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Miles Morales is the main protagonist of the 2018 Marvel animated film, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. He is a young high school student who was bitten by a radioactive spider and gained the powers of a spider. After meeting the actual Spider-Man, as well as alternate versions of the hero, he assists them in taking down Kingpin while accepting the mantle as the new Spider-Man of his universe.

He is voiced by Shameik Moore.



When first shown, Miles is a mostly a regular teenager. He is uninterested in his new school life and does not try to perform well, even purposefully trying to flunk a test just to prove he couldn't make it at his new school so he could return to his original school. This stems from his own doubts and insecurities, believing he didn't have the skills or the potential to make it at a prestigious school such as Brooklyn Visions Academy. After being bitten by a radioactive spider and meeting other versions Spider-Man, he is similarly reluctant and unsure of whether to embrace his new abilities and become a crime-fighter. However, he soon comes to accept his powers and embraces his role as the new Spider-Man of his world.

Power and Abilities

After having been bitten by a genetically altered spider, Miles gains the proportionate abilities of a spider, nearly identical to Spider-Man himself. This includes superhuman strength, speed, agility, and durability, as well as the ability to climb walls. Like Spider-Man, Miles possesses the Spider-Sense, a sixth sense which allows him to sense incoming danger and react to it accordingly. However, unlike his universe's Spider-Man, Miles also gained additional abilities. This includes the ability to camouflage and to produce electricity from his hands. Besides his superhuman abilities, Miles also possesses a remarkable intellect, which is what allowed him to enter Brooklyn Visions Academy.

What Makes Him Pure Good?

  • When Spider-Man gives him the task to deactivate the Super-Collider with the override key, Miles accepts the task.
  • After the death of Spider-Man, he begins training in order to master his powers and finish the mission given to him by Spider-Man.
  • He goes to Spider-Man's grave to honor him.
  • When meeting the alternate Spider-Man, Miles manages to convince him to assist Miles in shutting down the Super-Collider.
  • He breaks into Alchemax to help Peter in getting a new override key, openly expressing his refusal in allowing another Spider-Man to die again while doing nothing about it. Peter expresses gratitude for MIles' supportive nature.
  • He offers his condolences to Gwen for the loss of her friend, then offers a hand of support to Gwen if she wants it.
  • Miles refuses to allow any of the other Spider-Men to stay trapped in his dimension, declaring he's going to get all of them back home.
  • Despite learning his uncle is The Prowler, he is horrified when Kingpin shoots him, attempting to save his life and even placing blame on himself for letting his uncle get shot.
  • He holds his uncle's hand as he dies, mourning his loss and forgiving him for hunting Miles down and nearly killing him.
  • He refuses to stay behind and let Peter stay behind, determined to stop Kingpin's plans.
  • After hearing words of encouragement from his father, he fully masters his powers and goes to assist the others in deactivating the Super-Collider.
  • He helps all the other versions of Spider-Man get back to their home dimensions.
  • Before she leaves, Miles shakes Gwen's hand, getting her to open up and accept his friendship.
  • He stops Peter from sacrificing himself to hold off Kingpin, choosing to fight Kingpin alone instead and getting Peter to return to his home dimension,
  • It is implied he tries to reason with Kingpin, asking him "Is this what you want man?" upon encountering alternate versions of Kingpin's family.
  • He destroys the Super-Collider, saving New York City and the multiverse from being destroyed.
  • He defeats Kingpin, turning him over to the authorities instead of killing him.
  • After the fight, he hugs his father in gratitude for his previous words of love and support.
  • He accepts the role of Spider-Man, acting as the city's new hero and saving many people as the new Spider-Man.
  • His influence on Peter manages to convince him to reconcile with Mary Jane and get back together.
  • While he initially had a strained relationship with his father, there was never any open hostility or hatred between them, only mild disagreements with how Miles wanted to live his new life. However, by the end of the film, Miles reconciles with his father and begins opening up to him, improving their relationship.


  • He is one of two characters in Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse to be Pure Good, alongside Gwen Stacy.
    • Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse is also the only Sony Pictures Animation production that has more than one Pure Good.


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