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Mera is a major character in the DC Extended Universe, serving as a supporting character in Justice League and the deuteragonist of Aquaman. She is the Atlantean princess of Xebel and the love interest of Aquaman along with the ex-fiancée turned archenemy of King Orm/Ocean Master.

What Makes Her Pure Good?

  • Guards the second Mother Box in Atlantis
  • Duels Steppenwolf to prevent him from getting the Mother Box.
  • Convinces Aquaman to help the Justice League defeat Steppenwolf.
  • Despite only seeing the worst examples/effects of humanity from pollution to piracy, she showed compassion towards humanity unlike the rest of her people and Orm, telling Aquaman it would be wrong to judge a people and place she had never seen before.
  • Travels to the surface world and convinces Aquaman to help her stop Orm from declaring war and attempting genocide on humanity.
  • Saves Aquaman and his father from a tidal wave by King Orm.
  • Saves Aquaman from being killed by Orm.
  • While she has a brief moment of being critical of humanity, it was caused by her anger toward Aquaman for abandoning his Atlantean heritage and being rude and hateful to them and her. Her criticisms of humanity's treatment of the environment were completely accurate as Aquaman admits and Mera quickly backs down once told of the good things about the surface and later experiences them for herself, growing to like the surface and humanity as a whole.
  • Activates the first clue to finding the Trident of Atlan and recovers the bottle that will take them to the next clue and the Trident.
  • Destroys the Atlan’s message to prevent Orm from following them.
  • Gives a coin to a human girl in Sicily to put it into a fountain to make a wish and entertains her by using her powers to create sea animals out of water.
  • Defeats Captain Murk and his Atlantean soldiers.
  • Saves Aquaman from Atlantean soldiers.
  • Stops the Atlantean civil war and Orm’s attempted genocide by convincing her father and the rest of Orm’s army that Aquaman is the true king so they should stand down.
  • Rescues Vulko from his imprisonment by King Orm.
  • Declares Aquaman to be the one true king of the ocean after he defeats Orm to the joy of the Atlanteans.
  • In the Knightmare Future, she courageously teams up with Batman, Cyborg, Flash, Deathstroke, and the Joker to save the entire multiverse from the malevolent wrath of Darkseid. She mistakes Superman for willingly being guilty of the murder of Aquaman and wants him to see justice, and tells off Batman for callously disregarding her feelings and calls him out on this. While she's oblivious to the Man of Steel being under Anti-Life and the Lord of Apokolips being the one to kill her beloved, the intention counts.


  • Mera is one of the three DCEU Pure Goods alongside Superman and Jor-El.


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