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Mirabel Madrigal is the main protagonist of Disney's 60th full-length animated feature film Encanto.

She is the youngest daughter of Agustín and Julieta, the youngest sister of Isabela and Luisa, the niece of Félix, Pepa and Bruno, the granddaughter of Alma and the late Pedro, and the cousin of Dolores, Camilo and Antonio. She is also the only member of her family not to have received a magical gift.

She was voiced by Stephanie Beatriz.


Mirabel is a very bright, kind, and joyful young girl. She loves her family very deeply and always does her best to try and help whatever way she can. However, because she is the only member of the family who did not receive a gift, she feels left out and unaccepted by the rest of her family. She initially shows some jealousy and resentment towards her older sister, Isabela, for her upstart attitude and perfect demeanor, but after understanding her unhappiness with the burdens placed on her, she helps Isabela open up and her expand her powers. When discovering her grandmother's traumatic past, Mirabel, after a huge argument beforehand, understood the reasons why Alma pressured their family and reconciled with her, allowing the family to be closer with one another than before.

What Makes Her Pure Good?

  • Despite never having received a gift herself, she does not allow this jealousy to consume her and make her bitter towards the rest of her family blessed with gifts.
  • She tries to assist in the preparations for Antonio's ceremony, wanting to find a way to be of service to the family.
  • When Antonio becomes concerned about the ceremony, Mirabel comforts him and assures him that he'll get his own door and receive his gift. What makes this poignant is that while everyone else is concerned whether he will receive a gift, Mirabel assures him he will still have people who love him. Then, during the ceremony, she helps walk him to his door to give him emotional support despite the bad memories and possible consequences.
  • She displays no jealousy upon seeing Antonio receive his gift. She simply expresses her longing and patience towards waiting on a "miracle" while stating that she's still fine without a gift.
  • Upon seeing cracks in the house, she becomes worried about the magic and tries to warn Alma, and when she overhears Alma's concerns over the magic, she becomes determined to save the family miracle.
  • She talks to her older sister Luisa, getting her to open up about feeling overburdened by being treated like a tool and all the pressure from being the family's workhorse and embracing her.
  • She admits to herself and the Casita that her goal of saving the miracle, while having the house and Alma in mind, is also for her desire for recognition. While a flaw that shows a hint of self-interest, it attributes to her honesty and self-awareness.
  • She goes to Bruno's cave to retrieve his vision, risking her life in order to find out the future of the miracle. Through the number "We Don't Talk About Bruno," she manages to get all her family members to confess their experiences with him.
  • She encourages her uncle Bruno to stop hiding in the walls and help their family, saddened to see him isolating himself and empathizes with his problems (which are similar to her own). She also intended to bring him back to the family once she saved the magic.
  • Though she initially has a negative relationship with her oldest sister Isabela and is irritated when learning that she has to embrace her to save the magic, after learning of the pressure Isabela is under to be perfect, she empathizes with her sister more, encouraging her to use her powers how she wants and then genuinely embracing her (fulfilling Bruno's vision). Considering the strained relationship she has with Isabela, Mirabel's skepticism and reluctance are understandable.
  • She stands up to Alma for not deeming anyone good enough for her and driving Bruno away when her grandmother accuses her of the family's problems. Though it was started by her being fed up with how little Alma thinks of her, the argument shows how Mirabel's interactions with Luisa, Bruno, and Isabela have made her realize the family, not just her, also struggles to live up to Alma's expectations even with their gifts.
  • As the house is falling apart, Mirabel attempts to save the candle, risking her life to try and save the magic.
  • She feels tremendous guilt over the house having been destroyed and the magic disappearing, and runs away out of heartbreak despite it not being her fault.
  • Even though Alma apologizes for her harsh treatment and acknowledges their family's problems were her fault, not Mirabel's, Mirabel understands her strictness was out of fear of losing everything again after learning/witnessing her grandmother's tragic past and trauma of losing her husband/Mirabel's grandfather, forgiving her. She assures Alma that, despite her mistakes along the way, family is together because of her and they can repair it together.
  • Her actions redeem Alma and help her make peace with her past, help Bruno reunite with the family and reconcile with his mother and sisters, and allow her family to be more expressive of themselves and not defined by solely their gifts, creating a healthier dynamic founded on their familial bonds rather than magic.
  • Once the house is rebuilt and she places the doorknob, she manages to restore the magic and all of the family's powers, becoming the new conduit for the Casita's magic for bringing her entire family's individual problems to light.
  • Despite her serious moments, she keeps the story or the mood lighthearted.


  • She's one of the two Encanto characters to be Pure Good, the other being her uncle Bruno.

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