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The rainbow is fighting back!
~ Megan Williams

Megan Williams is the protagonist of the animated series My Little Pony n' Friends. She is a 13-year old girl who lives on a farm, and is summoned by Firefly to save Dream Valley from Tirac. After defeating him, she has many more adventures helping her new friends and protecting Dream Valley.

She was voiced by Tammy Amerson in Rescue from Midnight Castle, Escape from Catrina, and the movie, and by Bettina Bush for the rest of the series.

What Makes Her Pure Good?

  • She agrees to help save Dream Valley from Tirac, despite doubting her abilities.
  • She fights off one of Tirac's dragons with her bare hands, when it tries to abduct her friends.
  • When a bridge gives way and Applejack falls into a river, Megan instantly dives in after her.
  • She comes up with a plan to infiltrate Tirac's castle.
  • She helps rescue the enslaved ponies and destroys Tirac with the Rainbow of Light.
  • She's a good older sister to Danny and Molly, and does her best to protect them.
  • She acts as a mother figure to the ponies, teaching them about friendship and protecting them from threats.
  • She's generally fearless, even marching up to one villain unarmed to demand that they release her friends.
  • She's willing to give villains a chance to redeem themselves, and only uses force against villains who are irredeemable.
  • She is accepting of those who are different, being kind to Wind Whistler and scolding the other ponies for making fun of her.
  • She befriends Spike even though he once worked for Tirac, and defends him from a "dragon slayer" who thinks all dragons are evil.

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