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Maurice is the deuteragonist of the Planet of the Apes reboot trilogy.

He serves as a major character in the 2011 film Rise of the Planet of the Apes and the deuteragonist in the 2014 sequel Dawn of the Planet of the Apes and the 2017 sequel War for the Planet of the Apes. He is a former circus orangutan who was eventually freed by and granted heightened intelligence from the ape revolutionary leader, Caesar. Maurice serves as Caesar's closest friend and adviser. He also serves as the ape colony's teacher and mentor to all the younger apes, teaching them how to communicate through sign language and all the laws that Caesar has put in place for all of them to live better lives.

He is played by Karin Konoval.



Maurice is a calm and level-headed, yet empathetic individual. When first introduced, he asked Caesar if he was alright after his fight with Rocket and bonded with him. He possesses a strong sense of loyalty towards Caesar and his brethren, helping Caesar free the apes all across San Francisco. Despite having only seen the bad side of humanity, he does not allow this to impair his judgement, as he was against the idea of attacking the human colony. After spending some time with the young boy, Alexander, he came to see humanity's good side and get over his former prejudice.

Despite his loyalty towards Caesar, Maurice has a strong moral compass and will not hesitate to object to his leader if he disagrees with any of his decisions. When they encountered a young girl, Caesar was ready to abandon her, but Maurice insisted they bring her with them. Then, after Luca's death, Maurice pleaded with Caesar to stop his quest for revenge, noting that he was beginning to sound like Koba.

Power and Abilities

As an orangutan, Maurice possesses above-average strength, which allowed him to throw a manhole cover with enough force to shatter a car windshield. Even before being exposed to the ALZ-113, Maurice was notably intelligent for an ape, being able to communicate with Caesar through sign language. After Caesar exposed Maurice to the virus, Maurice's intelligence increased, and he served as one of Caesar's top advisors.

What Makes Him Pure Good?

In General

  • Though he did throw a man-hole cover at a police car and possibly killing the police officer during Caesar's liberation of the apes and stealthily killed a soldier while rescuing the apes imprisoned by Colonel McCullough, it was only done out of self-defense and to help his fellow apes and falls under the rules of war.
  • Maurice lacks any of the corrupting qualities that the other characters possess, and despite having only seen humanity's bad side, he does not give in to his hatred like Koba did and comes to see the good in humans.

Rise of the Planet of the Apes

  • He is the only ape to be friendly towards Caesar after he first arrives at the shelter.
  • After Caesar's fight with Rocket, Maurice asks Caesar if he was seriously injured, delighting Caesar to know there was another ape who knew sign language, making him Caesar's first ape friend.
  • He nods in gratitude to Caesar for increasing his intelligence with the ALZ-113 virus.
  • When he is freed alongside the other apes, he does not partake in the beating of Rodney, the other worker there who never abused the apes like Dodge did.
  • He took part in the liberation of the apes from the Gen-Sys Laboratories.

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

  • Maurice serves as one of Caesar's closest advisors of the new ape colony, to the point that Caesar even views him as a brother. He also serves as a teacher for the young apes, teaching them sign language and the rule of "Ape not kill Ape".
  • When the apes discover that humans are still alive, the council deliberates over what their next course of action should be. Maurice, despite having only seen the bad side of humanity, disagrees with Koba's idea of attacking the humans immediately, not wanting to risk the lives of either apes or humans.
  • When Maurice looks at the contents of a satchel belonging to a young boy named Alexander, he grows fascinated with them and with Alexander.
  • At the dam, Maurice and the others help Malcolm escape before they drown.
  • When Koba prepares to attack Malcolm and Alexander, Maurice protects them.
  • He goes to spend time with Alexander to learn more about humans, where the two of them read from Alexander's novel and bond.
  • After Caesar is shot and the ape colony is set on fire, Maurice tells the humans to run before they're killed.
  • He was not seen as part of the attack on the human colony, which implies that he did not support Koba's decision to start a war with the humans.
  • Maurice refuses to acknowledge Koba's tyrannical rule despite being imprisoned as punishment.
  • When Blue Eyes sees Maurice, Rocket and Luca imprisoned, Maurice tells Blue Eyes to protect himself.
  • He takes part in the operation to stop Koba's tyrannical rule.

War For the Planet of the Apes

  • Two years after Koba's death and the start of the war, Caesar expresses shame over not having seen how deep Koba's hatred for humans ran, and Maurice comforts Caesar and insists no one could have known how much darkness was inside Koba's heart.
  • He is deeply saddened by the deaths of Blue Eyes and Cornelia, and goes with Caesar to help him get revenge on Colonel McCullough for their deaths.
  • When they encounter a young girl who lost the ability to speak, Caesar prepares to leave her, but Maurice objects, insisting they take her with them.
  • After Luca is killed, Maurice asks Caesar to stop his quest for revenge and not risk their lives any more, comparing Caesar's words to Koba.
  • Maurice gives the young girl her name, Nova, fully accepting her as his foster daughter and a member of the ape colony.
  • He helps in freeing the ape colony from McCullough's imprisonment and saving them from the avalanche.
  • Upon learning of Caesar's mortal wounds, he is deeply saddened by his impending death. Maurice is there for Caesar's final moments, telling Caesar that he would ensure Cornelius would know who his father was and what he did for apes.


  • Maurice is the only character who is considered Pure Good in the movie series.

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