Master but the dragon spirit Wojira and revealed the legend of Wojira to them.
  • He sent most of the ninja on a mission to go to the underwater trench to figure out what the mysterious energy signal that was disrupting Nya's powers and causing problems was while he, Cole, and Kai stayed back to protect Ninjago City.
  • He convinced Nya to go on the journey to the trench when she began having doubts due to her insecurities.
  • He conducted an experiment to see the effects of Elemental powers on former Elemental Masters with the help of Kai and his father Ray as the willing subjects before leaving with them, Cole, and Misako to go to the Explorer's club to confront Clutch Powers and get back the Storm Amulet he stole.
  • He got the amulet back from Clutch and dueled Kalmaar for it.
  • He saved Cole from Kalmaar.
  • He thanked papergirl Antonia for her help in protecting the amulet even though she pointed out she still lost it to Kalmaar, telling her she did everything she could.
  • He surrendered to Kalmaar when he held Misako and the others hostage and answered his question of what a ninja means, telling Kalmaar it was someone who protects before Kalmaar cut him off before going back to fighting Kalmaar's forces once Nya freed him and the others.
  • He told Nya and Jay to get to the police station to meet up with him and the others. After learning that Kalmaar had awoken Wojira, he told P.I.X.A.L to get her submersible combat crafts ready and issue an emergency evacuation of the city.
  • He saved news anchor Gayle Gossip and her anchor Vinny from Kalmaar and Wojira.
  • He saved two young children from Kalmaar and Wojira.
  • He ordered everyone to retreat and regroup to make a plan to stop Kalmaar, tricking Kalmaar into thinking he was still on the abandoned Bounty whilst in reality going to the abandoned news building and having everyone meet up there.
  • He tried to stop Nya from sacrificing herself but once she did and became the ocean, he assured Jay that they would all accompany him to help her stop Kalmaar once and for all.
  • He fought off Kalmaar's forces with the others.
  • He tried to convince Nya not to leave as she was now the ocean and gave the eulogy at her funeral, reminding everyone of her courage and strength that saved them time and time again and that she would always be with them even if they couldn't save her.

Season 15

  • Wu went over all the scrolls in his library for a year in hopes of finding a solution to bringing Nya back. When Cole tells him of the Vengestone crisis, they agreed to get the team back together.
  • He stopped Aspheera from leaving and refusing to save Nya by reluctantly agreeing to her petty demands to settle scores through various games.


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