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Milo James Thatch is the main protagonist of Disney's 41st full-length animated feature film Atlantis: The Lost Empire and it's 2003 direct-to-video sequel Atlantis: Milo's Return.

He was voiced by Michael J. Fox in Atlantis: The Lost Empire and by James Arnold Taylor and David Kaufman in Atlantis: Milo's Return.

What Makes Him Pure Good?

The Lost Empire

  • He respected his grandfather at a young age. And continues his search for Atlantis after the latter's demise. As a result he became a good linguist and historian.
  • He tried to get funding for a search to Atlantis.
  • He guided his crew to Atlantis and put up with their terrible chef. Also, unlike the other members of his crew, he has no tendency to be rude or condescending or even mischievous. And while he did throw away the chef's meal into a fire, it was understandable due to the fact that it really didn't look nice.
  • He most likely stopped the crew from getting killed by Atlanteans upon their arrival, since he was able to figure out that they speak multiple languages.
  • Even though he did not volunteer for it, he still went ahead with the crew request to talk to Kida and learn more about the city.
  • He and Kida attempt to learn and restore Atlantis' knowledge and power. They both learned how to restore Atlantis' flying vehicle thingy. Which was a huge plot point later, as they used them to defeat Rourke.
  • When Rourke welcomed him to the group of mercenaries, he refused to joined with them.
  • He forgave his friends when they betrayed Rourke.
  • He tried to protect Kida from the Heart of Atlantis before Rourke stopped him.
  • He tried to save the king of Atlantis with one of the crystals before the king denied the offer.
  • He led the mission to rescue Kida and taught them how to use the flying machines.
  • He personally fought Rourke toe to toe and helped destroy his balloon.
  • While he did push down the platform to lead Rourke who had become crystallized to shatter and blow up into pieces as a result and die, it was done to save himself in last resort.
  • He stayed a little longer in the volcano to hook Kida to one of the flying vehicles. Thus he saved both the Heart of Atlantis and Kida.
  • He used a spear to break Kida out of Rourke's container.
  • Due to saving Kida, the heart of Atlantis was able to make the giant statues surrounding the city to shield the city from the volcano's explosion.
  • He gave one of the crystals to Whitmore as a thank you note.

Milo's Return

  • After his friends come back to Atlantis and tell Milo about a mysterious creature in Norway:
    • Milo finds out that the Kraken is causing numerous problems with shipments.
    • He defeats the town owner who was sacrificing souls to the Kraken.
    • The town becomes much less gloomy after the Kraken's defeat.
  • After finding out about a Western Atlantean city, he promised the Coyote Spirit that they would not tell anyone about the city.
  • He prevents the end of the world at the hands of Erik Hellstrom.
  • After obtaining the spear the Erik stole, Kida combines it with the Heart of Atlantis to make Atlantis rise above the ocean. Milo's friend Mr. Whitmore, who funded the trip, claimed that the world was a much better place after this.
  • Ultimately, due to his actions in both films, he restores Atlantis culture and power to one huge degree. Allowing Atlantis to thrive.

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