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Saori, I wanted you to suffer as much as I did. Because I thought that was fair. But at the same time, you probably wanted to be saved as much as I did. You would also want to be happy. As much as I hoped. Saori, I know the reason why you are obsessed with Atsuko. Even if you deceived countless people and drove them into despair, if you could save someone in the end, there was such a wish that your miserable life of suffering could be saved by that too. that's it I know. Because Seia-chan was like that too. Yeah, so, Arius Squad, I'll pray for you. As much as I wanted my pain to go away, I want your pain to go away. As much as I longed for a second chance... … I hope you have a chance next time. As much as I longed to be forgiven, so I will forgive you. I think that's a better ending than <fair>.
~ Mika forgives Saori Joumae.


Mika Misono (In Japanese: 聖園ミカ, Misono Mika) is a major antagonist turned supporting character in the 2021 roleplay RPG game, Blue Archive. She is one of the three student council presidents at Trinity General Academy and the head of the Pater Faction, one of the three major factions that make up the Tea Party, Trinity's student council. She is the central antagonist turned one of the main protagonists of the main story's third volume, the "Treaty of Eden" alongside Saori Joumae. She is also a supporting protagonist in the final volume, "Where All Miracles Begin".

She is voiced by Nao Tōyama.

What Makes Her Pure Good?[]

  • Mika, fitting the theme of Trinity that is angels and etiquette, is an innocent teenager who happens to be one of Trinity's student council presidents. Like most Trinity students, Mika hates Gehenna Academy, Trinity's opposing school, which sources from the long past. However, her hatred is just that, an emotion with no actual backing or reason, which unfortunately got the best of her and led to her decision to cooperate with Trinity's exiled branch, Arius Branch School, to attempt a coup and cancel the ongoing Eden Treaty, a peace treaty between Trinity and Gehenna.
  • It was revealed that Mika actually originally intended to reconciliate with Arius since they used to be a part of Trinity, but her opinion was undermined by the other Tea Party members due to her lack of understanding of its pros and cons, since Mika isn't exactly politically adept. However, her reconciliation plans were manipulated by Arius' student council at that time, Beatrice.
  • Though her plans of reconciling with Arius involved having to take down her friends Seia Yurizono and Nagisa Kirifuji, the other student council presidents, she was upfront about not actually wanting to kill them. However, hearing news that her friend Seia was supposedly killed by Arius, she tried to rationalize the situation by continuing to take control of Trinity, as she believed she couldn't go back.
  • Upon realizing that Seia was alive, she canceled her rebellion plan and chose to surrender and go into prison. When interrogated by people, especially by Hanako Urawa, one of the frontline witnesses of Mika's coup attempt, Mika insisted everything was simply derived from her irrational hatred towards Gehenna, including her attempt to eliminate her childhood friend Nagisa, despite all the evidences provided by Hanako that stated Mika was being impulsive.
  • While in prison, members of the Pater faction staged another coup and released Mika so they could begin Gehenna's extermination, just like Mika wanted. However, despite the perfect opportunity to wipe Gehenna off the map, she said she "didn't feel like it", which caused the Pater Faction members to beat her up. Though she could easily overpower them, she chose to lay low.
  • After Arius was defeated, a hearing was announced to be held soon to declare Mika's punishment. However, Mika profusely refused because she didn't feel like she deserved it after everything she had done, even when her childhood friend Nagisa advocated for her hearing.
  • Due to an unfortunate incident involving a lucid dream, Seia, Mika's frail friend, fell into a coma, and the blame was pinned on Mika. Mika underwent an emotional breakdown and placed the blame on Arius Squad's leader, Saori Joumae. However, she soon realized after a direct confrontation with Saori that both of them weren't that different from each other, in the sense that both only wished for happiness but couldn't receive it since they're portrayed as the story's villains.
  • At this moment, Mika chose to help Saori, who was on the run trying to rescue her friend Atsuko Hakari, who was captured and about to be sacrificed by Beatrice. However, Beatrice was watching their presences the whole time and summoned her "Mimesis" army of the Saint Justina Council. Mika chose to sacrifice herself by leading the army away alone while the Arius Squad went ahead to save their friend.
  • While leading the Saint Justina Council army away, Mika found an old gramophone. Somehow, the gramophone started playing "Kyrie Eleison", or a song of forgiveness. Prior to her last stand against the Saint Justina Council, she sang the song and prayed as she forgave Saori and the Arius Squad. Thankfully, she was rescued by Sensei, Blue Archive's main protagonist.
  • During an Emergency School Representative Meeting that occurred on the Final Volume, Mika happened to be in the same room as Gehenna's student council president, Makoto Hanuma, who was being naturally rude to Mika and all present Trinity members. However, as she was about to lift and throw a chair, she calmed herself down after being told not to do it by Seia.
  • During the Final Volume, a world-ending apocalypse landed upon the world, and unknown monsters began randomly appearing and indiscriminately attacking people. Koharu Shimoe, one of Mika's friends, was surrounded by these monsters while trying to protect other students. Mika, despite her current reputation as a "witch" by other Trinity students, chose to rescue her friend anyway, even if it meant she was going to be ridiculed by those around her.
  • After the events of the Final Volume, she was seen happily interacting with other students, including Gehenna students, during Blue Archive's 3rd PV for their 1st Anniversary.
  • In one of her Relationship Stories, her school swimsuit was torn apart by other students who despised her. Though she nearly lashed out at them, she managed to take a hold of herself before hurting them and voluntarily sent herself to detention.

In summary, though she had good intentions, her incapability to think things through and impulsiveness led to her downfall. She was easily manipulated by others, allowing people like Beatrice to use her emotions to wreak havoc. She deeply regretted her actions, but she chose to persevere because she thought she couldn't go back to her old student life after being labeled a murderer. After being given a second chance, she made attempts to repair and improve herself so she doesn't become a nuisance to others, even willingly taking punishments.


  • She, Ramiverse's Doctor Octopus, The Collector, Dave Miller and Oliver Grayson are the only six Pure Good redeemed villains to be Inconsistently Heinous.
  • She and Raimiverse's Doctor Octopus are the only Pure Goods to start off as heroes, then fall to the dark side from other villains, then redeem themselves into becoming Pure Good which is a rare example of a Pure Good hero. However, unlike Doctor Octopus, Mika is Faux Affably Evil when she's a villain, and outside of that, she's much more polite as a hero.
  • Given that Mika is one of the incarnations of Archangel Michael, she is the only Pure Good version of Archangel Michael.
    • Ironically enough, Archangel Michael has two Pure Evil verisons. Also, Mika has a completely opposite personality than those two.
  • During the Final Volume, scenes from the "Bad Timeline" was revealed, where Sensei was incapable to intervene with the things happening in the world, which led to the deaths of many, including the intervention of Seia's death caused by Mika's coup. This caused Mika to genuinely went uncontrollably insane and going on a bloody rampage. Thankfully, it was successfully subverted in this timeline, meaning Mika didn't have to undergo that unfortunate experience.

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