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I like being surprised!
~ Milla Basset, in Lilac's Treehouse, when being asked what kind of movies she likes.
*Bark bark* Here we go!
~ Milla Basset

Milla Basset is one of the main protagonists of the Freedom Planet franchise. She is Lilac's sidekick, who helped her friends to protetect Avalice from dangerous threats.

She was voiced by Aimee Smith.

What makes her Pure Good?

  • Milla is nice to her friends.
  • She helped the heroes to save planet Avalice from Lord Brevon.
  • While she was mutated by Brevon, it was against her will. And after she was cured, she greatly apologized to her friends for harming them.
  • In her ending, she helped taking care of Carol.
  • While Lilac has a heating-up period while still being Pure Good, Milla does not possess that trait.

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