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Mirai Momoyama is the main protagonist of Kiratto☆PriChan.

She is voiced by Coco Hayashi.


Mirai is a 3rd-year student at Kirarigaoka Middle School a close friend of Emo Moegi since childhood. She is a Lovely type idol, whose favorite brand of which is Sweet Honey. Her talent when it comes to being an idol is singing. She tends to say "Kiratto☆" a lot.

What Makes Her Pure Good?

  • While originally reluctant, she took Emo's advice to become a Pri☆Chan Idol after being challenged by one of her classmates.
  • She was responsible for creating the official mascot of the Miracle☆Kiratts, KiracCHU.
  • She shows gratitude and appreciation towards her manager, Rinka, for her efforts in organizing the girls' performances.
  • She enjoys filming programs with Sara as part of the latter's career.
  • In spite of Anna being her and her sister's rival, she still thinks of her as cute.
  • Even after learning about Sara's appreciation for cute things in spite of her cool and tough image, she still accepted her for who she was and knew that it didn't matter whether she liked cute things or not for them to be friends or for Sara to be the tough and strong girl.


  • She's one of the two Kiratto Pri☆Chan heroes to be pure good alongside Emo Moegi.

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