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~ Melony's catchphrase.

Melony is a major character in the adult-animated web series SMG4.

She serves as a minor character in Season 9 and one of the two main protagonists (alongside SMG4) of The SMG4 Cosmology Lore trilogy, more specifically as a supporting character in Season 10, one of the secondary antagonists of The YouTube Arc, the tetartagonist of Season 11 and the Genesis Arc. a major character in The SMG4 Movie: 10 Year Anniversary Special, one of the two main protagonists (alongside Saiko Bichitaru) of Season 12 and the main protagonist of the Revelations Arc and SMG4 Movie: REVELATIONS.

Formerly an ordinary watermelon, she was transformed into a sleepy humanoid girl with godlike powers by the Fierce Deity mask. She is also Axol's girlfriend and (heavily reluctant) killer.

She is voiced by Kayleigh Smyth, also known by her VTuber alias of Wolfychu. In WOTFI 2021, her singing voice is provided by Hackerling.

What Makes Her Pure Good?

  • While she was initially amoral due to being an inanimate watermelon, she gained proper moral agency after being transformed into a human.
  • Whenever she hurts her friends or causes destruction, she is always quick to apologize.
  • She is generally innocent, helpful and supportive to her allies.
  • Moments after being transformed into a human, she helped Mario remove the Mario Mask from Meggy Spletzer.
  • In "SMG4: The Intruder...", unlike the others who are scared of it or want to kill it, Melony is instead calm and curious of the bee that entered Peach's Castle.
  • In "SMG4: The Melony Felony", she falls out with Axol (if for good reason, as he was being overly obsessive of her), but eventually accepts his apology and mends her relationship by the episode's end.
  • She helps Mario and Bob manage and protect their hotel.
  • In The SMG4 Movie: 10 Year Anniversary Special, she helps SMG4 rescue Mario from Niles, and also saves Axol from SMG0's zombified Mario Recolors.
  • She defeats Tricky in order to help her friends defeat Mommy Mearest and free themselves from their rap curse.
  • She dismantles the robot bed to free Mario from its clutches.
  • She helps her friends traverse their way through the Dark Web to SMG1 and SMG2's Guardian Pod.
  • In "SMG4: Mario's Internet Safety", unlike Mario and Bob, she follows proper internet safety rules and etiquette, and eventually graduates as a well-versed internet surfer.
  • When Axol is put into a coma by SMG0, she stays by his hospital bed.
  • When SMG0 fully possess Axol and transforms him into Ax0l, she helps the others fight him, as well as entering his mind to contact the true Axol.
  • In "SMG4: War of The Fat Italians 2021", she complete multiple challenges in order to help SMG4's Gang progress towards saving Mario.
    • While she does leak Dr. Eggman's nudes in one such challenges, this was only because it was necessary to progress further, and overall doesn't show much lecherous intent in doing so.
  • She encourages SMG4's Gang to rescue Mario and defeat Ax0l.
  • She enter Ax0l's mind and executes Axol by his request, destroying Ax0l and preventing him from destroying the SMG4 universe (although SMG0 as a whole is implied to still be alive).
    • Melony also shows extreme reluctance in killing Axol, tearfully pleading for him to be another way, though she ultimately relents as she understands it is the right thing to do, though not before revealing that she reciprocates Axol's love for her.
  • Weeks after Axol's death, she decides to continue his legacy by drawing manga herself.
  • Although she rampages across the Mushroom Kingdom upon ascending to her Fierce Deity form, it is implied that she is not under control of herself in this form, and tearfully apologizes after seeing the damage she caused.
    • In SMG4: REVELATIONS, it was revealed that Niles attached to Melony, and was implied to have been the cause of her rampages.
  • In the Tug-Of-War game in "SMG4: If Mario Was In.... SQUID GAME", when Meggy says to her that she's sorry (since, if she wins, Melony and her team will be eliminated), Melony tells her not to be, as it's only a game.
  • In "SMG4: Mario Suffers Infinite Detention", she defends her friends from being attacked by Swag.
  • In "SMG4: Mario and The God Box", while she did nearly kill SMG3 in her Fierce Deity Form she was able to snap out it before doing so. Even though SMG3 was about to betray them, she felt remorse about it and still considered him a friend.
  • While she, in her Fierce Deity form, opened a portal to the Great Beyond to obtain the God Box along with Box Club Leader during "SMG4: Absolute Betrayal", she was being possessed by Niles, who turned out to be not only a piece of her imagination, but also revealed to be SMG0 himself, making this SMG0's actions, not Melony's.
  • In "SMG4 Movie: Revelations", she fought and defeated Niles as Zero the virus, saving the entire multiverse.
  • In "Mario Goes To A Zoo", she wanted to use her powers to stop Bob, but, as sloth adviced, she played on guitar and reconciled everyone instead.
  • In "DO NOT ENTER", while she did help Saiko and Meggy beat up Mario, it was only because she didn't understand that he was in pain, so this was more out of naivety rather than corrupting.
    • Either way, he deserved it for trying to go into Saiko's secret room when she told him not to.
  • While she did try to kill Niles, it was justified, as he was almost completely irredeemable, and the fact that he would have destroyed the multiverse if kept alive.


  • Melony is the second SMG4 hero to be Pure Good, after Tari and following SMG0.
    • She is the only one to be exclusive to the main series, as Tari was created as tie-in to the Meta Runner series.
  • So far, she is the only Pure Good hero to have a page on the Villains Fanon wiki seen here.

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